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Roll of Victory Standings

Roll of Victory Standings for 2016 - 2017.

Previous year ROV final standings:      2015 - 2016

For more information on specific ROV shows, click here.

Following are the tabulations - with the rank, animal name and accumulated
points by division - for the first show of this show year.

Show Bull of the Year
1.CCC Womack Ace B50528.0
2.APS Press Agent27.0
3.Hurlbut OSU Final Exam 513018.0
3.DAJS Special Effects 04418.0
3.DAJS Full Force 12418.0
4.Woodruff Payraise 5217.0
4.HFS Brilliance 63017.0
4.Prusa's Watchout 57017.0
5.DAJS Mastermind 44216.0
5.DAJS Shotgun Rider 812116.0
6.DBR Take Notice10.0
6.CCC Stylin' 41510.0
6.Wood Bowtie 50010.0
6.Betzold Insight 501310.0
7.DAJS All About It 0349.0
7.Womack MVR World Class 4149.0
7.K Bar D Joe Dirt 20C9.0
7.Rooker Impact 40999.0
7.SFA Prototype 20159.0
7.BJF Bullett 59069.0
7.Woodruff High Stakes9.0
7.DAJS The Revival 7029.0
7.Moss Insight 6099.0
8.WDRF Upshot B618.0
8.McCauley Maximum C28.0
8.Betzold Insight 50348.0
8.OLC Gambles Sure Shot 95058.0
8.Top Line In Time 50198.0
9.Mc Cauley Bullet Proof C87.0
10.WBA Classen 5196.0
Show Heifer of the Year
1.Conley Sandy 510428.0
2.3 ACES Shadoe 105527.0
3.CCC Pride B53518.0
3.FCF Proven Queen 53618.0
3.PVF Blackbird 522618.0
3.APS Eneta Mandy18.0
3.QVS LAF JS Georgina 293618.0
4.DS Lady Peak Dot 035417.0
4.Conley PR Frontier Gal 54117.0
4.S&R Entella J54917.0
4.SSF Lady Impression O26517.0
4.CJ Jestress 150017.0
4.HF Forever Lady Hailey 60117.0
5.Boyd Abigale 508016.0
6.Burks 7155 Phyllis 723B10.0
6.Champion Hill Georgina 875410.0
6.FCF Blackbird 52710.0
6.Gambles Georgina 305510.0
6.J&J Ever Entense 51910.0
6.LRD Georgina 155610.0
6.FCF Missie 52910.0
6.JKS Miss Cheyenne 271510.0
6.KR Ruths Rona 590910.0
6.Boyd Lucy 600110.0
6.WCC Conley Bar Maid 59910.0
7.Hill Valley Elbina 4569.0
7.SAF Lucy Pride B1929.0
7.BK Phyllis 1749.0
7.Burks 6732 Emblynette 733C9.0
7.Champion Hill Georgina 87639.0
7.HCC Christy 5159.0
7.Sankeys Mona Lisa 5049.0
7.Sankeys Mona Lisa 5369.0
7.Sankeys Gal 50149.0
7.BCII Layla 34159.0
7.Banner Joan 15629.0
7.CCC APS Lady Serena Ann C4049.0
7.Champion Hill Georgina 88729.0
7.Nords Lucy 5529.0
7.Champion Hill Georgina 89509.0
7.Boyd Abigale 5201C9.0
7.Cea Miss Dixie Rose9.0
7.WCC Conley Irenemere 51349.0
7.Betzold Erica 50199.0
7.APS Forever Lady Natasha9.0
7.Rosewood Sioux 5759.0
7.WBA Barbara 0609.0
7.Moss Lady 6069.0
8.Champion Hill Georgina 86978.0
8.Colburn Sara's Dream 50828.0
8.HB Black Darlene 4528.0
8.McCauley Hannah's Holly C18.0
8.Hill Valley Elbina 5118.0
8.JKS Miss Cheyenne 20158.0
8.Womack Lucy 5198.0
8.CCC Party Girl 52628.0
8.Gambles Georgina 10258.0
8.FCF Blackbird 5198.0
8.Champion Hill Georgina 88578.0
8.Legacy 21U Ruby Erica 42C8.0
8.Betzold Princess B5728.0
8.Womack Skymere 51348.0
8.BK Pride Gal 1758.0
8.BJF 4J Enamel Lady 59408.0
