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AngusSource® Genetic

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Interested in buying AngusSource Genetic Feeder Calves or Replacement Females?

Want to know when AngusSource Genetic calves are selling? Click here to receive a weekly email listing of cattle available for sale.

Have you purchased a specific group of AngusSource Genetic enrolled calves? Do you want a copy of the marketing document or a list of tag numbers? Contact us via email with the Lot Code or call AngusSource Genetic, 816-383-5100.

Lot Information - Enter the AngusSource Genetic or AngusSource Lot ID here for complete genetic, source and group age information (EPD/$Values for the sires). The Lot ID can be found on the tag.
e.g.(MO01 999999)
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AngusSource Lot ID:

Why should I enroll in AngusSource Genetic?

Do all black-hided calves bring the same price on sale day? Research shows that known Angus steers and heifers bring more than non-Angus contemporaries. To tap into the true value of Angus calves, producers need to provide buyers with an idea of how the cattle will perform – and to verify that those black hides are, in fact, Angus-sired.

The American Angus Association’s age-and-source verification program, AngusSource Genetic, is one of the most trusted in the beef industry. It documents age, source and a minimum 50 percent Angus genetics, while also incorporating valuable information from the Association database. To be eligible, calves must be sired by registered Angus bulls, born on the ranch of origin, and have calving or breeding records to document group age.

Learn more about AngusSource Genetic from producers who have used the program or keep up-to-date with our electronic Newsletter and Releases posted here.

Rancher Joe Mayer talks about the advantages of documenting the Angus genetics of his Angus calves through the AngusSource Genetic program.

Get Enrolled! Go to AAA Login, call AngusSource Genetic at 816-383-5100 or read AngusSource Genetic Frequently Asked Questions.

Once enrolled, AngusSource Genetic cattle are designated in two ways. The first is an official marketing document that authenticates the calf’s genetic integrity and potential worth. The document is available online and emailed to a targeted group of buyers who have expressed interest in Angus cattle.

Secondly, is the bright, neon green tamper-evident program tag manufactured by Destron Fearing. These tags are fade-resistant, laser-engraved and include a 15-digit animal identification (AIN) number. Do you want to view the tag options and cost? Click here.

Market Your Calves Online

You choose how to market your AngusSource Genetic calves. The American Angus Association offers marketing support when you complete and submit your AngusSource Genetic Marketing Document by emailing potential buyers a weekly listing of enrolled calves for sale. Visit AAA Login to add sale date and vaccination information to your AngusSource Genetic enrolled calves.

Tell us how your calves sold and we will compare your price to Cattle Fax data. Just complete and submit the customer feedback through AAA Login. We will send you a free pair of AngusSource gloves and let you know if your calves received a premium.

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