Angus Beef Bulletin

Considered one of the industry's strongest advertising platforms for Angus producers who seek to make headway into the commercial market, the Angus Beef Bulletin reaches nearly 65,000 cattlemen nationwide.

The complimentary publication is distributed to commercial cattlemen who have recently purchased a registered Angus bull. | Published five times a year, print

Best ad rates in the business

Newly redesigned, the Angus Beef Bulletin is one of the industry's largest-circulated publications, but on a cost-per-thousand basis, it's one of the most affordable advertising opportunities in the business.

The magazine is one of the best ways to expand your market exposure to commercial producers across the country who are highly active in the Angus business.

Rates & Deadlines

Award-winning editorial content

In 2018, Angus Media restructured its editorial team, dividing it into two so one could focus on the seedstock audience and one the commercial audience. Seasoned veterans Shauna Rose Hermel, Kasey Brown and Mary Black lead efforts to develop the Angus Beef Bulletin and broaden its influence as a beef industry publication. They produce original stories and curate content from the beef industry’s leading experts on cattle business, management and marketing, providing insights for how commercial cattlemen can make the most of their investment in Angus genetics. This includes introducing readers to the programs, services and people at the American Angus Association® that can add value to their herds.

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