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Angus Link Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Angus Link?

Angus Link is the new feeder cattle program from the American Angus Association. The program’s three simple scores identify the genetic performance potential of enrolled calves and yearlings from ranch to feedlot. Cattle composed of multiple breeds are eligible to enroll, and the scores work from coast to coast and north to south.

The scores give producers the ability to effectively communicate the genetic merit of their calves to potential buyers and differentiate their calves from others on sale day. Angus Link also serves as a platform to track genetic progress to make sure the next calf crop is better than the last.

The program’s easy-to-understand scoring system enables cattle feeders and buyers to incorporate genetic performance potential into their appraisal process at the speed of commerce. By helping to identify cattle that have the potential to work in their system, whether they are paid on gain, grade or a combination of the two, the Angus Link scorecard can aid in managing risk by making profits more predictable.

Q: What are the three Angus Link Scores?

Beef Score – Predicts genetic potential for feedlot performance and carcass value (carcass weight, marbling and feed efficiency).

Feedlot Performance Score – Signifies the enrollment group potential for post-weaning performance (average daily gain and dry matter intake).

Grid Score – Predicts enrollment group performance potential for carcass grid merit (marbling, fat and ribeye).

Q: How do the genetic scores work?

The three scores are determined by the genetic merit of the bulls used to sire the current enrollment group as well as the genetic makeup of the cow herd. The cow-side contribution is based off of a description of their breed composition (example: 80% Angus, 20% Hereford) and the genetic merit of bulls used historically that have influenced retained replacement females.

Q: What are the Angus Link enrollment requirements?

Sire Information:

  • At least 50% of the bulls used to sire the enrollment group must be registered Angus bulls.
  • Up to 50% of the bulls used to sire the enrollment group can be registered with other breed associations.
  • No more than 25% of the bulls used can be non-registered bulls.
  • Semen used for A.I. breeding will require the number of straws used and proof-of-purchase to be on file.

Cow Herd Information

  • Basic breed description
  • Number of calving females

Calf Group Information

  • Number of calves in enrollment group
  • Predominant coat color

Herd Health Requirements

At a minimum, enrollment groups will be required to have received at least one round of each of the following vaccine categories:

  • Blackleg vaccine
  • Viral vaccine
  • Bacterial vaccine

Users will be able to document if enrollment groups have received more than the minimum requirement and/or utilized a branded health protocol. The vaccine protocol used (branded or non-branded) will appear on the certificate.

Q: How do I enroll in Angus Link?

Enrollment is easy. Cow-calf producers can click the "GET STARTED" button at the top of the page to begin enrolling online on either their desktop or mobile platform. If you don't see the "GET STARTED" button, please proceed to the Producer Site.

Q: What does it cost to enroll my calves in Angus Link?

Pricing is on a per head basis and is $4.50 per head enrolled. The minimum enrollment is 50 head or a minimum enrollment fee of $225.

Producers who contribute to the first 50,000 head enrolled will automatically qualify for the Angus Link Legacy Program, which lowers the enrollment fee to $4.00 per head. Legacy producers will continue to receive $0.50 savings per head for all future enrollment groups in sequential years.

Q: Can I enroll my calves in both Angus Link and AngusSource®?

Yes. For more details on dual-enrollment (including special pricing) contact the American Angus Association’s Commercial Programs Department by calling 816-383-5100 or emailing

Talk to your AngusSource administrator today for more information on Processed Verified Programs (PVP) offered through the American Angus Association.

Q: How does an enrollment group qualify for the CAB Targeting the Brand logo?

The Certified Angus Beef ® brand Targeting the Brand logo appears on the scorecard when:

  • Each animal in the marketing group is predominantly solid black and meets the live-animal specification for Angus branded programs. For more information see Government Live Angus (GLA)
  • Enrollment group earns an Angus Link Grid Score of 125 or higher.

Q: Where can I find Angus Link enrolled cattle to purchase?

Buyers looking to purchase Angus Link enrolled cattle can click the "FIND CATTLE" button in the page header where they can view all current listings as well as filter their search by a specific region or selling organization. Buyers can also contact an Angus Link Field Representative:

Casey Cobb, C: 806.676.3915,

Frank Padilla, C: 308.350.3323 ,

Q: When can I start enrolling?

Producers who want to enroll their calves or yearlings in Angus Link can do so at any time by clicking the "GET STARTED" button in the page header.

In order for producers to get the full benefit of the Angus Link program, they are encouraged to enroll at least two weeks prior to the last time they plan to work their cattle before sale day and/or two weeks prior to sale catalog submission deadlines.

This allows enough time for scores to be processed, tags to be shipped, marketing certificates to be finalized, and their information to be made available to potential buyers and/or the organization they plan to sell their cattle with.

Q: Where can I go for more information?

Additional information about Angus Link is available through American Angus Association publications and programming. Producers may also contact the Association at 816-383-5100 or by contacting an Angus Link Field Representative:

Casey Cobb, C: 806.676.3915,

Frank Padilla, C: 308.350.3323 ,