Sale Reports is a listing of Angus sales reported to our staff. Sales are presented by sale date, sale name and location.
The last 30 days of sale results are displayed below. Use the criteria to see different results.

Date Sale Location
06/17/17 Mahlon Yoder Angus Herd Dispersion Flemingsburg, KY
06/05/17 Sunnyslope Angus Lanesboro, MN
06/03/17 Circle A Angus Ranch Phase 1 Fall Herd Dispersion Iberia, MO
06/03/17 Shaw Cattle Co. Female Sale Caldwell, ID
05/27/17 Lemmon Cattle Enterprises Dispersion Woodbury, GA
05/27/17 Woodside Farm Dispersion New Market, VA
05/26/17 Quaker Hill Angus Rampage Sale Louisa, VA