Q. Why can’t I find the photo I need of a very popular bull/cow?
A. There are many reasons Angus Media Photo Services cannot post every photo we have in our databases to The most common reason is the photo has the photographer’s signature on it and Angus Media Photo Services does not have his/her permission to post it to our website.
Q. How do I download a photo I want from
A. It’s easy!
  • Choose the photo you want and click “Download Photo”.
  • The Customer Information page will appear.
  • Please fill out each blank marked with an asterisk.
  • (On your next visit, on the same computer, this page will be filled out automatically.)
  • Click on “Continue.”
  • Click on “Click Here to download”
  • A File Download dialog box will appear.
  • Choose:
  • Open - This will open the image in your computer’s default imaging program. You can save from here too.
  • Save - This will save the file to your computer in a directory you specify. Note the name of the animal so you can find the file later!
  • Cancel – If you suddenly change your mind.
Q. What if I want more than one photo?
A. After you have downloaded your first photo, click the BACK button and choose another photo. The File Download dialog box will appear. Continue as before. Repeat until finished. Close your browser and find your downloaded files on your computer.
Q. How big is the photo I am downloading?
A. All photos on have been sized to 6” X 4” jpeg files with a resolution of 300 dpi (High Resolution).
Q. What are the specifications for photos sent to API that will be used in print?
A. Photos used in print need to be received at the actual size or larger than what is being used in the final printed piece and at a resolution of 300 dpi. (high resolution or “high res”).
Q. What are the specifications for photos that will be used on a web site?
A. The photos used on web sites are used as RGB (low res.) at 72 dpi.
Q. How do I email a photo?
A. “Attach” the photo to your email before sending. Your email program has settings you can control that specify how an attachment is handled. Please check the documentation for your specific program.
It may be helpful to compress the file before attaching.
Use a compression program e.g., DropStuff, WinZip or StuffIt.
(Google “compression software” for more choices and instructions)

Keep in mind how your photo will be used. For Print or Web?
For printed material, send the largest possible photo file. At least 1 MB.
For Web site use, no need for large files. Under 1MB in size is fine.
Anything above 300 ppi is still considered high-res, but you'd say it like this:
“I made a 600ppi -High Res scan.”

Tip: If you are using a photo sharing program, as a rule of thumb, the more files you add to an email via digital imaging software i.e. Kodak Easy Share, the smaller the files will be. The software “sizes” or “compresses” the files to best travel over the Internet, in the same email.

Q. In what format should the photos be emailed?
A. Photos for Internet use need to be RGB or black & white JPEG attachments. If sending high-resolution photos, please send only one per email.
Q. Where should I send the photos to be used in my ads or in my sale book?
A. Email all photos to Angus Media Photo Services.
     Provide the animal’s name and/or registration number
     Include the name of the ad or sale book where it’s to be used.
     Please add any other helpful information specific to the use of the photo.
Q. Does API have an FTP site to download my sale book photos to?
A. Yes. For specific information please email Angus Media Photo Services or call (800) 821-5478 and ask for Photo Services for instructions.
Q. Why does the photo look so big on my screen?
A. This is a resolution issue. Images can have a resolution from 1 to more than 2,000 ppi (PPI -Pixels Per Inch, same as DPI -Dots Per Inch).

There are three basic resolutions that are commonly used.
Low-res (short for resolution) is normally 72 ppi, used for onscreen viewing such as Web sites, slide presentations & digital video.
Medium-res is generally 150 ppi -- used for printing to inkjet and laser printers.
High-res is 300 ppi -- used for printing to a printing press.

Q. I need to print a large poster size photo. What can I do?
A. You can email Angus Media Photo Services to request a larger file.
Q. What is the name under the belly of the animal on many photos?
A. That is the signature of the photographer.
This means the photo carries a copyright.

Visit this link to a fantastic website that explains “All About Digital Photos.”

Q. But I have other questions not answered by this FAQ!
A. E-mail all questions to Angus Media Photo Services or call (800) 821-5478.