Enroll AngusSource®
USDA Sheild AngusSource is a USDA Process Verified Program for Angus-sired calves that documents source, group age and a minimum of 50% Angus genetics. A second tier of AngusSource PVP called Gateway verifies source and group age only.

AngusSource FAQ

To Enroll

Step 1

Download the AngusSource/Gateway Producer Participant Enrollment Form/Agreement here.

Step 2

Complete the AngusSource/Gateway Producer Participant Enrollment Form/Agreement and send along with copies of your calving records for the group of calves you wish to enroll. If you have questions please call the AngusSource department at 816.383.5100 or email Send your enrollment form and records via:
Fax 816.383.5195
Mail: AngusSource; 3201 Frederick; St. Joseph, MO 64506

Step 3

Once your AngusSource/Gateway Producer Participant Enrollment Form/Agreement is received an AngusSource Administrator will schedule your phone training. When training is completed the AngusSource Administrator will guide you through the remainder of the enrollment process. Each enrolled calf will be issued an official program compliant ear tag in one of three options Visual, RFID or ChoiceSet. AngusSource program compliant ear tags are white and Gateway progam tags are yellow.

Step 4

Tag each enrolled calf before it leaves your operation with an official program tag.

Step 5

Complete the Marketing Document online through AAA Login or call AngusSource, 816.383.5100.