8.Dameron C-5 Cheyenne 51978.0
8.DAJS HH Trixie 2428.0
8.Moss Everelda Ruby 6088.0
8.Allstar Ellen 5328.0
9.Womack Miss 41167.0
9.Champion Hill Lady 87497.0
9.Champion Hill EMBLYNETTE87857.0
9.HCC Classy Lady 5037.0
9.Womack Lucy 531OF MVR7.0
9.CH BAF Elbrea RA 15357.0
9.Wood Georgia 51027.0
9.Dameron Blackbird 5047.0
9.PVF Blackbird 52127.0
9.Rosewood Sioux 5307.0
9.Johnson Georgina 5307.0
9.Woodruff Pride W187.0
9.Maple Valley Royal Lucy 157.0
9.Womack Miss 53077.0
9.Dameron Blackbird 52217.0
9.BFI C&C Nancy Faye 5737.0
9.HCC Ever Entense 5557.0
9.York Farms Blackbird 15767.0
9.Maple Valley Unique Lucy 2167.0
10.Champion Hill Georgina 87276.0
10.Destinys Lady M166.0
10.Johnson Blackbird 87726.0
10.WA Pistol Annie6.0
10.Woodruff Miss Burgess 726.0
10.SFA Shaws Lady Dividend 88156.0
10.AGF Riders Erica 1066.0
10.BK Georgina 356.0
10.Champion Hill Georgina 89466.0
10.CCC Lady 07156.0
10.BJF Peggy DBF 51066.0
10.Maplecrest Shadoe 52166.0
10.Dameron C-5 Cheyenne 51996.0
Sire of the Year
1.PVF Insight 0129222.0
2.EXAR Blue Chip 1877B92.0
3.Dameron First Class91.0
4.SAV Brilliance 807775.0
5.SAV Bismarck 568274.0
6.Dameron First Impression69.0
7.DAJS After Effect 71443.0
8.Silveiras Style 930334.0
9.Connealy Final Product28.0
10.BC Eagle Eye 110-727.0
Dam of the Year
1.S Sis Sandy 10428.0
2.APS Eneta Marci18.0
2.B&D Matilda 73418.0
2.DAJS Lillie 54018.0
2.QVS BK Georgina 29318.0
2.OSU Everelda Entense 311718.0
3.Kramers Evergreen Erica 84817.0
3.S&R Entella J02017.0
3.CQS Jestress 116117.0
3.APS Forever Lady Heather17.0
3.Dameron C5 Northern Miss140617.0
4.DAJS Lucy 64916.0
4.B&D Peg 812116.0
4.Boyd Abigale 303216.0
5.SandPoint Ruths Rona 075110.0
5.WA Emblynette 13610.0
5.Champion Hill Georgina 815610.0
5.CCC Spartan Lady10.0
5.Wallace Bar Maid 214510.0
5.TBA Georgina 314310.0
5.Boyd Lucy 312210.0
6.Champion Hill Georgina 44139.0
6.DAJS Laura 7049.0
6.HVR Mona Lisa 8289.0
6.SAF Lucy Pride T1149.0
6.Champion Hill Phyllis 71269.0
6.Moss Everelda Blackcap 9119.0
6.Hill Valley Elbina 9289.0
6.DAJS Beulah 40249.0
6.Moss Lady 0449.0
6.Womack Miss Everlasting 13079.0
6.Wallace LVF Irenemere 10029.0
6.K Bar D Wendy 10109.0
6.HCC Christy 2319.0
6.Sankeys Mona Lisa 3069.0
6.WBA Barbara 0409.0
6.BJF Elba of DBF 39199.0
6.APS Forever Lady Stella9.0
6.Betzold Erica 31049.0
6.WA Gypsy Rose9.0
7.HSAF Miss Cheyenne 196C8.0
7.BCF 2V1 Rita S253 ET8.0
7.Moss Everelda 7638.0
7.Womack Miss Skymere 87118.0
7.Mc Cauley Lady IX18.0
7.B&L Ms Ruby Erica 21U8.0
7.BK Pride Lady 308.0
7.BJF Enamel 01248.0
7.Mc Black Darlene 02298.0
7.EXAR Princess 18738.0
7.Champion Hill Georgina 83008.0
7.DAJS Trixie 7088.0
7.Gambles Georgina 90338.0
7.Allstar Ellen 3028.0
8.Gambles Elbrea 10867.0
8.Maple Valley Unique Lucy 1687.0
8.WDRF Pride 55V7.0
8.Whitestone Blackbird Y7127.0
8.Womack Miss Abigale 0317.0
8.Champion Hill Lady 79227.0
8.Maple Valley Royal Lucy 4087.0
