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2017 Roll of Victory Shows Dam of the Year (Embryo Transplant)
Points Awarded to: AAA - 17253868 Champion Hill Georgina 8154
Owner(s): A-114151Cowles, Gil Ray, Rockfield KY
A-624055Woodruff Angus Farm, Milton IA
A-1110779Cowles, Caroline Ashford, Rockfield KY
Reg No.NamePoints  Show Name
AAA 18743278PHF Georgina 68311.0 American Angus Breeders Futurity
AAA 18743278PHF Georgina 6839.0 American Royal
AAA 18743278PHF Georgina 6839.0 North American Internatl Livestock Expo
AAA 18743278PHF Georgina 68319.0 Tennessee State Fair
AAA 18743278PHF Georgina 68312.0 World Beef Expo
Total Points: 60.0

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