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2016 Roll of Victory Shows Dam of the Year (Embryo Transplant)
Points Awarded to: AAA - 16798870 PVF Missie 0084
Owner(s): A-450524Prairie View Farm, Gridley IL
Reg No.NamePoints  Show Name
AAA 18263554PVF Missie 521618.0 Atlantic National
AAA 18722235PVF Missie 629810.0 Atlantic National
AAA 18387301PVF Missie 52459.0 Atlantic National
AAA 18722213PVF Missie 62609.0 Atlantic National
AAA 18263554PVF Missie 521619.0 Dixie National
AAA 18263554PVF Missie 52167.0 Fort Worth Stock Show
AAA 18263554PVF Missie 521610.0 Illinois State Fair
AAA 18263554PVF Missie 521618.0 National Western Stock Show
AAA 18387301PVF Missie 52457.0 National Western Stock Show
AAA 18263554PVF Missie 521610.0 North American Internatl Livestock Expo
Total Points: 117.0

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