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American Angus Association
American Angus Association
Angus Information Management Software
Current Version - AIMS 2.5 (build 506)

SPECIAL NOTE: The AIMS 2.5 upgrade is now available. For existing AIMS users, you must use your AAA Login account to download the file - it's on the bottom of the Interactive Tools tab.
If you are purchasing AIMS, either fill out the downloadable AIMS order form (below) and fax/mail it in, or contact the AIMS department for more information.

AIMS is a Windows-based software package for American Angus Association members. It is designed to help with registered-Angus cattle records, although it can do much more than that. Follow the links below for more information, and be sure to let us know if you have any questions.

Main Menu

New or Potential Customers
  • AIMS Introductory Video - View it on your computer!
  • AIMS Information Brochure - includes many program screen-shots
  • Interactive Help file - good way to see AIMS features.
  • More Help file options
  • Basic AIMS Information Brochure
  • Frequently Asked Questions about AIMS
  • Examples of Reports included in AIMS
  • Printable Order Form (Requires Adobe)
  • Hardware/Software Compatibility

    Existing AIMS Users

  • Direct link to Patch page -- Latest version is 2.5, build 506c (updated 12/05/2014)
  • AIMS Report Updates -- Formatted to disregard Ultrasound EPDs Contact Wendy at the Association for further information or help with Custom reports.
  • Direct link to EID Info page -- Added back in version 2.4, build 409
  • Direct link to Help Files -- View the Help files on-line

    NSE Information

  • National Sire Evaluation (NSE) update information
    (Contact the AIMS department for recent updates).

    Custom Reports

  • AIMS Report Updates -- Formatted without Retail Product EPDs
  • Examples and downloadable custom reports

    Contact Information

  • Email the AIMS Support Staff
  • Or call 816-383-5100 -- 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. -- Mon-Fri

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