Angus Foundation

Angus Foundation Overview

What is the Foundation?

The Angus Foundation, an affiliate of the American Angus Association®, was established in 1980 under the laws of the State of Illinois as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization to fund and support programs involving education, youth and research in the Angus breed and the agricultural industry.

Since its inception, a primary funding focus of the Angus Foundation has been to provide Angus youth opportunities to become strong leaders for the future of the Angus breed and the agricultural industry. This is being accomplished by awarding scholarships, supporting programs and activities of the National Junior Angus Association (NJAA) and emphasizing the development of personal growth and leadership skills through varied contests, service on the NJAA Board of Directors, and involvement in the National Junior Angus Show (NJAS).

A closely related and equally important focus of the Angus Foundation has been education, and today the Angus Foundation is diligently striving to increase its portfolio of funding to better address the educational needs of Angus breeders of all ages. Increased opportunities for education will help to build a solid base of Angus knowledge within the entire membership and will aid in securing a more profitable future for the agricultural industry. The Angus Foundation will educate Angus breeders through "think tanks" and seminars that promote and foster the understanding of both the Angus breed and the beef cattle industry on numerous pertinent topics such as genetics, reproduction, management, marketing, processing and food safety.

The third role of the Angus Foundation is to help fund research activities for the purpose of advancing the agricultural industry benefiting Angus breeders and other beef producers today, and in the future. Research to identify possible solutions to the unique challenges incurred by agricultural interests, specifically the beef cattle industry and its various segments from the producer to the consumer, will be at the forefront of the Angus Foundation's research activities.

Resources are required to address these aforementioned endeavors. Hence, the Angus Foundation encourages the commitment of personal and financial resources from Angus breeders, allied industry interests and friends toward these priority objectives. Balancing the interest of the donor with the needs of the Angus Foundation, and helping donors understand how their charitable generosity can have an indelible impact on the education, youth and research programs of the Angus Foundation, is the goal of the Angus Foundation.

How is the Foundation accountable?

The Foundation recognizes its responsibility to maintain both public confidence and private trust. The Foundation openly discloses information about its policies, activities, financial statements and other information that would provide a further understanding of its objectives and operations. In turn, the Foundation honors its obligation to maintain donor confidentiality and to pursue accepted business practices with regard to human resources, legal, real estate, financial and other matters.

As part of the Foundation's reporting responsibility, the following items are made available:

  • An annual financial audit conducted by a qualified accounting firm.
  • An annual report of giving and Foundation activities, including complete donor recognition list.
  • Written policies on the disbursement of gift funds.
  • Investment policies, expenditure guidelines and performance reports.
  • IRS tax form 990.

These items are available from the Foundation upon request.

Why is the Foundation an affiliate of the American Angus Association?

The Foundation is specifically organized and professionally trained to provide management, reporting and stewardship services that donors need and require. Central management of these services results in greater efficiency of both the Foundation and the Association. The benefits derived from this arrangement include:

  • Donors have more latitude in designating the use of their gifts than would be possible if the funds were given directly to the Association.
  • Donors can be assured that every effort will be made to maintain confidentiality, if necessary, because the Foundation is a separate 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.
  • The American Angus Association formalized its endorsement that all charitable funds intended for the support of education, youth and research be directed to the Angus Foundation with its establishment in 1980.

What happens to a gift made to the Angus Foundation?

Gifts made to the Angus Foundation are used as the donor directs. Typically, gifts are restricted for a specific program (i.e., scholarship funds, activity and event sponsorships, etc.). A gift is restricted when the donor writes on a check, reply card or other correspondence indicating how the gift is to be used. The designation of a gift is confirmed on the receipt letter returned to the donor. The Angus Foundation also receives unrestricted gifts that are utilized where the need is the greatest.

What are the responsibilities of the Foundation staff?

The Angus Foundation staff works closely with the American Angus Association administration, directors and with scores of Angus breeders and volunteers across the country to help maximize support for education, youth and research.

Foundation staff also assists with individual gift planning, conducts campaigns, organizes fundraising events and maintains personal contact with past, present, and future individual and corporate contributors.

Foundation staff also serve as sources of professional fundraising expertise for the American Angus Auxiliary, Certified Angus Beef, state Angus associations and other Angus-related interests seeking ways to initiate or enhance development activities.

Fundraising related promotional publications for the Annual Fund, Angus Foundation Reception, Angus Foundation Heifer Package, Angus Foundation Golf Tournament and other special projects are developed by the Foundation staff. Also, developed and maintained by Foundation staff is the extensive Angus Foundation website, which is easily accessed through the American Angus Association website or at

In close coordination with the American Angus Association, the Foundation processes all gifts, manages the donor databases and generates appropriate correspondence with donors. Providing invaluable support of all of these efforts are administrative personnel. All Foundation personnel are dedicated to quality service and to supporting and enhancing the Angus Foundation at every opportunity.

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About Angus Foundation

Established in 1980, the Angus Foundation remains focused on its mission to support Angus education, youth and research. The organization has presented more than $2.4 million in youth scholarships since 1998, and has also invested more than $1 million in beef cattle research throughout the past decade.

The Angus Foundation's Legal Name

The Foundation's legal name is Angus Foundation. Contributions to the Angus Foundation qualify as gifts to an IRC Section 501(c)(3) public charity for federal income, estate and gift tax purposes.