Angus Beef Bulletin Advances with Redesign

By American Angus Association   |  

Cattlemen and women receiving the Angus Beef Bulletin® will notice a totally new look in their mailboxes in the coming week. The redesign, which features color throughout, a new editorial mix and a new vision, reflects the emphasis the board of directors and staff of the American Angus Association®place on those who purchase registered Angus genetics.

“The heart of the Angus business is commercial cattlemen buying registered Angus bulls,” said Shauna Hermel, editor, referring to the Angus Beef Bulletin as the commercial cattleman’s Angus connection. “We make our members successful by making their customers profitable.”

Hermel explained the objective of the publication is to convey the management, business and marketing insights that will help commercial cattlemen realize the full potential of their Angus genetics. That includes providing practical advice from industry experts and fellow cattlemen, along with insights on how to fully utilize programs and services offered by the Association. The September issue provides details on the Angus LinkSM feeder cattle program launched this summer and the updated process verified programs (PVP) to AngusSource®.

“By meeting the information needs of commercial customers, we provide an ideal marketing platform for Angus members and allied industry,” said Rick Cozzitorto, president of Angus Media.

The Angus Beef Bulletin is mailed five times per year to 63,000 commercial cattlemen actively purchasing Angus genetics. Producers who purchase a registered Angus bull and request the registration paper be transferred into their name qualify to receive the publication for free for three years. Others wanting to receive the publication can subscribe for a fee at

To better focus on the needs of each of its two core audiences, Angus Media restructured its editorial team, creating one team devoted to developing the Angus Beef Bulletin for the commercial audience and one devoted to the Angus Journal® and its seedstock audience. Hermel was named editor of the Angus Beef Bulletin.

“It was great to see Shauna’s leadership and talents as our staff worked through this redesign,” said Cozzitorto. “She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, having grown up in the Angus business and having nearly 30 years of experience as an editor.”

“The Angus Beef Bulletin is the commercial cattleman’s connection to the American Angus Association, its members, and its programs and services,” Hermel said. “We want to be their go-to resource for the beef cattle industry.”