Watch "Losing Ground" - Urban Sprawl Documentary Online

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Farmers and ranchers across the country are dealing with increasing urbanization of rural America. With that urbanization brings challenges and opportunities. Hear from five Angus farm and ranch families, including: Lovin family, Lexington, Georgia; Marsh family, Huntley, Illinois, Stabler family, Brookeville, Maryland; and the Cropp family, Damascus, Maryland, about how urban sprawl has impacted them and American Farmland Trust CEO John Piotti about the issue as a whole.


What: The American Angus Association® is proud to present the first film to expose the impact of urban sprawl on American Agriculture – "Losing Ground"—an I Am Angus production.  

When: The national television premiere is May 27, 2019, at 7 p.m.
Where: on RFD-TV and on the “Angus TV” Youtube channel. Subscribe to "Angus TV" to see the film:

Who: Anyone who has an interest in growing food in the U.S.

Why: Education is the key to bridging the gap between farmers and ranchers and those who live in urban areas. The film strives to find a common ground to a rising issue for rural America.


For more information, please contact the American Angus Association communications team at 816.383.5100.