Sale Reports is a listing of Angus sales reported to our staff. Sales are presented by sale date, sale name and location.
The last 30 days of sale results are displayed below. Use the criteria to see different results.

Date Sale Location
02/24/18 Bush Angus Britton, SD
02/24/18 Carlson Angus Ranch Mott, ND
02/24/18 West Tennessee Angus Ass'n Sale Martin, TN
02/23/18 Hyline Angus Ramsay, MT
02/23/18 Peckenpaugh Angus Carthage, SD
02/23/18 Skinner Ranch Seedstock Hall, MT
02/23/18 Southwest Angus Genetics Dodge City, KS
02/22/18 Bear Mtn. Angus Palisade, NE
02/22/18 Illinois PT Bull Sale Springfield, IL
02/22/18 Van Dyke Angus Ranch Bull Sale Manhattan, MT
02/21/18 Hilltop Angus Farm Bowdle, SD
02/21/18 OK&T Angus Ass'n Bull & Female Sale Buffalo, OK
02/21/18 Ostrand Angus/Slagle Angus Sargent, NE
02/20/18 Coleman Angus Bull Sale Charlo, MT
02/20/18 Doug Booth Family Angus Torrington, WY
02/20/18 Kessler Angus Bull Sale Milton-Freewater, OR
02/20/18 Moke Angus Corsica, SD
02/19/18 Albrecht/Penz President's Day Bull & Female Sale Caddo, OK
02/19/18 Koupal Angus Bull Sale Dante, SD
02/19/18 Teixeira Cattle Co. Bull Sale Terrebonne, OR
02/19/18 Tokach Angus Ranch Mandan, ND
02/19/18 Wilks Ranch Inaugural Spring Bull Sale Eastland, TX
02/18/18 Bruning Farms Bruning, NE
02/17/18 Badger Creek Cattle Co. Emporia, KS
02/17/18 Byergo Family Angus Savannah, MO
02/17/18 Janssen Voss Angus Earlham, IA
02/17/18 JR Ranch/Sackmann Cattle Co. Herd Builder Bull Sale Othello, WA
02/17/18 Minert/Simonson Angus Dunning, NE
02/17/18 Pine View Angus Colesburg, IA
02/17/18 Riley Bros. Angus Sale Darlington, WI
02/17/18 Rutherford Ranches Bull Sale Buda, TX
02/17/18 Schiefelbein Angus Farms Kimball, MN
02/17/18 Southern Cattlemen's Sale Hattiesburg, MS
02/17/18 Thomas Angus Ranch Idaho Bull Sale hosted by Three String Cattle Co., Burley, ID
02/17/18 Varilek Angus Bull Sale Geddes, SD
02/17/18 Yon Family Farms Ridge Spring, SC
02/16/18 Blacktop Farms Mitchell, SD
02/16/18 Bullerman Angus/K&J Angus Bull Sale Rushmore, MN
02/16/18 Hoffman Ranch Thedford, NE
02/16/18 Inaugural Angus Alliance Bull Sale at Bonina Sale Facility, Eltopia, WA
02/16/18 Lewis Bros. Angus Saint Onge, SD
02/16/18 Linz Heritage Angus/Gaffney Family Cattle Bull Sale Pardeeville, WI
02/16/18 Lundgren Angus Ranch Gove, KS
02/15/18 Krebs Ranch Gordon, NE
02/15/18 Mogck & Sons Angus Olivet, SD
02/14/18 Iowa Beef Expo Des Moines, IA
02/14/18 Meadow Acres Angus Ranch Bull Sale Echo, OR
02/14/18 SandPoint Cattle Co. Lodgepole, NE
02/14/18 Spear U Angus Ranch Wall, SD
02/13/18 Kuck Ranch Lexington, NE
02/13/18 Raven Angus Colome, SD
02/13/18 South Mtn. Ranch Bull Sale Marsing, ID
02/12/18 Carter Family Angus Arthur, NE
02/12/18 Felton Angus Ranch Bull Sale Springdale, MT
02/12/18 Sletten Angus Ranch Faith, SD
02/11/18 Quail Valley Ranch Bull Sale Prineville, OR
02/10/18 Bradley 3 Ranch Memphis, TX
02/10/18 Conley Cattle Co./Penner Ranch Spring Bull & Commercial Female Sale at Southern Oklahoma Livestock, Ada, OK
02/10/18 Crooked Creek Angus Burlington Junction, MO
(Clarinda, IA)
02/10/18 Gem State Classic Twin Falls, ID
02/10/18 Performance Angus Breeders of Central Oregon (PABCO) Bull Test Sale Madras, OR
02/10/18 Rudow Cattle Co. Pana, IL
02/10/18 Schaff Angus Valley Saint Anthony, ND
02/09/18 Burgess Angus Ranch Bull Sale Homedale, ID
02/09/18 Powder River Angus Bull Sale Buffalo, WY
02/09/18 Talkington Angus Ranch Belfield, ND
02/09/18 Vandeberghe's Flying V Angus Cleveland, ND
02/08/18 Booth's Cherry Creek Ranch Bull Sale Torrington, WY
02/08/18 Green Valley Cattle Co. Atkinson, NE
02/08/18 Mohnen Angus Bull Sale White Lake, SD
02/08/18 Topp Angus Grace City, ND
02/07/18 Seevers Angus Burwell, NE
02/06/18 Hoover Angus Farm Ellston, IA
02/05/18 Martin Angus Ogallala, NE
02/05/18 Mike Sitz Angus Ranch Bull Sale Burwell, NE
02/04/18 Frey Angus Ranch Granville, ND
02/03/18 Clemson Bull Test Sale Clemson, SC
02/03/18 Ellingson Angus Saint Anthony, ND
02/03/18 Horsley Bros. Galva, IL
02/03/18 Klamath Falls Bull Sale Klamath Falls, OR
02/03/18 Messner Ranch Laverne, OK
02/03/18 NE Alabama Performance Breeders' Bull Sale Cullman, AL
02/03/18 Prairie Creek Angus Pleasant Plains, IL
02/02/18 Duzan Angus Bull Sale Lexington, IL
02/02/18 Maher Angus Ranch Morristown, SD
02/02/18 McConnell Angus Dix, NE
02/02/18 Poss Angus Scotia, NE
02/01/18 Idland Cattle Co. Glendive, MT
01/29/18 Black Hills Stock Show Angus Show & Sale Rapid City, SD
01/29/18 FairView Angus Bull & Cow Herd Dispersion Melville, MT
01/29/18 KEY Ranch at Lexington Livestock, Lexington, NE
01/27/18 21 Angus Ranch New England, ND
01/27/18 Baldridge Bros. Bull Sale North Platte, NE
01/27/18 Bobcat Angus Great Falls, MT
01/27/18 Central Kentucky Angus Ass'n Winter Sale Danville, KY
01/27/18 Hutson Angus Farms Bull Sale Elk City, OK
01/27/18 Jauer Dependable Genetics Hinton, IA
01/27/18 Little Goose Angus Ranch Buffalo, WY
01/27/18 Louisiana Angus Ass'n Bull Sale Lecompte, LA
01/27/18 Pinehurst Farms Earlham, IA
01/27/18 Thompson Angus Ranch Kintyre, ND
01/26/18 Diamond J Angus Mandan, ND
01/26/18 Ruggles Angus McCook, NE