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Angus Link℠ isn't a standalone feeder cattle program. It's backed by the American Angus Association® and all that comes with it – unmatched records and data, industry-leading geneticists, marketing support and a network to help cattle producers succeed.

The largest beef cattle genetic database in the world.

the strength of angus

Starting in 2010, the Angus genetic evaluation from Angus Genetics, Inc. (AGI) was the first in the beef cattle industry to be updated on a weekly basis. Angus breeders have been quick to adapt to the technology and their continued support only helps to drive the breed forward.

"The accuracy of the Angus genetic evaluation is unparalleled in the global beef industry," said Dan Moser, Angus Genetics, Inc. (AGI) president. "The database is robust not only because of the number of genotypes, but also the number of pedigree and phenotypic records used."

To date, the Angus extended pedigree includes more than 22 million animals, and the evaluation consists of 8.9 million weaning weights and 1.57 million calving ease records all from first-calf heifers, 280,000 docility scores, 118,549 carcasses, 67,600 heifer pregnancy records and 22,000 individual feed intake records.

With the AGI genomic expertise and the world's most comprehensive genetic database, Angus Link can reward you for the investment and dedication you have put into your herd in the past, present and future.

Add More Value

Consumers are increasingly more interested in the source of their food, what goes into it and how it's raised. As a result, demand is continually growing for cattle enrolled in USDA Process Verified Programs (PVP) providing producers the opportunity to add additional value to their calves. AngusSource® is the Association's USDA PVP that offers the following verifications:

  • Age & Source
  • Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC)
  • NeverEver3 (AS-NE3)
  • Cattle Care & Handling (AS-CCH)
  • Calf Management (AS-CM)
  • Angus-Sired Genetics (AS-ASG)

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