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Notice - The American Angus Association offices will close Wednesday Nov 21st at noon central and will be closed Thursday Nov 22nd & Friday Nov 23rd for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The weekly NCE EPDs for the week of November 19th, will be released on Thursday, November 22nd at 10 AM. Due to the office being closed for Thanksgiving, work must be sent into the Association by end of business Tuesday, November 20th to be included in the NCE EPD release on Friday, November 30th.
Updated Foot Score Research EPDs Released - Angus Genetics, Inc. and the Association have released the updated foot score research EPDs in light of continued data collection. To find the latest research EPDs for foot angle and claw set on AI sires with a 0.40 accuracy or above for both traits click here.
Angus Genetics Announces New Genetic Condition Testing Bundle - Angus Genetics, Inc. will now offer genetic condition bundle testing options at an affordable price. Members can test animals for the whole suite of genetic conditions monitored by the American Angus Association plus coat color for a low-cost of $45. This includes AM, NH, CA, OS, DD, OH, M1, and D2 along with coat color. If testing with Angus GSSM or HD 50K for Angus, members can receive the full suite of genetic conditions plus coat color for an additional $18.00, for a total of $55. Members choosing to only test for certain conditions will continue to pay the posted stand-alone or add-on price as represented here.
Membership Updates -
The Board of Directors approved an optional service for members to have transferred registration certificates mailed directly to the buyer for a fee of $3 per transferred certificate beginning October 1, 2018. The Board also approved to adopt and utilize a Parentage best practices statement and to increase the DNA parentage correction fee to $5 beginning January 1, 2019.

Important Rule Change Notice - Rule 504 DNA-Marker-Typing

Important Update - regarding NH test results for 3F Epic 4631

Important Notice - regarding NH test results for 3F Epic 4631

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