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Roll of Victory Standings for 2014 - 2015.

Previous year ROV final standings:      2013 - 2014

For more information on specific ROV shows, click here.

Following are the tabulations - with the rank, animal name and accumulated
points by division - for the first 10 shows of this show year.

Show Bull of the Year
1.Sankeys Guardian 32250.0
2.PRF MVR Mayhem 156642.0
2.Woodruff Cherokee 3442.0
3.APS Heritage39.0
4.APS Blame38.0
5.K Bar D Dateline 105636.0
5.DAJS After Party 71436.0
6.DAJS After Burn 71433.0
7.Sankeys Augustus of YBBF31.0
8.Cherry Knoll Total Product30.0
9.Malsons Sure Deal 184a29.0
10.StreamSide Swagger 46A28.0
10.Wood Capone 230028.0
Show Heifer of the Year
1.EXAR Saras Dream 377537.0
2.Champion Hill Georgina 854735.0
3.DAJS Lady Empress 53733.0
3.ARF Lady 403533.0
4.DDA Barbara 130832.5
5.WB Blossom 469B31.0
5.Champion Hill Georgina 857731.0
6.Champion Hill Georgina 830830.0
6.Sweet T Queen 30630.0
6.DAJS Martha 13430.0
6.Gohr Ever Entense 321630.0
7.Champion Hill Georgina 839129.0
7.Cherry Knoll Miss Ellie 135829.0
7.Cherry Knoll Rosebud 136729.0
8.FCF Missie 33127.0
9.QVS BK Georgina 29326.0
9.Ewing Forever Lady 20826.0
10.EXAR Princess 342125.0
Sire of the Year
1.SAV Brilliance 8077363.0
2.Silveiras Style 9303353.0
3.Dameron First Class301.5
4.Dameron First Impression250.5
5.Connealy Final Product226.0
6.SAV Brave 8320210.0
7.PVF Insight 0129193.0
8.SAV Bismarck 5682179.0
9.SSCO Dateline TwentyTen X003166.0
10.BC Lookout 7024155.0
Dam of the Year
1.DAJS Joyce 7769.0
2.Cherry Knoll Elisha 114653.0
3.Maple Valley Unique Lucy 16952.0
4.WDRF Enchantress 42R42.0
5.APS Rosebud Olivia38.0
6.Gohr Ever Entense 071537.0
7.Malsons Blackbird 202X36.0
8.EXAR Princess 519935.0
9.Champion Hill Lady 400533.0
9.G Bar H Taursina R53733.0
10.JAF Everelda Entense 104X32.0
Dam of the Year (Embryo Transplant)
1.APS Forever Lady Tash84.0
2.EXG Saras Dream S609 R381.0
3.CS Valees Liberty 30564.0
4.Malsons Savannah 27W48.0
5.KNC Cabin Creek Sandy 80447.0
6.Champion Hill Shadoe 681444.0
6.Champion Hill Georgina 722544.0
7.Champion Hill Georgina 369440.0
7.SAV Emblynette 811340.0
8.PT Miss American Woman 71138.0
9.PF 104 Witch 308137.0
10.Blackbird of Holiday 012336.0
10.PVF Missie 79036.0
10.Top Line Lady 911136.0
Breeder of the Year
1.Champion Hill , Bidwell, OH301.0
2.K Bar D , Redmond, OR173.0
3.Chris & Sharon M Sankey , Council Grove, KS142.0
4.Express Angus Ranches , Yukon, OK133.0
4.Anne Patton Schubert , Taylorsville, KY133.0
5.Katy Satree , Montague, TX132.0
6.Katelyn M Mc Coy , La Grande, OR121.0
7.Brad & Dawn Gohr , Madras, OR116.0
8.Prairie View Farm , Gridley, IL115.0
9.Werner Angus , Cordova, IL100.0
10.Dameron Angus Farm , Lexington, IL84.0
10.Chase Anderson , Chrisman, IL84.0
Get of Sire of the Year
1.Sankeys Justified 10115.0
2.SSCO Dateline TwentyTen X00310.0
3.K Bar D Joe Canada 18Y9.0
4.Silveiras Style 93038.0
5.OCC Testament 756T5.0
5.SydGen CC&7 89405.0
5.DAJS Shockwave 6125.0
5.SCC First-N-Goal GAF 1145.0
Junior Get of Sire of the Year
1.DAJS All In 82815.0
2.SSCO Dateline TwentyTen X00310.0
3.K Bar D Joe Canada 18Y9.0
4.Silveiras Style 93038.0
5.Sankeys Justified 1015.0
5.CHAMPION HILL Brand Name15725.0
Junior Heifer Calf Champion of the Year
