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Roll of Victory Standings

Roll of Victory Standings for 2015 - 2016.

Previous year ROV final standings:      2014 - 2015

For more information on specific ROV shows, click here.

Following are the tabulations - with the rank, animal name and accumulated
points by division - for the first show of this show year.

Show Bull of the Year
1.Destinys Sound 3819.0
2.DAJS All About It 03418.0
3.DBR Take Notice12.0
3.Sankeys Caprock 45112.0
3.Heritage 0129 Insight 51112.0
4.APS Press Man11.0
4.DAJS Shocking 29611.0
5.Rock Ridge Top Ten B10310.0
5.Sankeys Black Hawk 400810.0
6.Woodruff Cherokee 347.0
6.SAF Duke B0037.0
6.Womack MVR World Class 4147.0
6.BJF Dillinger 49057.0
6.Ewing MC First Degree 4017.0
7.Destinys Maywether 1546.0
7.Ewing Shockwave 3856.0
7.C&C Onward 14016.0
7.Woodruff Payraise 526.0
8.WA Lariat 4255.0
8.SFA Efficiency 21145.0
8.Shady Brook Memphis 45105.0
9.WDRF Upshot B614.0
9.SFA Efficiency 39144.0
9.SBC CF PF Foresight 390B4.0
10.Ewing First Shot 4713.0
Show Heifer of the Year
1.Champion Hill Georgina 857719.0
2.DAJS Martha 13416.0
3.Champion Hill Georgina 854712.0
3.Top Line Lady 406512.0
3.CCC Pride B53512.0
3.DAJS Suzie 85412.0
4.APS Forever Lady Stella11.0
4.Top Line Lady 407411.0
5.B&D Martha 46010.0
5.Champion Hill Blackbird 877210.0
6.EXAR Penny 48027.0
6.Jensen Shadoe 1423 of FAF7.0
6.Woodruff Georgina 1107.0
6.Womack Princess Evergreen7.0
6.FCF Proven Queen 4197.0
6.FCF Missie 4287.0
6.FCF Missie 4217.0
6.FCF Missie 4117.0
6.Champion Hill EMBLYNETTE86637.0
6.Champion Hill Georgina 87047.0
6.Champion Hill EMBLYNETTE87407.0
6.Nords Blackcap 4807.0
6.Betzold Forever Lady B4757.0
6.FCF Bardot 4587.0
7.Voyager Georgina 6576.0
7.Shady Brook Donna 35446.0
7.APS Forever Lady Heather6.0
7.WA Gypsy Rose6.0
7.Gambles Lady 40646.0
7.Burns Elba 14506.0
7.WA Miss Shania6.0
7.HGR Ariana Empress 4216.0
7.CASE Heather Bloom 4086.0
7.DAJS Beulah 4026.0
7.Champion Hill Blkcp May 87306.0
7.Womack Miss 41166.0
7.Top Line Lady 40736.0
7.Betzold Saras Dream 40036.0
8.Champion Hill Lucy 85185.0
8.Fabius Rita 31665.0
8.Champion Hill Georgina 86025.0
8.Champion Hill EMBLYNETTE86275.0
8.Sankeys Sunset Rose 4075.0
8.Seldom Rest BRMF PRINCESS8715.0
8.Top Line Rosebud 40235.0
8.Top Line Lady 40395.0
8.Silveiras Fancy Lady 43555.0
8.Conley S Sis Sandy 43135.0
8.Burks 6732 Emblynette 716B5.0
8.Burks 7155 Phyllis 723B5.0
8.Champion Hill EMBLYNETTE86725.0
8.Champion Hill Georgina 87275.0
8.BJF Rita Lady DBF 45475.0
8.DS Lady Peak Dot 03545.0
8.Burks 1353 Primrose 725C5.0
9.BJF Elba of DBF 39194.0
9.QVS/LAF/JS Georgina 2244.0
9.Champion Hill Cheyenne 86384.0
9.York Farms Blackbird 14124.0
9.Champion Hill Georgina 85954.0
9.Champion Hill Blackbird 86214.0
9.DC Shadoe 14064.0
9.Womack Classic Lucy 4124.0
9.Top Line Erica 40484.0
9.Taf Miss Countess 74044.0
9.CTD/APS Rosie4.0
9.Top Line Ellie 40754.0
9.Dameron Queen 41774.0
9.PHF CEC Georgina 5004.0
9.Shady Brook ForeverLady 45444.0
10.Boyd Erica Dianna 40093.0
10.Champion Hill Phyllis 85873.0
10.Destinys PRF KEM 13243.0
10.Gambles Forever Lady 40543.0
10.MM Georgina 43663.0
10.MRB Miss Annie 5113.0
10.PVF Hazel 41543.0
10.DAJS AH Stella 1383.0
10.Betzold Saras Dream B4973.0
Sire of the Year
1.PVF Insight 012955.0
2.SAV Perfection 189146.0
3.SAV Bismarck 568244.0
4.Dameron First Class37.0
5.Dameron C-5 American Classic27.0
6.SAV Brilliance 807725.0
7.Dameron First Impression24.0
8.EXAR Classen 1422B22.0
9.DAJS Shockwave 61220.0
10.Whitestone Rogue Y24219.0
Dam of the Year
1.Dameron Eileen 94219.0
1.Champion Hill Georgina 815419.0
2.DAJS Beulah 402418.0
3.DAJS Martha 82416.0
4.Sankeys Eldorene 71312.0
4.DAJS Suzie 1612.0
4.ARF Lady 403512.0
5.G Bar H Tarusina 029611.0
5.APS Forever Lady Sophie11.0
