Roll of Victory Standings for 2017 - 2018.
Previous year ROV final standings:      2016 - 2017

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Following are the tabulations - with the rank, animal name and accumulated points by division - for the first 14 shows of this show year.
Show Bull of the Year
1.SCC Tradition of 2482.0
2.KR Casino 624374.0
3.DAJS AH Explorer 30859.0
4.Cherry Knoll Brennen 160947.0
5.DAJS HH Bonfire 30046.0
6.APS Admiral45.0
7.Lazy JB Sundance 642844.0
8.DAJS After Hours 04441.0
9.TVF The Last Frontier 50540.0
10.Schafers Kingsly 694039.0
Show Heifer of the Year
1.EXAR Princess 668062.0
2.TopLIne FCF Proven Queen 16152.0
3.PHF Georgina 68349.0
4.Cherry Knoll Elsa 161046.0
5.Dameron C-5 Cheyenne 162842.0
6.EXAR Princess 678041.0
6.Dameron Lady Jaye 615341.0
6.Dameron Northern Miss 614441.0
7.Malsons Molly 104D37.0
7.Lazy JB Sandy 77537.0
8.Malsons Jilt 255C31.0
8.Moffitt Rosebud M67131.0
9.BC 896 Prides Lass 59630.0
9.Silveiras Princess 635830.0
10.AVF Blackcap 461629.0
10.McCoy Elba 7705-232329.0
Sire of the Year
1.PVF Insight 01291257.0
2.Silveiras Style 9303554.0
3.EXAR Classen 1422B513.0
4.Dameron First Class337.0
5.Colburn Primo 5153316.0
6.S&R Roundtable J328308.0
7.EXAR Blue Chip 1877B241.0
8.SAV Brilliance 8077209.0
9.SAC Conversation176.0
10.C&C McKinley 3000 EXAR147.0
Dam of the Year
1.DAJS Lady Empress 53770.0
2.DAJS Sally 92857.0
3.CVA Miss Upshot 022756.0
4.Lazy JB Blackbird Zena 42855.0
5.DAJS Lillie 54052.0
6.Cherry Knoll Elsa 118547.0
7.Malsons Molly 7W44.0
8.Equity 148 Duchess NCC140.0
8.Dameron Eileen 94240.0
9.APS Forever Lady Stella35.0
10.Destinys Blackcap 82133.0
Dam of the Year (Embryo Transplant)
1.EXAR Princess 539197.0
2.FCF Proven Queen 02287.0
3.Silveiras Elba 232385.0
4.SCC Royal Blackbird GAF 11282.0
5.EXAR Frontier Gal 140577.0
6.Malsons Savannah 27Y74.0
7.DPL Sandy 304072.0
8.Exar Blackbird 475668.0
9.Cherry Knoll Elsa 801467.0
10.Champion Hill Georgina 815460.0
10.CCC Ava 223660.0
Breeder of the Year
1.Express Angus Ranches , Yukon, OK491.0
2.Cherry Knoll Farm Inc , West Grove, PA221.0
3.Prairie View Farm , Gridley, IL203.0
4.Dameron Angus Farm , Lexington, IL178.0
5.Four Corners Farms , Saint Francisville, IL165.0
6.Morgan Lea Hutchins , Charleston, IL134.0
7.Katelyn M Mc Coy , La Grande, OR130.0
8.Anne Patton Schubert , Taylorsville, KY129.0
8.Cade Dalton Stertzbach , Louisville, OH129.0
9.William Trey Conley , Clarksdale, MO126.0
10.K Bar D , Redmond, OR120.0
Get of Sire of the Year
1.SAC Conversation8.0
2.Westwind True Grit DJH 3477.0
3.SAV Brilliance 80775.0
3.RB Tour Of Duty 1775.0
3.K Bar D Joe Canada 18Y5.0
3.BC Certified 413-15.0
3.K-sha-k Kickoff 4035.0
4.Silveiras Watchout 05144.0
4.Styles Cash R4004.0
4.Equity 24 Kaisan4.0
5.Roadrunner Frontline 97833.0
Junior Get of Sire of the Year
1.Westwind True Grit DJH 3477.0
2.SAV Brilliance 80775.0
2.EXAR Classen 1422B5.0
2.RB Tour Of Duty 1775.0
2.BC Certified 413-15.0
2.SAC Conversation5.0
2.K-sha-k Kickoff 4035.0
2.Traynhams Promo 5035.0
3.Silveiras Watchout 05144.0
3.K Bar D Joe Canada 18Y4.0
3.Tullyfergus Pacific 3624.0
3.Styles Cash R4004.0
4.Roadrunner Frontline 97833.0
4.WRA Mirror Image Z113.0
5.Equity 24 Kaisan2.0
Junior Heifer Calf Champion of the Year
1.Lazy JB Sandy 77513.0
2.APS Forever Lady Sylvia10.0
3.McCoy Elba 7705-23239.0
4.EXAR Frontier Gal 76838.0
4.Cherry Knoll Wendy 17618.0
5.EXAR Frontier Gal 12577.0
5.Conley Sandy 73057.0
5.CCC Mollie7.0
Senior Heifer Calf Champion of the Year
1.PHF Georgina 68310.0
2.FCF Blackbird 6588.0
2.Wallace Elsiemere 61298.0
3.EXAR Frontier Gal 69977.0
