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Roll of Victory Standings for 2013 - 2014.

For more information on specific ROV shows, click here.

Following are the tabulations - with the rank, animal name and accumulated
points by division - for the first 16 shows of this show year.

Show Bull of the Year
1.EXAR Blue Chip 1877B94.0
2.Silveiras S Sis GQ 235393.0
3.DDA Dameron Northern Light78.0
4.DAJS After Effect 71473.0
5.EXAR First Advance 5702B65.0
6.BC II Skyfall 281260.0
6.RAR Talladega 22260.0
6.DAJS Rebound 63060.0
7.BF First Transaction57.0
8.Kramers Top Line Romeo 201156.0
9.Greene Pokerface 130453.0
10.Wright SCC Bootlegger 052251.0
Show Heifer of the Year
1.EXAR Winnie 529193.0
2.Cherry Knoll Pleasant Elsa90.0
3.LCCC Lucy All Star 123165.0
4.Silveiras Saras Dream 233563.0
5.EXAR Envious Blackbird 261157.0
5.EXAR Frontier Gal 373457.0
6.Champion Hill Blossom 811453.0
7.Champion Hill Georgina 825050.0
8.DAJS Sally 92849.0
9.Dameron Northern Miss 212248.5
10.Champion Hill Georgina 820548.0
Sire of the Year
1.Dameron First Class1417.0
2.SAV Brilliance 80771025.5
3.Silveiras Style 9303860.0
4.BC Lookout 7024527.0
5.Dameron First Impression461.0
6.SAV Bismarck 5682442.0
7.SAV First Class 0207314.0
8.Connealy Final Product280.0
9.Plainview Lutton E102258.0
10.DAJS Shockwave 612231.0
Dam of the Year
1.DAJS Joyce 77149.0
2.LCCC Lucy 131101.0
3.DAJS Princess 8193.0
4.Sunset Empress 59090.0
5.Dameron Northern Miss 010978.0
6.DAJS Electress J92864.0
6.Malsons Burgess 71S64.0
7.Silveiras Elba 656456.0
8.SCC Phyllis 05254.0
9.DAJS Trixie 28753.0
9.Gohr Covergirl 112453.0
10.Nelsons Blackbird 041850.0
Dam of the Year (Embryo Transplant)
1.Greens Princess 1012214.0
2.EXG Saras Dream S609 R3181.0
2.KNC Cabin Creek Sandy 804181.0
3.Exar Envious Blackbird 84235164.0
4.Cherry Knoll Elsa 8014157.0
5.EXAR Winnie 2655144.0
6.Dameron Northern Miss 3114105.5
7.WCC Frontier Gal 3994.0
8.PVF Missie 79087.0
9.Champion Hill Georgina 7256186.0
10.Top Line Lady 911185.0
Breeder of the Year
1.Express Angus Ranches , Yukon, OK914.0
2.Champion Hill , Bidwell, OH513.0
3.Silveira Bros , Firebaugh, CA267.0
4.Holly Gamble , Clinton, TN266.0
5.Katy Satree , Montague, TX255.0
6.Brad & Dawn Gohr , Madras, OR223.0
7.Dameron Angus Farm , Lexington, IL212.5
8.Top Line Farm , Tremont, IL204.0
9.Katelyn M Mc Coy , La Grande, OR181.0
10.Prairie View Farm , Gridley, IL164.0
Get of Sire of the Year
1.Silveiras Style 930334.0
2.SAV Brilliance 807717.0
3.SAV First Class 020710.0
4.Dameron First Class9.0
5.SSCO Dateline TwentyTen X0038.0
Junior Get of Sire of the Year
1.Silveiras Style 930329.0
2.Dameron First Class10.0
3.SydGen CC&7 89405.0
3.DAJS Shockwave 6125.0
3.DB Lookout W3505.0
3.K Bar D Joe Canada 18Y5.0
3.SAV Angus Valley 18675.0