8.Womack Rockin Lucy 1777.0
8.Voyager Georgina 6537.0
9.SFA Shaws Lady Dividend 7976.0
9.CQS Georgina 516.0
9.TC Peggy 90336.0
9.CLF Erica Bismarck 1066.0
9.Gambles SS Lady 31416.0
9.DDA Barbara 12106.0
9.Champion Hill Blackbird 83696.0
9.Destinys Lady M126.0
9.Woodruff Miss Burgess 01W6.0
Dam of the Year (Embryo Transplant)
1.APS Forever Lady Tash36.0
2.Womack PLC Lucy 67S28.0
3.Gambles Shadoe 110627.0
4.ALL PVF Blackbird 64526.0
4.Champion Hill Georgina 695926.0
5.FCF Proven Queen 02218.0
5.EXAR Pride 518118.0
6.Grandview Womack Lucy 271317.0
6.Thomas Lucy 736017.0
6.WCC Frontier Gal 89317.0
6.Lady of Peak Dot 217W17.0
6.Copper Crk Lady Lut 112017.0
7.Rosewood Sioux 37X16.0
8.BT Blackbird 194R14.0
8.Covells Cheyenne 052314.0
9.JKS Miss Cheyenne 226710.0
9.Champion Hill Georgina 7256110.0
9.Champion Hill Phyllis 715510.0
9.EXAR Pride 046810.0
9.PVF FCF Missie 10310.0
9.FCF Blackbird 10810.0
9.Silveiras Saras Dream 134410.0
9.J&J Ever Entense 20910.0
10.Sankeys Gal 6229.0
10.CF Lutton 179.0
10.Champion Hill EMBLYNETTE67329.0
10.Craft Joan 816-0069.0
10.Boyd Abigale 00019.0
10.PVF Lucy 11259.0
10.Champion Hill Georgina 80209.0
10.Rooker Anita 10159.0
Breeder of the Year
1.Anne Patton Schubert , Taylorsville, KY64.0
2.Champion Hill , Bidwell, OH62.0
3.Cheyenne Jones , Franklinton, LA55.0
4.Doug Satree Angus, Montague, TX52.0
5.Conley Cattle , Sulphur, OK45.0
6.Prairie View Farm , Gridley, IL42.0
7.Jake Smith , Cullman, AL41.0
8.Lucas Wayne Womack , Pembroke, KY39.0
9.Austin L Betzold , Nokomis, IL35.0
9.Logan Asbury Boyd , May's Lick, KY35.0
10.Katy Satree , Montague, TX34.0
Junior Heifer Calf Champion of the Year
1.QVS LAF JS Georgina 29368.0
2.HF Forever Lady Hailey 6017.0
Senior Heifer Calf Champion of the Year
1.PVF Blackbird 52268.0
1.APS Eneta Mandy8.0
2.SSF Lady Impression O2657.0
2.CJ Jestress 15007.0
Intermediate Champion Heifer of the Year
1.FCF Proven Queen 5368.0
2.S&R Entella J5497.0
Junior Champion Female of the Year
1.Conley Sandy 51048.0
1.3 ACES Shadoe 10558.0
2.Boyd Abigale 50807.0
2.Conley PR Frontier Gal 5417.0
Senior Champion Female of the Year
1.CCC Pride B5358.0
2.DS Lady Peak Dot 03547.0
Junior Bull Calf Champion of the Year
1.DAJS Full Force 1248.0
2.HFS Brilliance 6307.0
Senior Bull Calf Champion of the Year
1.APS Press Agent8.0
2.DAJS Shotgun Rider 81217.0
Intermediate Champion Bull of the Year
1.DAJS Special Effects 0448.0
2.Prusa's Watchout 5707.0
Junior Champion Bull of the Year
1.Hurlbut OSU Final Exam 51308.0
2.DAJS Mastermind 4427.0
Senior Champion Bull of the Year
1.CCC Womack Ace B5058.0
2.Woodruff Payraise 527.0
Cow/Calf Pair of the Year
1.Champion Hill Georgina 857720.0
2.QVS BK Georgina 29319.0
3.BJF Enamel 012418.0
4.Maple Valley Unique Lucy 1689.0
4.BJF Elba of DBF 39199.0
4.Dameron C5 Northern Miss14069.0
5.Destinys Lady M128.0
5.APS Forever Lady Heather8.0

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