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A Few Product Highlights from the Angus Convention Trade Show

By Kindra Gordon   |   Angus Media

With 160 vendors displaying products and services at the 2017 Angus Convention Trade Show, producers had plenty to explore — from animal health and genetics companies to products related to nutrition, fencing, waterers, ear tags and much more. Among the highlights:


From Stafix, an electrical fencing company that is part of the Tru-Test Group, a product popular with producers is the Fault Finder Remote. The handheld device, which is compatible with Stafix energizers, quickly and easily locates shorts along the fence line. The remote displays the current, voltage and an arrow toward the direction of a detected short. One remote can work with multiple Stafix energizer units. For more information visit


The manual head control unit from Pearson Livestock Equipment can be bolted to any Pearson chute and is designed to better stabilize an animal’s head to make ear-tagging, tattooing or mouthing an animal safer. The unit includes a hydraulic safety lock, to prevent the bar from lifting up and hurting the operator. Pearson offers a full line of manual and hydraulic cattle handling equipment, including the xForce Manual Hydraulic head control units that offer use of hydraulics with no need for electricity. For more information visit


Available from Ritchey Livestock ID comes a new product called the HookDoctor. The dual-purpose tool features a large hook at one end and a small hook at the other end. The large hook can be used to assist in safely and humanely controlling an animal’s head by placing the hook under the neck and into the cheek. Securing the animal’s head while in a chute may be necessary for tagging, reading tattoos or bangs clips or administering oral medication such as boluses. The large hook is also ideal for mouthing cows. While a cow is in the chute, the large hook can be slid in between the lower jaw and cheek, prompting the cow to naturally open her mouth because of the pressure on her cheek. The small hook works well for catching calves by the leg (right above the ankle) for instances such as tagging, or when medication or other doctoring may need to be administered. Learn more at


CattleMax recordkeeping software offers a complete cloud-based system for tracking production, performance, health and financial records in both registered and commercial herds. CattleMax boasts a quick access dashboard and the ability to update records in groups, as well as creating reports by groups. Users have opportunities to input health treatments, breeding and pregnancy status, purchases and sales, animal inventories and pasture movements to name a few. Additionally, the software has an Angus interface, allowing registered breeders to electronically register calves. Customer support for users is free. For more information visit


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