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Do all black-hided calves bring the same price on sale day? Research shows that known Angus steers and heifers bring more than non-Angus contemporaries. To tap into the true value of Angus calves, producers need to provide buyers with an idea of how the cattle will perform – and to verify that those black hides are, in fact, Angus-sired.

Verify your Angus-sired calves with AngusSource or AngusSource Genetic, both of these trusted programs offer the most cost-effective, genetic verification in the beef industry. Both programs document group age, source and at minimum 50 percent Angus genetics, while incorporating valuable information from the Association database. To be eligible, calves must be sired by registered Angus bulls, born on the ranch of origin, and have calving or breeding records to document group age.

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Marketing AngusSource or AngusSource Genetic calves

You choose how to market your AngusSource or AngusSource Genetic calves. The American Angus Association offers marketing support. An email is sent weekly to more than 600 potential buyers listing enrolled calves for sale. Once enrollment is complete, producers have the option to add sale date, vaccination information and more to the AngusSource or AngusSource Genetic Marketing Document. To complete your Marketing Document visit AAA Login or call 816-383-5100.

Premium Value Challenge

Do you want to know how your calves sold compared to other calves in the same weight class and region? Complete and submit the customer feedback form through AAA Login. We will send you a free pair of AngusSource gloves and let you know if your calves received a premium.

Take your marketing program to a new level with DNA technology.

GMX Focus test a portion of your AngusSource or AngusSource Genetic calves. Use the overall, marbling and gain scores as an indicator about how those feeder calves can potentially gain and grade. Producers have the option to use GMX Focus scores on their Marketing Document.

Use Focus to determine who your potential replacment females will be this year. Enjoy the marketing benefits additional information will provide potential buyers while utilizing this effective herd management tool in your high-percentage Angus based program.

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