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Talon Youth Education Learning Program Internship Program Summer 2019

Cam Cooper’s legacy lives on through Talon Youth Education Learning Program.

Camron Cam Cooper of Talon Ranch loved the land and Angus cattle. She believed in educating young people and promoting the future of the beef industry. Cam believed that if she didn’t help young people, she wouldn’t have a legacy, so she set up the Angus/Talon Youth Education Learning Program Endowment Fund in 2009, designed to be a holistic educational experience for students.

Cam’s legacy will live on through this internship program pairing motivated Angus youth with working registered-Angus breeders/ranches to give youth valuable education and work experience during the summer months.

The Angus/Talon Youth Educational Learning Program Internship is an exhilarating learning experience for both interns and host ranches. Through this program, interns get the chance to gain more knowledge of the beef industry, which helps encourage young beef enthusiasts to join the beef industry in the future. One Angus breeder and his or her farm/ranch will get the opportunity to host an intern over the summer as he or she learns the ropes of their host’s beef cattle operation, as well as serve as a mentor to the young person considering a potential career in the beef industry.

The Talon Internship program is a phenomenal opportunity for Angus youth to learn firsthand about managing and operating day-to-day life on a ranch, and, in turn, participating host ranches get the opportunity to have a hand in mentoring the next generation, said Milford Jenkins, Angus Foundation president. This one-of-a-kind program allows participating ranches to take part in educating future beef leaders.

The legacy of the late Camron Cam Cooper of the Talon Ranch, Twin Bridges, Montana, continues through this internship program. College sophomores, juniors and seniors, along with graduate students, under the age of 25 majoring in an agricultural related field of study will be eligible to serve in this internship.

Host breeders will get the opportunity to teach a young enthusiast different roles in the Angus industry. Internship duties, depending on the host breeder’s program, for example, may include tasks that range from helping prepare show cattle, AIing, preg checking, veterinary tasks, as well as fence maintenance, irrigation and more. Interns will also have the opportunity to participate in other Angus and beef cattle educational events and activities off the farm such as conferences, field days, etc.

The Talon Intern is compensated by the Angus Foundation through the Angus/Talon Youth Educational Learning Program Endowment Fund.

Applications from Angus breeders interested in hosting the Talon Intern are due Sept. 15 and can be accessed here.

Youth wishing to apply click here for an application, due to the education and events department by December 1, 2018.

To learn more about Cam’s story visit for a special I am Angus remembering Cam Cooper.

For more information, please contact the Angus Foundation, or contact the Events Department