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Roll of Victory Standings for 2014 - 2015.

Previous year ROV final standings:      2013 - 2014

For more information on specific ROV shows, click here.

Following are the tabulations - with the rank, animal name and accumulated
points by division - for the first show of this show year.

Show Bull of the Year
1.DAJS After Burn 71419.0
2.Sankeys Guardian 32217.0
3.PRF MVR Mayhem 156612.0
3.Cherry Knoll Total Product12.0
3.Woodruff Cherokee 3412.0
3.DAJS After Party 71412.0
4.Wright SCC Bootlegger 052210.0
4.APS Blame10.0
4.DAJS Jackpot 13810.0
4.Wright CKF Kay's Product10.0
5.PRF MVR Rooster C 16337.0
5.PVF Insight 30267.0
5.Sankeys Churchhill of 6N7.0
6.Johnson Pleasant Mountain6.0
6.Ewing Shockwave 3856.0
7.QLC Western Excursion5.0
7.Boyd Authentic 30895.0
7.APS Heritage5.0
8.Destinys Sound 384.0
8.Sankeys Augustus of YBBF4.0
8.R Final Answer 14354.0
9.BJF Ace's King 19583.0
9.Champion Hill Bismarck 38663.0
Show Heifer of the Year
1.DAJS Lady Empress 53719.0
2.ARF Lady 403517.0
3.Champion Hill Georgina 830812.0
3.Cherry Knoll Miss Ellie 135812.0
3.DAJS Lola 13212.0
3.DAJS Martha 13412.0
4.QVS/LAF/JS Georgina 22411.0
4.Cherry Knoll Rosebud 136711.0
5.Sankeys LS Lady 03210.0
5.Plum Creek Pretentious 301110.0
6.EXAR Dixie Erica 30427.0
6.APS Forever Lady Kameo7.0
6.Ewing Forever Lady 2087.0
6.R&R Tinge's Impression 3807.0
6.PVF Proven Queen 30887.0
6.Champion Hill Shadoe 84747.0
6.Betzold Princess 31307.0
6.Betzold Forever Lady B3847.0
6.LVS Cherry Knoll 13207.0
7.DAJS Trixie 7086.0
7.Mindemann Pride A106.0
7.Boyd Abigale 33066.0
7.4 Bar W Eldorene6.0
7.Maple Valley Moneygirl 2416.0
7.QVS/JKS Forever Lady 3136.0
7.Sankeys Valee 3246.0
7.CCC Kate A4006.0
7.Champion Hill Georgina 84656.0
7.Myers Beauty M2036.0
7.Champion Hill Georgina 85476.0
7.Champion Hill Georgina 85776.0
7.WBA Barbara 0406.0
7.Betzold Erica 31046.0
7.Sankeys Eldorene 3536.0
8.Champion Hill Georgina 83005.0
8.QVS BK Georgina 2935.0
8.CCC Ava 22365.0
8.Champion Hill Georgina 83435.0
8.Betzold Nancy Faye B3215.0
8.Cherry Knoll Lucy 13555.0
8.LAF Black Pearl 50035.0
8.PHF Eurotia 3293 1150 of12835.0
8.Champion Hill Georgina 85115.0
8.Shady Brook Donna 35445.0
8.BK Pride Lady 1835.0
8.Betzold Emblynette 31085.0
8.Maple Valley Miss 20145.0
8.Heritage 9016 Motive 4185.0
9.PVF Burgess 21504.0
9.BF PR Macy B2804.0
9.Champion Hill Blackbird 83694.0
9.Champion Hill Georgina 83984.0
9.Champion Hill Georgina 83404.0
9.MJM Erica 9134.0
9.Champion Hill Sunshine 85384.0
9.Champion Hill Lucy 85184.0
9.Womack Miss 32374.0
9.JKS Miss Cheyenne 9134.0
9.Ewing Diamond Girl 3614.0
10.Champion Hill Georgina 82893.0
10.Champion Hill Georgina 83113.0
10.Champion Hill Tilda 83723.0
10.Champion Hill Georgina 83913.0
10.Champion Hill Georgina 84203.0
10.Champion Hill Georgina 83473.0
10.EXAR Envious Blackbird 95833.0
10.Taf Lucy 51133.0
10.Champion Hill Georgina 85163.0
10.Champion Hill Cheyenne 85343.0
10.Betzold Nancy Faye 31363.0
Sire of the Year
1.SAV Brave 832059.0
2.SAV Brilliance 807751.0
3.Sankeys Justified 10145.0
4.DAJS All In 82839.0
5.DAJS Shockwave 61236.0
6.Connealy Final Product33.0
7.SAV Perfection 189131.0
8.Dameron First Impression25.0
9.SAV Bismarck 568223.0
9.PVF Insight 012923.0
10.SAV First Class 020719.0
Dam of the Year
1.DAJS Joyce 7731.0
2.G Bar H Taursina R53719.0
3.Champion Hill Lady 400517.0
4.WDRF Enchantress 42R12.0
4.Maple Valley Unique Lucy 16912.0
4.DAJS Lola 65012.0
4.DAJS Martha 82412.0
4.Cherry Knoll Pride 119112.0
5.QVS Georgina 414211.0
6.HVR Lady 80610.0
6.APS Rosebud Olivia10.0
6.SCC Phyllis 05210.0
6.Plum Creek Pretentious A01110.0
6.DAJS Beulah 11010.0
6.Cherry Knoll Pleasant Elsa10.0
