New HD 50K™ for Angus

By Angus Genetics Inc.   |  

In partnership with Zoetis, we are excited to announce a new genomic profile, HD 50K™ for Angus. HD 50K for Angus is now available to American Angus Association members and may be purchased through the AAA Login site.

The new test will cost $37 per test, which includes parentage markers that were available in the past. In addition, all genetic conditions currently monitored by the Association will be available for inclusion in HD 50K for Angus with an add-on fee. Moreover, HD 50K for Angus has replaced the previous HD 50K and i50K products offered by Zoetis through Angus Genetics, Inc. (AGI).

This test includes all 40,000 markers currently used in the Angus’s weekly genomic evaluation. AGI is proud to now offer high-density profiles at a reduced cost, with markers specifically geared towards the Angus cattle. For more information pertaining to HD 50K for Angus, read the full press release here.