3.SCC SCH Phyllis 61047.0
4.Gillespies Royal Blue5.0
4.Colburn Party Girl 65325.0
4.C4 Princess 45365.0
4.DDA Barbara 16475.0
4.Cherry Knoll Elsa 16765.0
4.Equity EAG 526 Treasure EE5.0
4.BA Miss First Look 35D5.0
4.AVF Blackcap 46165.0
4.Big Run Elbrea 43215.0
4.DF Miss Final Trixie 7015.0
5.Tullyfergus Beauty 4664.0
5.BDR Empress 5994.0
5.2K Lucy 15064.0
5.PHF Georgina 6844.0
5.Beaver Creek Scaara 6804.0
5.Kramers Top Line Lady 60804.0
5.Lazy H Lucy 65074.0
5.D 5071 Cann E71774.0
5.Locust Hill Primrose D0744.0
5.Gohr Reba 60864.0
Intermediate Champion Heifer of the Year
1.Dameron Lady Jaye 615317.0
2.Silveiras Princess 635813.0
3.Moffitt Rosebud M67110.0
4.Seldom Rest Pin Up Gal 60808.0
5.EXAR Envious Blackbird 680777.0
Junior Champion Female of the Year
1.EXAR Princess 668016.0
2.Dameron C-5 Cheyenne 162812.0
2.TopLIne FCF Proven Queen 16112.0
3.Cherry Knoll Elsa 161010.0
3.Malsons Molly 104D10.0
4.Dameron Northern Miss 61448.0
4.PVF Proven Queen 61508.0
4.LA APS Emblynette Rian8.0
5.Dameron Primrose 6597.0
Senior Champion Female of the Year
1.BC 896 Prides Lass 59613.0
2.Malsons Jilt 255C10.0
3.EXAR Princess 58498.0
3.PVF Missie 52458.0
4.WCC Mignonne C1147.0
4.Collison Georgina 15577.0
5.DDA Northern Miss 15485.0
5.SSF Lady Impression O2655.0
5.QVS Jestress 15005.0
5.Cool Pines Lady 15155.0
5.Roadrunner Emma 16635.0
5.LL Belvas Irish Maid5.0
5.Dameron Blackbird 52155.0
5.One Day Enamel 5155.0
Junior Bull Calf Champion of the Year
1.APS Sylvester10.0
2.LMF Profile 7178.0
2.BC Cartel 32778.0
2.WCC Defend E328.0
3.Horstman Black Market 713E7.0
3.GCC First Class 931E ET7.0
3.Vantage CC Thunderbird V7077.0
4.Tullyfergus Bering 375.0
4.Destiny Perfect Illusion 1965.0
4.ES Lightning 7025.0
4.Traynhams Promo 5035.0
4.Lazy JB Paradise City 72415.0
4.BW Revenue 7055.0
4.DAJS AH First Edition 2105.0
4.Sankeys Watchman 7020 of HC5.0
4.Berrys Exodus5.0
4.Lazy JB Classify 78935.0
5.Kelly Classic Style E1074.0
5.C4 Inception 11874.0
5.Wogan Farm Chip 4404.0
5.KC Dirty Hombre E057A4.0
5.Twin Falls Axel TF444.0
5.West Mar Predictor4.0
5.Kelley Consensus 6E4.0
5.Berrys Energizer4.0
5.Maple Valley Mayhem 0874.0
5.S&R Solidarity J7014.0
5.Greens Made Ya Look 72014.0
5.Cherry Knoll Insight 17104.0
Senior Bull Calf Champion of the Year
1.Schafers Kingsly 694016.0
2.McCoy First Class 6654-475610.0
2.CCC Blue Blood D55310.0
3.Destinys Million Reasons 1959.0
4.WCC Classen D1248.0
4.Berrys Dinoco8.0
4.Dal Porto Noble T1548.0
5.JWH Shameless 17097.0
Intermediate Champion Bull of the Year
1.DAJS AH Explorer 30825.0
2.DAJS After Hours 04417.0
3.Broken E Nitro 1667.0
4.Trowbridge Darrin 6835.0
4.HRF Under Siege 6205.0
4.Roadrunner TrueGrit 20015.0
4.PAS Black Granite 6245.0
4.R&K OB Conversation 6015.0
4.Top Line Outkast 61235.0
5.HRF Bragging Rights 6184.0
5.Roadrunner Frontline 20944.0
5.Bonners Mr Big Time 49194.0
Junior Champion Bull of the Year
1.KR Casino 624321.0
2.CCC Double Down D21111.0
3.APS Admiral10.0
3.Cherry Knoll Brennen 160910.0
4.C4 Classic Man 01879.0
4.Malsons First Reaction 115D9.0
4.Lazy JB Sundance 64289.0
5.GCC TLS Classic Country 6547.0
Senior Champion Bull of the Year
1.SCC Tradition of 2425.0
2.7/S Splash 41511.0
3.TVF The Last Frontier 50510.0
3.HH Leupold 509710.0
3.DAJS HH Bonfire 30010.0
4.ONeills Frontiersman 6759.0
5.WCC Unique C1128.0
Cow/Calf Pair of the Year
1.Top Line Lady 510358.0
2.BJF Peggy DBF 510633.0
3.CFF Erica 510528.0
4.Circle R/Big Run Shadoe 985319.0
5.Champion Hill Georgina 875418.0
5.WCC Migronne C5618.0
5.Dameron Blackbird 54818.0
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