Angus Breeders, We Need Your Input.

By Dr. Dan Moser   |  

Angus Breeder,

We have just launched a survey that is important to the future of the Angus breed, and we need your input. The survey is a critical component of a project to review the Angus $Value indexes. These indexes, $B, $W, $F, $G, $EN, etc., were first implemented starting in 2004.  

Although economic factors have been updated annually, the base models behind the $Values are now 14 years old and remain relatively unchanged since their inception. With new EPDs now in place, such as heifer pregnancy and docility, their impact on the $Values could be included in an updated model. However, rather than simply adjusting the current models, Angus Genetics, Inc. (AGI) is reviewing Angus $Values to ensure that we accurately meet the needs of both purebred breeders and commercial cattlemen. We have teamed up with AbacusBio Ltd. for this important project. AbacusBio is a New Zealand-based agricultural science consulting company working across a broad spectrum of the agricultural industry and is a trusted world leader in the development of economic selection indexes for livestock species.

This is your opportunity as breeders to collaborate in the review. Please take the time to complete the survey via a link on and encourage your commercial customers to do the same. You will need to set aside up to 30 minutes to complete the survey, but the value of doing this is that your opinion will be heard and will guide our team to develop the most useful tools possible. Respondents will be entered in a drawing for a $250 Cabela’s gift card.

Click here to take survey, or direct your web browser to


Dan Moser

President, Angus Genetics Inc.