Angus Foundation

Angus Foundation Board of Directors

The Angus Foundation is governed by nine individuals elected annually by the American Angus Association® Board of Directors. These nine individuals consist of the Chief Executive Officer of the American Angus Association, seven American Angus Association directors and the Angus Foundation President.(One position on the Angus Foundation Board of Directors may be elected by the American Angus Association Board of Directors and subject to no specific qualifications or guidelines.)

The 2018 Board of Directors are as follows:
  • James S. Coffey, Kentucky, Chairman
  • Allen Moczygemba, Missouri, Vice Chairman
  • Milford H. Jenkins, Missouri, President
  • Kenny Miller, Missouri, Secretary
  • Richard M. Dyar, Alabama
  • Dave Hinman, Montana
  • Alan Miller, Illinois
  • Dave Nichols, Iowa
  • Barry Pollard, Oklahoma
  • Lamar Steiger, Outside Representative