4.Connealy Final Product4.0
4.SAV First Class 02074.0
4.LHR Bob 1094-32214.0
5.SAV Brilliance 80773.0
5.Barstow Cash3.0
Junior Heifer Calf Champion of the Year
1.EXAR Frontier Gal 373424.0
2.DAJS Sally 92817.0
3.Seldom Rest BRMF Georgina76716.0
4.EXAR Saras Dream 377513.0
5.Sankeys Valee 32412.0
Senior Heifer Calf Champion of the Year
1.APS Forever Lady Kameo16.0
1.Dameron Blackbird 216116.0
2.EXAR Forever Lady 286713.0
3.FB Forever Lady 21039.0
3.McCoy Darla 270-0909.0
4.EXAR Rita 82728.0
5.Double R Bar Pure Pride Z2467.0
5.EXAR Blackcap 28727.0
5.Checkerhill Viola 2357.0
Intermediate Champion Heifer of the Year
1.LCCC Lucy All Star 123125.0
2.Champion Hill Georgina 820517.0
2.Champion Hill Georgina 825017.0
3.Gambles JAS Jestress 501213.0
4.Gohr Princess 124810.0
5.Cherry Knoll Elisha 12408.0
5.McCoy Proven Queen 248-01518.0
Junior Champion Female of the Year
1.Cherry Knoll Pleasant Elsa25.0
2.EXAR Envious Blackbird 261119.0
3.Silveiras Saras Dream 233513.0
4.Champion Hill Blossom 811410.0
4.Malsons Burgess 88Z10.0
5.Dameron Northern Miss 21229.5
Senior Champion Female of the Year
1.EXAR Winnie 529126.0
2.Silveiras Elba 143710.0
3.Champion Hill Georgina 80929.0
3.KNB 6585 Blackbird 1229.0
4.Wallace Princess 1698.0
5.Herbster Forever Lady 11787.0
5.Silveiras Blackcap 14477.0
5.Wallace LVF Elsiemere 10107.0
5.SLC Miss Prosperity 15217.0
5.SCC Queen O Diamonds GAF 1977.0
Junior Bull Calf Champion of the Year
1.Greene Pokerface 130419.0
2.DAJS After Burn 71417.0
3.EXAR About Time 3124B13.0
4.McCoy Lookout 317-845512.0
5.McCoy Currency 310-358910.0
Senior Bull Calf Champion of the Year
1.DAJS Rebound 63026.0
2.EXAR First Advance 5702B24.0
2.Kramers Top Line Romeo 201124.0
3.Gohr Optimus 126610.0
4.Silveiras Lake Side 25239.0
5.Wallace Challenger 2807.0
5.WCC Genuine Z1037.0
Intermediate Champion Bull of the Year
1.BC II Skyfall 281226.0
1.RAR Talladega 22226.0
2.ER Milady's Prince13.0
3.Reagan's Bear Mtn RJ 218211.0
4.Mc Ewing Shock Top 1049.0
4.Gohr Jet Stream 12459.0
5.SLC Uptown 22117.0
Junior Champion Bull of the Year
1.Silveiras S Sis GQ 235326.0
2.DDA Dameron Northern Light20.0
3.Wright SCC Bootlegger 052212.0
4.BF First Transaction10.0
4.SAV Best in Class 258610.0
5.Cherry Knoll Top Notch 12177.0
5.5T Prime Rate KB 24607.0
5.BSF Opportunist Z57.0
5.K Bar D Dateline 10567.0
Senior Champion Bull of the Year
1.EXAR Blue Chip 1877B26.0
2.DAJS After Effect 71425.0
3.Malsons Intimidator 192Y10.0
4.TopLine Vision Fly Over 13959.0
5.TTK Top Shot 2148.0
5.74-51 Sudden Look 10238.0
Cow/Calf Pair of the Year
1.Cherry Knoll Elisha 114660.0
2.QVS Georgina 203146.0
3.Lazy JB Destiny 70138.0
4.Gohr Covergirl 112429.0
5.DC Kansas Kitty 21022.0

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