eligibility is simple

Angus Link was created for commercial cattle producers and the program's basic requirements for eligibility were intentionally designed to make enrollment easy.

It's easy.

herd requirements

Sire Information

  1. A minimum of 50% of the bulls used to sire the enrollment group must be registered Angus bulls.
  2. Up to 25% of the bulls used to sire the enrollment group can be bulls registered with other breed associations
  3. No more than 25% of the bulls used to sire the enrollment group can be non-registered bulls

Cow Herd Information

  1. Basic breed description
  2. Number of calving females

Calf Group Information

  1. Number of calves in enrollment group
  2. Predominant coat color

Herd Health Requirements

Genetic potential is only potential if cattle are not managed properly -- both on the ranch and at the feedlot. Management plays a role in animals' ability to meet their genetic potential. Cattle that aren’t healthy will never reach their full potential.

All calves enrolled in Angus Link are required to receive at least one of each of the following vaccines prior to shipment:

  1. Blackleg vaccine
  2. Viral vaccine
  3. Bacterial vaccine

Producers enrolling their calves will be able to document if enrollment groups have received more than the minimum requirement and/or utilized a branded health protocol, which will be listed within the enrollment group's marketing certificate. Certificate Example