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CAB Chef Ashley Breneman shared tips for cooking the perfect roast — including how to download and use the Roast Perfect app — during the Trade Show at the 2016 Angus Convention. Photo by: Leann Schleicher, Angus Media

Roasting 101: Something for Everyone

By Katie Alexander   |   Certified Angus Beef LLC

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 5, 2016) — Most of those attending the 2016 Angus Convention Nov. 5-7 in Indianapolis, Ind., knew how to produce the beef that could make a perfect roast. They probably felt less confident about cooking it.

That’s why Chef Ashley Breneman, with the Certified Angus Beef® (CAB®) brand, took to the demonstration stage in the CAB trade show booth to share a few tips for creating that perfect roast for the holidays.

She noted that CAB introduced its free Roast Perfect app for smartphones and tablets a year ago, to help with buying and preparing beef roasts. It includes a roast selection guide, chef-developed and -tested recipes, step-by-step videos, a store locator, built-in timer and portion calculator.

Otherwise, Chef Ashley said, all it takes is a good roasting pan and rack.

“Those are the most important roasting 101 tips I can give,” she said. “Having that roast elevated in the pan and on that rack makes sure all sides are cooked evenly and keeps you from burning the bottom.”

No recipe in the app has more than six ingredients, which “makes it really user friendly,” Chef Ashley said. “We have a list of cuts, and the app tells you how you should cook them.”

Cooking a roast with app guidance helps consumers on a budget create a great quality meal across a variety of cuts.

“We have certain cuts that work well in a braising technique or that work better in a roasting technique,” she said. “For each cut, we provide different recipes for consumers to try that we know work well with CAB product.”

Visiting with Angus producer-consumers, Chef Ashley went over several cuts and the differences between roasting and braising, all while cooking up a prime rib using a recipe from the app.

“When you bring out a fully-cooked CAB prime rib, people tend to flock,” she said. “People at each session asked about that recipe and loved the taste of it. They were extremely interested, and it’s the easiest to cook.”

The holiday feast doesn’t have to feature a $100 prime rib roast, Chef Ashley noted. Other cuts will feed a family just the same and can taste just as great.

A whole strip loin roast or “strip roast” is her favorite, paired with the rosemary and garlic recipe on the app.

Chef Ashley kept busy demonstrating and talking about roasts, sharing what makes a CAB brand roast great and giving out tips. She also got to see and visit with the beef community’s future in the many young ones who came by to watch.

“It makes me really proud to do what I do and play a part in the beef industry through Certified Angus Beef,” she said.

Access the Roast Perfect App.

Chef Ashley provided the roasting demonstration in the Trade Show at the 2016 Angus Convention. For additional coverage of the Angus Convention — including summaries, speaker presentations, photos, videos and more — visit the convention newsroom at

Editor’s Note: Katie Alexander is an industry information intern for Certified Angus Beef LLC.

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