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Sire Summary Search Criteria
Sire Summary Search Criteria
Spring 2015

You may not without the prior written permission of the American Angus Association use any computer code, data-mining software, "robot," "bot," "spider," "scraper" or other automatic device, program, algorithm or methodology having similar processes or functionality, or any manual process, to monitor or copy in bulk the data or content found on this site or accessed through this site.

Disclaimer - Please read before continuing.
Sire Evaluation Report - Complete documentation, tables and charts from the latest Sire Evaluation.
Select the radio button next to desired epd trait to sort by that trait.
Click here for instructions.

Updated EPDs and associated $Values are available in the Angus Sire Evaluation Search on Friday morning.
List to Search Who qualifies?  
Display First 100 Only
Download to Excel Spreadsheet
Exclude Tested Carriers Must have Genomics
Selection Trait
Valid Range Minimum Maximum Minimum
.00 to .99
-26 to 23
-6.2 to 9.6
-13 to 124
-27 to 187
-0.11 to 0.47
-1.49 to 2.01
-1.4 to 1.9
-1.28 to 3.18
-28 to 45
-13.6 to 27.6
-12 to 23
-8 to 48
-145 to 121
-1.6 to 1.6
-60.40 to 83.08
-51 to 89
-0.48 to 1.81
-0.59 to 1.62
-0.125 to 0.155
-16.74 to 96.05
-80.60 to 168.67
-30.59 to 65.84
-23.38 to 62.05
-31.15 to 19.95
-65.41 to 161.03
1963 to 2012
Can be partial name.
Sire's Sire Reg Num Returns sons of sire requested
Enter sire reg numbers to search for specific sires. (Overrides search criteria)

Import a file of registration numbers. (Overrides search criteria) Click here for a sample file format.
.txt and .xls files only; single column of registration numbers

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