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Angus Talk Radio
Angus Talk Radio

Richard Lindberg: History of the Chicago Stockyards - 11/28/12

Historian and author Richard Lindberg discusses the history of Chicago and the stockyards that helped put the city, and the Angus breed, on the map. Complete Story...

Mike John: Managing cattle for a quality-driven market - 11/14/12

Mike John, director of Health Track Operations for MFA Inc., explains how proper management and marketing play a role in a profitable cattle operation. Complete Story...

Mike Kasten: Raising high-performing cattle - 10/19/12

Missouri cattle producer Mike Kasten shares why he focuses on quality, and how initiatives like the Show-Me Select Heifer Program have made positive impacts on his cow herd. Complete Story...

Dave Patterson: Science to add value - 10/4/12

Animal Scientist Dave Patterson of the University of Missouri talks about how producers can use timed artificial insemination and high-accuracy sires to improve quality grade and the value of their cattle. Complete Story...

Dr. Nevil Speer: Crossbreeding and straightbreeding - 9/20/12

Dr. Nevil Speer recently wrote a white paper titled, "Crossbreeding: Considerations and Alternatives in an Evolving Market," which explores how the beef industry has shifted from a commodity orientation to a value-added focus. Complete Story...

Scott Brown: Opportunities in producing higher-quality beef - 9/5/12

Economist Scott Brown of the University of Missouri talks about how cattle producers should focus on selecting for quality to position their businesses for the future. Complete Story...

Larry Corah: Certified Angus Beef - 8/21/12

Angus Talk Radio discusses matters of importance to the future of the cattle industry. Complete Story...

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