7.TC Alyne 62477.0
7.Sankeys Gal 6227.0
7.Ewing Forever Lady NW087.0
7.EXAR Dixie Erica 07057.0
7.Cherry Knoll Rosebud 0367.0
7.EXAR Princess 18737.0
8.FOF Moneygirl 339K6.0
8.Ewing Sabrina6.0
8.DAJS Trixie 2876.0
8.Sankeys Eldorene 7136.0
8.Sunset Valley FRVR 91146.0
8.Myers Beauty M3296.0
8.Mindemann Pride 11526.0
8.4 Bar W Houston6.0
8.Champion Hill Georgina 81546.0
8.DDA Barbara 12106.0
8.CCC Special Betty Y12516.0
9.Maple Valley Hope 0985.0
9.QLC C1 Easter P393S5.0
9.Fink Donna 7318 2525 0045.0
9.Champion Hill EMBLYNETTE72485.0
9.BK Pride Lady 305.0
9.Betzold Nancy Faye B1195.0
9.QVS Georgina 20315.0
9.PHF Eurotia 1150 1128 10475.0
9.SAF Polly Z0115.0
10.SBA Diamond Girl 6154.0
10.Dameron eileen 9424.0
10.MJM Erica 594.0
10.Limestone Arkdalepride X2094.0
10.JKS Miss Cheyenne 68104.0
10.Womack Miss Marck 02724.0
10.Top Line Ellie 1234.0
Dam of the Year (Embryo Transplant)
1.CS Valees Liberty 30523.0
2.Champion Hill Georgina 722518.0
3.Champion Hill Georgina 369415.0
4.APS Forever Lady Tash12.0
4.Moffitt Miss Ellie M63812.0
5.Cherry Knoll LSC Rosebud 40111.0
6.PVF Proven Queen 6027.0
6.WB MLF Forever Lady 80097.0
6.Champion Hill Shadoe 68147.0
6.PVF Burgess 91097.0
6.JL Evening Tinge 80017.0
7.CHAMPION HILL Georgina 30806.0
7.Champion Hill Georgina 44026.0
7.Betzold Erica B1556.0
7.Boyd Abigale 00016.0
8.Roth Hyline Pride Lucy 04535.0
8.Ajob Mayflowers Black Pearl5.0
8.Womack PLC Lucy 67S5.0
8.Champion Hill Georgina 66305.0
8.Boyd Forever Lady 81105.0
8.Champion Hill Georgina 69595.0
9.PVF Burgess 0134.0
9.SAV Blackbird 52964.0
9.PR Macy 1084.0
9.Champion Hill Lucy 68744.0
9.Champion Hill Georgina 70274.0
9.Champion Hill Sunshine 72164.0
10.CHAMPION HILL Georgina 38423.0
10.Betzold Nancy Faye B5453.0
10.Champion Hill Georgina 56953.0
10.Champion Hill Georgina 59183.0
10.Champion Hill Georgina 725613.0
10.EXAR Envious Blackbird 02273.0
10.Champion Hill Cheyenne 77853.0
10.Bandura Tilda 22X3.0
Breeder of the Year
1.Champion Hill , Bidwell, OH90.0
2.Katy Satree , Montague, TX59.0
3.Chris & Sharon M Sankey , Council Grove, KS40.0
4.Austin L Betzold , Nokomis, IL37.0
5.Maple Valley Ranch , Cmbrlnd Frnce, TN23.0
6.Anne Patton Schubert , Taylorsville, KY22.0
7.Jake Smith , Cullman, AL21.0
8.Logan Alex Wright , Philippi, WV20.0
9.Doug Satree Angus, Montague, TX19.0
10.Matthew L Ewing , Rushville, IL17.0
10.Caleb Sadler , Carlisle, KY17.0
Get of Sire of the Year
1.DAJS All In 8285.0
Junior Get of Sire of the Year
1.Sankeys Justified 1015.0
Junior Heifer Calf Champion of the Year
1.DAJS Martha 1345.0
2.QVS/LAF/JS Georgina 2244.0
Senior Heifer Calf Champion of the Year
1.DAJS Lola 1325.0
2.Cherry Knoll Rosebud 13674.0
Intermediate Champion Heifer of the Year
1.Cherry Knoll Miss Ellie 13585.0
2.Plum Creek Pretentious 30114.0
Junior Champion Female of the Year
1.DAJS Lady Empress 5375.0
2.ARF Lady 40354.0
Senior Champion Female of the Year
1.Champion Hill Georgina 83085.0
2.Sankeys LS Lady 0324.0
Junior Bull Calf Champion of the Year
1.DAJS After Party 7145.0
2.Wright CKF Kay's Product4.0
Senior Bull Calf Champion of the Year
1.Cherry Knoll Total Product5.0
2.DAJS Jackpot 1384.0
Intermediate Champion Bull of the Year
1.Woodruff Cherokee 345.0
2.APS Blame4.0
Junior Champion Bull of the Year
1.DAJS After Burn 7145.0
2.Sankeys Guardian 3224.0
Senior Champion Bull of the Year
1.PRF MVR Mayhem 15665.0
2.Wright SCC Bootlegger 05224.0
Cow/Calf Pair of the Year
1.Champion Hill Georgina 815414.0
2.Cherry Knoll Pleasant Elsa13.0
3.Champion Hill Cheyenne 77967.0
3.Champion Hill Georgina 82057.0
4.Top Line Ellie 1236.0
4.SAF Polly Z0116.0
4.QVS Georgina 41426.0
5.DDA Barbara 12105.0

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