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Angus Link℠ isn't a stand-alone feeder cattle program. It's backed by the American Angus Association® and all that comes with it – unmatched records and data, industry-leading geneticists and quality genetics that are the framework for high-performing, black-hided cattle .

The largest beef cattle genetic database in the world.

the strength of angus

Focus on Genomics

Technology in all aspects of the beef cattle business is evolving at a rapid pace. Capabilities unavailable a decade ago are now considered standard practices, and the opportunities for future advancements are seemingly endless. Nowhere is that more evident than with Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI).

Genomic testing technology has evolved since genomic profile results were first incorporated into Angus EPDs in 2010. The hundreds of thousands of high-density tests submitted by Angus breeders to date have helped improve genomics programs to interpret markers, increase accuracy and allow for the development of additional tests. In addition, genomics testing has made $Values more accurate and proven, and the $Values are the foundation of the three Angus Link scores.

Those $Value indexes are multi-trait selection indexes, expressed in dollars per head, to assist beef producers by adding simplicity to genetic selection decisions. The $Value is an estimate of how future progeny of each sire are expected to perform, on average, compared to progeny of other sires in the database if the sires were randomly mated to cows and if calves were exposed to the same environment.

With the AGI genomic expertise and the world’s most comprehensive genetic database, Angus Link can deliver metrics that align with traits most valuable to your business.

Focus on Research

Through the Angus Foundation, American Angus Association and AGI, more than $4.5 million has been invested in research to benefit the beef cattle business.

Focus on Marketing

Certified Angus Beef® (CAB) brand creates consumer demand that ultimately rewards producers for cattle that perform on the ranch and the rail. In 2017 alone, that demand translated to over 1 billion pounds of brand sales. The CAB premium alone from packers can contribute $40 to $75 per head. In 2017, packers awarded $75 million in CAB grid premiums to sellers of qualifying cattle.

Program Provider

AngusSource® is the Association's USDA Process Verified Program (PVP) that has expanded its offering to include the following verifications:

  • Age & Source
  • Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC)
  • NeverEver3 (AS-NE3)
  • Cattle Care & Handling (AS-CCH)
  • Calf Management (AS-CM)
  • Angus-Sired Genetics (AS-ASG)

To learn more about AngusSource, go to www.angussource.com or call 816-383-5100.