1.DAJS Martha 13413.0
2.Champion Hill Georgina 85779.0
3.QVS/LAF/JS Georgina 2247.0
4.Werner Madame Pride 40255.0
4.DPL RRR Foxy Frieda 40205.0
4.Dameron Northern Miss 4765.0
4.RM Pearl Enechor B055.0
4.TR Everelda Entense O80535.0
4.Cherry Knoll Lady 14105.0
4.K Bar D Wendy 19B5.0
5.StreamSide Eriskay 74B4.0
5.Checkerhill Viola 4154.0
5.McEwen Edella Ann 55U-28B4.0
5.K Bar D Blackbird 20B4.0
5.WB Ciara 41024.0
5.Styles Forever Lady S204.0
5.AVF Blackbird 65044.0
5.OCC Montana Dream 4734.0
Senior Heifer Calf Champion of the Year
1.Cherry Knoll Rosebud 136712.0
2.Top Line Ellie 306510.0
3.Sweet T Queen 3069.0
3.SRF BRMF Blackbird 8679.0
3.Gohr Ever Entense 32169.0
4.DAJS Lola 1328.0
5.Champion Hill Georgina 85475.0
5.DPL Sandy 31055.0
5.McCurry WIN Miss Wix 31195.0
Intermediate Champion Heifer of the Year
1.Cherry Knoll Miss Ellie 135812.0
2.EXAR Princess 914310.0
2.Champion Hill Shadoe 846910.0
3.JAF BCC EvereldaEntense 192A8.0
4.Plum Creek Pretentious 30117.0
5.JAF BCC EvereldaEntense 177A5.0
5.Lazy JB Kiss n Tell 3195.0
5.Sankeys Valee 3415.0
5.CCC Princess Marya 6535.0
5.FCF SCC Nellie 3475.0
Junior Champion Female of the Year
1.EXAR Saras Dream 377510.0
2.DAJS Lady Empress 5378.0
3.ARF Lady 40357.0
3.FCF Missie 3317.0
4.DDA Barbara 13086.5
5.QVS BK Georgina 2935.0
5.EXAR Princess 34215.0
5.Cherry Knoll Lady 13565.0
5.ACC Erica 507 3205.0
Senior Champion Female of the Year
1.Champion Hill Georgina 830813.0
2.WB Blossom 469B10.0
3.K Bar D Blackbird 50Z8.0
4.Sankeys LS Lady 0327.0
5.Gambles Lady 90325.0
5.Dameron Northern Miss 29095.0
5.MCP Blackbird 12915.0
5.AVF Lucy 55625.0
5.MPA Belle Rose 2125.0
Junior Bull Calf Champion of the Year
1.DAJS After Party 71413.0
2.Wright CKF Kay's Product11.0
3.APS Heritage10.0
4.McCoy Vortex 410-2109.0
5.StreamSide Bourbon 40B5.0
5.AJ Catalyst 4025.0
5.BDR HH Windfall 7935.0
5.KCC Midnight Swagger 2285.0
5.OCC Ultimatum 4625.0
Senior Bull Calf Champion of the Year
1.Cherry Knoll Total Product13.0
2.DAJS Jackpot 13811.0
3.Sankeys Augustus of YBBF10.0
3.Gohr Deschutes 322810.0
4.APS Press Man9.0
5.StreamSide TwentyTen A88.0
Intermediate Champion Bull of the Year
1.Woodruff Cherokee 3418.0
2.APS Blame16.0
3.McCoy Final Product 335-184410.0
4.Werner Imprint 31029.0
5.Waf Shuckaroo 3485.0
5.RX Brilliance 110H5.0
5.Roadrunner VRDesign 7535.0
Junior Champion Bull of the Year
1.Sankeys Guardian 32212.0
2.StreamSide Swagger 46A9.0
2.Malsons Sure Deal 184a9.0
2.Wood Capone 23009.0
3.DAJS After Burn 7148.0
4.Destinys Sound 385.0
4.S&R Roundtable J3285.0
4.HB Success 335.0
4.BCC Windy 66A5.0
4.PVF Majority 31215.0
5.SLC Imperial 30034.0
5.Kramers Platinum 3414.0
5.Thornberry Monte 27134.0
5.BCC Upward 4A4.0
Senior Champion Bull of the Year
1.PRF MVR Mayhem 156618.0
2.K Bar D Dateline 10569.0
3.Wright SCC Bootlegger 05225.0
3.RAR Talladega 2225.0
3.Sankeys Valor 2355.0
3.Silveiras First Reaction25105.0
3.Kramers Top Line Romeo 20115.0
4.ER Milady's Prince4.0
4.APS Hot Return4.0
4.R&C Class Envy 38394.0
4.Lemenager Main Asset4.0
Cow/Calf Pair of the Year
1.Champion Hill Georgina 815448.0
2.Cherry Knoll Pleasant Elsa31.0
3.K Bar D Wendy 101028.0
4.Cherry Knoll Elisha 114626.0
4.McCoy Elba 210-754626.0
4.Dameron Northern Miss 24926.0
5.QVS Georgina 414221.0

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