6.Champion Hill Elba 567710.0
6.Martha of Plattemere 38810.0
6.Champion Hill Blackbird 836910.0
7.WDRF Enchantress 42R7.0
7.SAF Queen U0607.0
7.SBA Jasmine 8107.0
7.Womack Lady Antebellum 99277.0
7.BJF Enamel 01247.0
7.Dameron Bardot 11497.0
7.WDRF Georgina 928Y7.0
7.Nords Blackcap 8007.0
8.DAJS Beulah 1106.0
8.CASE Heather Bloom 1286.0
8.Ewing Sabrina6.0
8.Fink Donna 7318 2525 0046.0
8.RRA Maxima Pride W9116.0
8.Womack Miss Abigale 0316.0
8.Womack Skymere of Destiny6.0
9.Sankeys Sunset Rose5.0
9.VA Georgina 20105.0
9.Shady Brook Barbaramere X1335.0
9.BJF Rita 99145.0
9.EXAR Rita 14665.0
9.Burns Primrose 13535.0
10.Top Line Ellie 04344.0
10.SFA Shaws Lady Dividend 7894.0
10.Champion Hill Elba 73314.0
10.Champion Hill Shadoe 72654.0
10.Champion Hill Cheyenne 77964.0
10.Dameron Queen 10904.0
10.Champion Hill Georgina 80924.0
10.CTD/APS Daisy Mae4.0
10.MCM Miss Countess 2154.0
10.SBC First Class 2914.0
10.QVS Georgina 41424.0
Dam of the Year (Embryo Transplant)
1.Gambles lady 95922.0
2.PVF Missie 79021.0
3.APS Forever Lady Tash17.0
3.Champion Hill Emblynette793917.0
4.CHAMPION HILL Georgina 308012.0
4.CF Top Line Lady 81412.0
4.EXAR Pride 046812.0
4.EXAR Pride 518112.0
5.Limestone ArkdalePride U184710.0
6.Silveiras Saras Dream 13449.0
7.Grandview Womack Lucy 27137.0
7.FCF SCC PVF Proven Queen 6157.0
7.Champion Hill Shadoe 59467.0
7.Champion Hill Georgina 61747.0
7.WB MLF Forever Lady 80097.0
7.EXAR Penny 04867.0
7.Champion Hill Emblynette75717.0
8.LAHSCC Empress 5166.0
8.Gambles Lady 30166.0
8.Thomas Lucy 73606.0
8.Champion Hill Georgina 65186.0
8.Champion Hill May 72916.0
8.Burns Elba X1056.0
8.SCC Phyllis PFF 0616.0
8.WA Celia's Jewel6.0
9.Exar Princess 78655.0
9.Champion Hill Georgina 62405.0
9.Champion Hill EMBLYNETTE67325.0
9.KNC Cabin Creek Sandy 8045.0
9.Champion Hill Lucy 68745.0
9.Champion Hill Phyllis 71555.0
9.FFDF Top Line Sasha 2195.0
9.Lady of Peak Dot 217W5.0
9.Fancy Chance Lady 655.0
9.Champion Hill Georgina 78115.0
9.WA Lucys Bombshell5.0
10.SAV Blackbird 52964.0
10.Womack PLC Lucy 67S4.0
10.LCCC Forever Lady 8014.0
10.WCC Blackcap W1814.0
10.Top Line Erica 10434.0
10.YF Blackbird 1094.0
10.Champion Hill Georgina 78284.0
Breeder of the Year
1.Champion Hill , Bidwell, OH75.0
2.Katy Satree , Montague, TX47.0
3.Top Line Farm , Tremont, IL43.0
4.Caitlin Mc Clure , Saint Francisville, IL35.0
5.Anne Patton Schubert , Taylorsville, KY28.0
6.Chris & Sharon M Sankey , Council Grove, KS27.0
7.Morgan Lea Hutchins , Columbia, TN25.0
8.Lucas Wayne Womack , Pembroke, KY24.0
9.Caroline Ashford Cowles , Rockfield, KY23.0
10.Austin L Betzold , Nokomis, IL16.0
10.Adam Olsen , New Waverly, TX16.0
Junior Heifer Calf Champion of the Year
1.DAJS Suzie 8545.0
2.Champion Hill Blackbird 87724.0
Senior Heifer Calf Champion of the Year
1.CCC Pride B5355.0
2.Top Line Lady 40744.0
Intermediate Champion Heifer of the Year
1.Top Line Lady 40655.0
2.B&D Martha 4604.0
Junior Champion Female of the Year
1.Champion Hill Georgina 85775.0
2.DAJS Martha 1344.0
Senior Champion Female of the Year
1.Champion Hill Georgina 85475.0
2.APS Forever Lady Stella4.0
Junior Bull Calf Champion of the Year
1.Heritage 0129 Insight 5115.0
Senior Bull Calf Champion of the Year
1.Sankeys Caprock 4515.0
2.Rock Ridge Top Ten B1034.0
Intermediate Champion Bull of the Year
1.DAJS All About It 0345.0
2.DAJS Shocking 2964.0
Junior Champion Bull of the Year
1.DBR Take Notice5.0
2.Sankeys Black Hawk 40084.0
Senior Champion Bull of the Year
1.Destinys Sound 385.0
2.APS Press Man4.0
Cow/Calf Pair of the Year
1.Champion Hill Blackbird 836914.0
2.ARF Lady 403512.0
3.BJF Enamel 01247.0
3.QVS Georgina 41427.0
4.Champion Hill Georgina 80926.0
5.Burns Primrose 13535.0

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