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Judge Selection Process
American Angus Association Judge Selection Process for Roll of Victory (ROV) and Regional & National junior Angus Shows

The American Angus Association’s Events and Education department maintains a Suggested Judges List of individuals who have expressed an interest and ability to evaluate livestock. To be placed on this list, this nomination form must be completed and sent to the Events and Education Director. The Suggested Judges list is comprised of nearly 200 names, and this list is provided to any show looking for names of potential judges.

Each year, in late summer, the Events and Education Committee members submit a list of names to the Events and Education Director, of people to be considered for Roll of Victory (ROV) and the National Junior Angus Show (NJAS). The Events and Education Director compiles the list of nominees for these shows and at the September Board Meeting, the Committee finalizes the list that is distributed only to the above-mentioned shows. This list now becomes the Approved Judges List for the point shows and major junior shows. The ROV shows are to submit their top three nominees (in no particular order) to the Events and Education director by February 1. The NJAS Committee must submit their top six names (in no particular order or designation of owned vs. bred-and-owned) to the Events and Education director by February 1. At the February meeting, the committee ranks and approves the judges submitted from the Approved Judges List.

For the last several years, there have been three Approved Judges Lists; one for Regular Point ROV and one for Super Point ROV shows and one for the NJAS. The committee has placed on the NJAS and Super Point lists, names of more experienced judges who have had exposure at larger shows, while the Regular Point list, includes the names of individuals familiar with and qualified to judge those Angus shows.

Any questions or comments can be directed to the Events and Education Committee or the Director of Events and Education.
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