Mature Size Data and Body Condition Score

As a reminder for weaning time, cow weights with a body condition score need to be taken +/- 45 days of the calf's weaning measure date. Cow hip heights may be captured at this time, also. It is important to collect this information after the cow has weaned her first calf, and then again in subsequent years.

A body condition score (click here for photos) must be included with the cow weight in order for data to be utilized to calculate mature size EPDs in the National Cattle Evaluation. Any cow weights submitted without a body condition score will not be used.

For more information on body condition score, click on the link below.

The American Angus Association generates mature size EPDs that utilize cow weights and heights on breeding females, as well as their yearling measures (submitted on the AHIR yearling report form). The Mature Weight EPDs and the Mature Height EPDs are also used in the $Value index calculations for Weaned Calf Value ($W) and Cow Energy Value ($EN).

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