I Am Angus

Showcasing the true heart of agriculture and the Angus business, the hour-long documentary series I Am Angus introduces the individuals and families who make a living off the land. Stories of multi-generational operations, historic Angus genetic lines and young entrepreneurs getting their start, I Am Angus reminds us what really matters on the ranch.

The program averaged about 70,000 viewers per episode in fiscal year 2015, along with several thousand additional views online via YouTube. | Broadcast specials, RFD-TV + digital

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I Am Angus shares why we do, what we do

I Am Angus is the Association's flagship public relations effort, which has continued to lead the vision of sharing ranch stories and heritage with a growing audience.

The heart of I Am Angus

Hugh and Eleanor Ingalls

A tradition more than a century in the making, the Ingalls family has raised Angus cattle in South Dakota's harsh winters. Hugh and Eleanor Ingalls, Faith, SD, recount the historic blizzard that hit the area Oct. 3, 2013, and how they coped witht he loss of nearly 200 animals.

Strommen Family

Aaron and Sheyna Strommen, Strommen Ranch, Fort Rice, ND, share a snowy, subzero day on their ranch in south central North Dakota and why they love waking up on the ranch each day.

Castle Mountain Ranch, White Sulphur Springs, Montana

I Am Angus celebrates Christmas witht the cowboys at the Castle Mountain Ranch in White Sulphur Springs, Montana.

Don Greiman

The descendants of German immigrants, lifelong Iowa farmer and cattle producer Don Greiman discusses his family's multi-generational commitment to Angus cattle.

Richard Halstead, Portrait Artist for Saddle & Sirloin Gallery

In this I Am Angus segment, artist Richard Halstead discusses motivations for becoming an artist - and why farmers and ranchers play such a vital role.

Charles Backus

Charles Backus, Quarter Circle U Ranch, is a nuclear engineer who worked in the space program's Mars mission in the 1960s. In his I Am Angus segment, he shares why he enjoys the challenge of raising cattle in Arizona's desolate Superstition Mountains.

Frank Mitloehner and the Benefits of Modern Livestock Production

Dr. Frank Mitloehner is an air-quality researcher from the University of California-Davis who challenged findings in the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization's 2006 report "Livestock's Long Shadow." The report claims livestock production is the leading cause of global greenhouse gas emissions; Mitloehner's research proved the U.N. was wrong.

Regional Manager Radale Tiner

In this I Am Angus segment, take a tour across Texas with Radale Tiner, regional manager for the American Angus Association.

Buford Ranch

In this I Am Angus segment, Jeff Reasor of Reasor's Groceries and ranchers Sam Buford and Mike Horrell talk about the importance of the connection between the people who raise food and the people who consume it.

Role of a Feedyard

University of Nebraska faculty and students share insights on the importance of the feedlot sector -- and how feedlots recycle nutrients such as distillers grains and crop residues to convert these things into great-tasting beef.