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Simplifying Bull Selection on Sale Day
Tierra Kessler   |   Angus Beef Bulletin EXTRA

It is crucial to evaluate the needs of your ranch before making bull selections. The genotype of an animal is just one part of a much larger system. Factors included in bull selection process should be the genetics of your animals, the physical production environment, fixed resources, management, production...

First-class Feeder-cattle Marketing
Steve Suther   |   Angus Journal

Growing up on a Colorado cattle ranch, earning an animal science degree and riding for the Certified Angus Beef® (CAB®) brand for nearly 16 years, Paul Dykstra has learned a thing or two about “First-class feeder-cattle marketing.” The beef cattle specialist presented on that concept...

Select Fertile Heifers
Tierra Kessler   |   Angus Journal

If heifers have not reached puberty and cycled before the breeding season, they may be set up for failure as 2 year olds, cautioned David Patterson, professor of animal science and beef extension specialist for the University of Missouri–Columbia. During an Angus University educational breakout...

American Angus Association Recognizes Top Showring Winners
Sarah Hill   |   American Angus Association

Many Angus breeders aspire to take home the coveted win in the show ring—grand champion of the show. The sires of those cattle are also a key part of the equation. The American Angus Association® offers their Roll of Victory (ROV) Show Program to recognize show-winning animals and their sires...


Main Stage Sessions

FY17 Annual Report

American Angus Association year-end reports point to growth for registered Angus genetics, demand for Certified Angus Beef®.

Long-Range Strategic Plan

American Angus Association leaders reveal their plans for growth, leadership and the industry’s first Genomic Education Center.

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