Fall 2014

Expected progeny difference (EPD) and $Value averages, standard deviations (SD) and minimum/maximum.

TraitNo. RecordsNo. EPDAvg.SDMinMax
Calving ease direct, %1,314,9698,180,34725-3623
Birth weight, lb.6,902,6769,092,6651.52.3-14.815.8
Weaning weight direct, lb.7,618,8829,092,6652718-90101
Yearling weight, lb.3,787,9969,092,6654632-140164
Residual Average Daily Gain, lb./d12,923337,852.14.06-.35.46
Yearling height, in.763,4741,467,979.5.4-2.32.9
Scrotal circumference, cm744,1451,662,546.47.53-3.583.76
Docility, %177,756607,78998-4747
Heifer Pregnancy, %40,408246,7528.72.5-6.922.0
Calving ease maternal, %1,314,9698,180,34755-3422
Maternal milk, lb.7,618,8829,092,6651210-3853
Mature weight, lb.179,496576,4922127-166195
Mature height, in.179,496576,492.3.4-2.93.7
Carcass weight, lb.102,6602,567,0041516-6496
Marbling score102,6602,557,549.29.27-.801.90
Ribeye area, sq. in.102,6602,567,004.15.31-1.061.73
12th-rib fat thickness, in.102,6562,566,180.003.023-.129.188
Ultrasound intramuscular fat, %1,586,766
Ultrasound ribeye area, sq. in.1,592,185
Ultrasound fat thickness, in.1,595,841
Current Sires1No. Indexes
Wean Value ($W), $ per head22,67032.058.69-17.7373.41
Feedlot Value ($F), $ per head22,67029.8219.07-64.38114.07
Grid Value ($G), $ per head19,67528.0611.58-23.3874.42
Beef Value ($B), $ per head19,67569.0521.48-59.31132.17
Cow Energy ($EN), savings, $/cow/year22,670-2.6613.34-49.0170.84

 1Current Sires have at least one calf recorded in the American Angus Association herdbook
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