Special Features
Special Features
    AAA Login - This feature allows active members to create a password-protected profile, log in and view their registered herd inventory, AI certificate inventory, EPD data and much more.

    Age in Days Calculator - Calculate the age windows for measurements used for AHIR data.

    Angus Optimal Milk Module - A new educational module is now available for commercial producers. Angus Optimal Milk allows you to input your current average cow weight and cow herd milking level, as well as your annual estimated pasture and feed cost, to arrive at a milk EPD range matched to your needs. To access Angus Optimal Milk, Click here.

    AngusSource® - Looking for another option in marketing Angus-influenced commercial cattle? Feeder calves or bred heifers, in the country or through the ring, list your Angus-influenced commercial cattle online at Formerly known as ARCNet, AngusSource® is an Internet-based listing, accessible by feedyards, commercial producers, and anyone searching for high-quality Angus genetics. Free of charge for buyers of registered Angus bulls, AngusSource® offers one more option for your marketing needs.

    Beef Record Service - A service to maintain records for commercial cattle producers to keep performance records on their animals. BRS is a program of the Commercial Relations department.

    BRS Online - This feature allows Beef Record Service members to create a password-protected profile, log in and view their herd inventory, sire groups, breeding information, work history and much more.

    EPD/Pedigree Lookup  - This feature allows you to search the American Angus Association's database of registered Angus cattle to see pedigree and EPD information of any registered animal. You have the ability to search by registration number or name and link through the animal's pedigree to see previous generations.

    Gestation Calculator - This is a calculator where the user can enter a specific service date and get the calf due date or enter a calf due date and get the service date. It also has a complete table of service dates with the corresponding calf due date.

    Member Lookup- Now you have the ability to search for American Angus Association members by name, city, state or zip code. A great new page including links to all of our search pages plus a way to submit change of address information. Take a look!

    Newsroom - Be informed of all the news at the American Angus Association by reading the press releases from the Public Relations department. All press releases are posted on the web as they become available.

    ROV Point Standings - Keep up to date on the latest point standings from the Roll of Victory Shows. View the Top leaders in each Award category and where they have garnered their individual points. A complete list of the ROV rules and point schedule is available in the more ROV information section.

    Search Site - Can't find something on our web site? Use this link to search for information on our web site.

    Shop Online - Purchase items such as Angus clothing, caps, clocks, prints, lapel pins, bumper stickers and more.

    Show Results - Our Public Relations department is making press releases available on the web for several national and regional Angus shows around the country.

    Sire Evaluation - On-line, searchable version of the most recent American Angus Association Sire Evaluation Report.