Jan. 17, 2018


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ONLINE: Phenotype and Genotype Show Rules


Phenotype and Genotype Show to be Held at Eastern Regional Junior Angus Show

Animals entered will be evaluated by both genotypic and phenotypic consideration.


National Junior Angus Association (NJAA) members will have another avenue of competition at the 2018 Eastern Regional Junior Angus Show (ERJAS) from June 14 to16 in Lima, Ohio. The Phenotype and Genotype Show (PGS) creates an additional competitive opportunity while also allowing junior members to learn the value of Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) as part of the process in selecting quality seedstock.

A judge will utilize a scoring system that requires both phenotypes and genotypes to be considered in evaluation. Results from the system will be a composite score where the genotypic EPDs and phenotypic placings will be equally weighted at 50 percent.

Following check-in, the judge will receive judge’s cards split in classes that include entry number, birthdate and EPDs, including: CED, BW, WW, YW, Milk, Marb, REA, $W, $B, along with a percentile chart. For the PGS, the same judge will evaluate the EPDs and the phenotype classes. Prior to the phenotype portion of the show, the judge will place the class based on their weighing of both objective and subjective traits. Results will be turned in to the Association staff to compile prior to the show.

The PGS will be run similar to other NJAA sponsored shows; the judge will evaluate the class in the same manner as a regular phenotype show. The judge will receive a judge’s card with birthdates only for phenotype classes. The phenotype placings will be recorded and compiled with the genotype placings. In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken based on the phenotype placings.

Once the placings of the phenotype show have been finalized and recorded, the results will be compiled with the previously recorded places of the genotype show portion. The judge will then receive a judge’s card with the composite places and respective EPDs to talk through the class results.

The Association will cover the ribbons and banners for class and division winners. Premiums will be paid by the Association according to the following schedule: 

 1st-$85; 2nd-$75; 3rd-$65; 4th-$55; 5th-$45; 6th-$35; 7th-$25; 8th through 15th-$15.

To enter in the PGS, visit angus.org/njaa to enter online while entering for the ERJAS. All individuals must be genomic tested prior to the entry deadline in order to participate. Animals can be tested with any of the available platforms including Angus GS, i50k or HD50k.

For more information regarding the PGS show, contact the American Angus Association® events and education department at 816-383-5100.

Written by Katy Holdener, Angus Communications


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