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Angus Education Center
Angus Education Center
The Angus Education Center is your online resource for educational materials relating to programs and services offered by the American Angus Association.

Information is updated often, so please check back to access new educational resources!

If you have trouble downloading the files, please contact us.

Your Association: Your Business - How the American Angus Association functions

Understanding the Performance Registration Certificate (PRC)

Getting to Know Your Association: Committees

Accepting Nominations

Called to Order

Seat on the Board

Submitting a Ballot

Genetic Selection Decisions

Meeting Procedure

AIMS (Angus Information Management Software)
AIMS Introductory Video - This introductory video explains the AIMS program. (plays in browser)
AIMS Brochure - This informative four page brochure explains the AIMS program and includes screenshots (PDF file)

External Information Services- Interactive PDF containing links to information published by industry specialists, universities and Cooperative Extension outlets.

External Publications and Resources- Link to electronic publications and resources; includes information to guide beef herd management decisions.

Angus Beef Chart  - A great reference for meat cuts and how they relate to a beef animal. This revised version includes recommended cooking methods. This file requires Adobe Acrobat 4.0 or higher to view. You can also request color reprints which are "11x17", folded and three-hole punched.
Poster size available upon request.
Angus Beef Chart - Spanish version

Angus Advantages - This brochure explains how Angus genetics can work in producer's herds to improve demand, boost profits and take some of the work out of cattle production.

Developing a Registered Angus Herd- A beginning guide that highlights basic strategies necessary to develop a registered Angus herd. Also suggests ways to use Association resources and other information outlets to enhance planning, managing and marketing.

Beef Nutrition Fact Sheet- Basic overview of beef cattle nutrition.

Animal Handling Fact Sheet- Overview that highlights proper animal handling for beef cattle on a farm or ranch.

Beef Cow Efficiency - This Angus Productions Inc. (API) topic site includes articles and other resources of interest on perhaps the single biggest factor affecting producer profitability—efficiency. This link provides useful information on feeding and management practices.

Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) - Another API topic site that is a one-stop news hub for all information related to Country of Origin Labeling.

Dealing with Drought - This API topic site is a resource for those throughout the country dealing with the prolonged dry conditions. Links from this page are categorized by cattle, feeding, water and management, and perhaps the most useful tool is a hay/feed finder that links to numerous states where feed resources are still available.

National Junior Angus Association
Guide to Success - A comprehensive handbook that includes information for getting started in the Angus breed. A free, printed version is also available at Each section can also be downloaded and viewed by clicking on the following links.
National Junior Angus Association (NJAA) - This section gives a brief overview of the opportunities for junior members available through the NJAA. (PDF file)
American Angus Association - This section gives an overview of the Angus breed. It provides guidelines to selecting a heifer and reasons why Angus is a wise investment. (PDF file)
Nutrition - This section provides an overview of the nutritional requirements of cattle and the different feeding programs to meet those requirements. (PDF file)
Showring Success - This section provides information about preparing and showing Angus cattle, a portion of the NJAA that is fun and rewarding for junior members. (PDF file)
Showmanship Skills - This section teaches youth the proper methods to present yourself and animal in the best form possible.
Cattle Evaluation - This section explains the process of a livestock judging competition, and the mechanics of judging cattle which is the key to raising and buying high-quality cattle. (PDF file)
Outside the Showring - This section explains the lifelong skills the NJAA has to offer beyond the showring.
Glossary - Glossary of terms used in the Guide to Success brochure. (PDF file)

Leading by Example – A series of fact sheets for local and regional junior Angus associations; includes suggestions about organizing a successful meeting, officer responsibilities and successful meeting ideas.

Permanent Identification
Permanent ID Fact Sheets - Provides information about permanent identification methods and using permanent ID in your herd
Tattooing Module - This module gives step by step instructions on how to plan and implement a simple but effective tattoo system. (Plays in browser)
Freeze Branding Module - This module offers narrated illustrations of how to implement an effective freeze branding system. (plays in browser)

Performance Programs: EPDs, $Values, and more and more
EPD Definitions - Definitions are given for the Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) published by the AAA.
Interim EPDs - Interim EPDs are calculated during the time period between the AAA National Cattle Evaluations. This link will explain Interim EPDs. $Values - Multi-trait selection indexes provide an important tool for commercial and seedstock producers. This link will explain how the $Values are calculated and how they can be used as a selection tool.
Contemporary Grouping- Proper contemporary grouping is important for accurate genetic evaluation. This link will explain the key to proper contemporary grouping.
Frame Score- This link will explain how to calculate the frame score of your cattle.
Body Condition Score (BCS) - Body condition scoring serves as a useful, easy-to-use management tool to assess the nutritional needs of a cow herd. This link provides a full explanation of the BCS system.


Paper Registration - This module will explain the different paper forms that are available from AAA for registering your Angus cattle. (plays in browser)

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