Dec. 6, 2017




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New “I Am Angus” to Premiere on RFD-TV Christmas

“Fabric of our Forebears” film weaves a tale of Angus natives and immigrants.


We all come from somewhere. That includes Angus cattle and breeders. Premiering Christmas Day, “I Am Angus | Fabric of Our Forebears” dives into the rich heritage of the Angus breed and the varied people who now raise Angus across the world. From the original Aberdeen-Angus herds in Scotland to the plains of South Dakota, down to the bayou and everywhere in between, the Angus story is told from eight breeders’ perspectives in the latest film produced by American Angus Association®.

Join us on RFD-TV on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day at 7 p.m. CST as we tell the stories of how the eight cattlemen and women from varied lineages are connected by a common thread, the heritage and legacy of the Angus breed. We learn about the origins of the Angus breed at Dunlouise Angus and Ballindalloch Castle in Scotland before moving to the U.S. to the Biltmore Estate, Subiaco Abbey, Diamond Peak Cattle Company and 12 Star Angus, and then we hear from Salvador Galindo and Kelsey Ducheneaux about their Angus stories.

“We are excited to premiere our most comprehensive “I Am Angus” film to date with eight stories of those carrying on the longstanding Angus tradition,” said Josh Comninellis, Association video production director. “As natives and immigrants, Angus cattle and their breeders have shaped the Association of today, and the “I Am Angus | Fabric of our Forebears” honors that history.”

The original description of the “I Am Angus” concept, initially developed by the Angus Media team in early 2010 was to produce “Personal portraits of the individuals responsible, directly or indirectly, for the production of Angus beef told across the mediums of film, photography and print.”

Since the first segment premiered in October of the same year, the Association has released 36 complete films. Each film, broadcast on RFD TV and Angus TV, has garnered a following from thousands of cattle producers and consumers alike.

Telling the story of cattlemen and women, cattle feeders and beef industry icons give the rural community a voice in both the cinematography and printed journalism realms. Reaching thousands with each film and Angus Journal story, the “I Am Angus” productions allow the American Angus Association to broaden the reach of the Angus breed’s role in the beef industry.

“I Am Angus | Fabric of our Forebears” also can be viewed after New Year’s Day on and Angus TV on Vimeo and Youtube. Watch the trailer here.


--Written by Rachel Robinson, Angus Association Communications


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