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Gestation Calculator
Gestation Calculator

Date when calf is due is from a given date of service based upon 283 days of pregnancy.

Enter month and day and indicate whether it is the service date or the due date.

Select a Month and Day
Indicate Service or Due Date Service Due

Show Gestation Table - Click Here.
Date of ServiceCalf Due
January 1October 10
January 2October 11
January 3October 12
January 4October 13
January 5October 14
January 6October 15
January 7October 16
January 8October 17
January 9October 18
January 10October 19
January 11October 20
January 12October 21
January 13October 22
January 14October 23
January 15October 24
January 16October 25
January 17October 26
January 18October 27
January 19October 28
January 20October 29
January 21October 30
January 22October 31
January 23November 1
January 24November 2
January 25November 3
January 26November 4
January 27November 5
January 28November 6
January 29November 7
January 30November 8
January 31November 9

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