Commercial Programs
Commercial cattle producers hold the key for the future of the Angus business.

The American Angus Association and its members are proud to offer comprehensive programs and services aimed at improving productivity and profitability in the commercial sector of the cattle industry.

Outlined in this section are ways to make the most out of each registered Angus animal in your inventory. Take a minute to explore tips and resources for management, genomic tools, marketing, news and information.


Angus, America’s Breed

Angus Convention celebrates CAB 40th anniversary, education and business.

“Certified Angus Beef® is a testament to having a powerful brand that provides unmatched customer service coupled with the highest-quality products in the world,” said Allen Moczygemba, American Angus Association CEO, at the fifth-annual Angus Convention hosted Nov. 3-5, 2018, in Columbus, Ohio. “Angus is now synonymous with beef.”

Despite a year of sporadic weather patterns and widespread hardship for the entire ag industry, registrations for Angus cattle are high. Each entity of the Association celebrated hard-fought successes in 2018.


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Headlines provided by the Angus Beef Bulletin EXTRA, a free, monthly enewsletter produced with commercial cattlemen in mind.


Buyers of registered Angus bulls receive access to AAA Login, the Association’s online recordkeeping service. By using their customer code at, commercial producers are able to view weekly expected progeny differences (EPDs), manage their bull inventory, record calf records in the electronic calving book, enroll in AngusSource, and order and view results for GeneMax DNA tests. AAA Login also serves as a portal to accessing the commercial-based records service, BRS, as well as MaternalPlus.

MaternalPlus® is a whole-herd reporting program that can be used by commercial producers, and the reports derived from individual dam and calf data add value for profit-driven cattle producers. Building a cow herd with longevity and fertility, along with superior genetics, requires a thorough herd analysis. Start building a solid foundation in your herd by enrolling in MaternalPlus.

Beef Record Service, or BRS, provides a tool for serious producers who wish to link the end product to the animal by identifying genetics that work in their operations. BRS provides a system for commercial producers to keep performance records on their animals, regardless of breed composition. These records can help producers make selection decisions on their cow herds, while supplying information to help market calf progeny as steers and replacement heifers. Producers can submit information on their herd, including sire information, breeding records, calving and weaning data, and any additional performance or carcass data collected on their calves. This data can be submitted, viewed, and sorted via your computer online, or can also be submitted and returned on paper forms, printable from this site, or available through the Association.

The Angus Optimal Milk Module is also a valuable tool for commercial producers. It allows you to input your current average cow weight and cow herd milking level, as well as your annual estimated pasture and feed costs to arrive at a milk EPD range matched to your needs.

The Association’s Sire Evaluation Report is available in an online, easy-to-search format that allows breeders to quickly access performance information and genetic evaluations for the breed’s leading sires. There, users can also browse genetic trends, breed averages and descriptions for a variety of EPDs, dollar-indexes and more.

Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB) also provides management tips for producers targeting quality. Tips available at include EPD recommendations from the brand; identifying top-performing, quality calves; selecting for disposition; AIing; and more. It also includes the popular Best Management Practices manuals for both cow-calf producers, and stockers and backgrounders.

Future Angus Stockmen
Ensure the next generation of commercial cattle producers is equipped with the tools they need to be successful by encouraging an aspiring young producer to enroll in the Future Angus Stockmen program. Aimed toward college-age or recent graduates, participants will learn how to use proven information to make data-driven decisions, and receive special discounts when using Association programs and services.

Scholarship applications are being accepted for Future Angus Stockmen participants. The deadline is September 15, 2017 for $1,000 scholarship sponsored by Allflex USA. Applications are now available online.

Genomic Tools

DNA technology is changing the way cattlemen approach selection decisions on the ranch. Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI) is dedicated to providing the latest genomic tools available to the beef cattle business, and hosts a number of educational and practical resources for incorporating genomic data into your cow herd. Learn how to properly take a DNA sample, submit results and more all on the AGI section of the website.
The GeneMax suite of DNA tools, offered in partnership with AGI and Zoetis, gives commercial producers the insight they need to make more reliable selection decisions. The two options are:

GeneMax Focus is intended for use in prospective commercial Angus replacement females, cows or feeder cattle. Test features include genomic predictions for feedlot gain, carcass quality and grade, as well as an optional sire assignment.

GeneMax Advantage is also intended for use in prospective commercial Angus replacement heifers or cows. Test features include ten individually reported traits and three multi-trait economic indexes expressed as simple Advantage scores, smart reporting for genetic outliers and optional sire assignment.

Learn more about options available through AGI at


You’ve invested in quality genetics to put your calves ahead of the pack, now make sure potential customers are aware of the quality potential they bring to the table. Document their Angus-influence by enrolling in Angus Source®. The backbone of both programs is the customizable marketing document that is distributed to more than 600 potential buyers each week.

  • AngusSource is a USDA Process Verified Program for Angus-sired calves that documents source, group age and a minimum of 50% Angus genetics.

You can also submit a listing to the Commercial Angus Sales database, which compiles upcoming state association sponsored sales or sales hosted by seedstock producers for feeder cattle or replacement females at the auction market, at the ranch or through video and online sales. Click here here to submit a listing.

In addition, visit the Association’s Feedlot Listing page, where the Commercial Programs Department assembled a list of feedlots interested in Angus genetics. This resource includes vital information, services available and marketing options on each of the participating feedlots.

It may sound simple, but identification is the first step to managing and marketing your calf crop successfully. Identification is a vital component for beef producer profitability. Visit the Custom Cattle Tags website for deals on ear tags from Allfex and Destron Fearing, EID readers and many other accessories.

Commercial cattlemen wanting to document the value of their calves also have access to a wide variety of marketing tips from Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB), including tips for selecting the right feedlot, marketing on the grid and in niche markets. Access breakeven calculators for calf and fed cattle prices as well.

News & Information

Stay up-to-date with the latest industry information through the Angus Beef Bulletin, published with commercial cattlemen in mind and offered free of charge. Subscribe online, and while you are there, you can also submit your email address to receive the Angus Beef Bulletin EXTRA. The electronic newsletter is sent monthly and covers the latest in market trends, herd management, health and many other important topics.

Cattlemen’s Boot Camps offer a hands-on approach to learning the latest industry tools and information, and each year, the Association hosts a number of these events in locations across the United States. Visit the Event Registration page for details on upcoming Cattlemen’s Boot Camps.

Stay connected with the Certified Angus Beef® brand through a weekly blog, featured columns from industry experts, research and white papers, social media, access to informational videos and other news on marketing Angus-sired calves to reach their full potential.

More news and information for all producers — from seedstock breeders to feeders — is available through the industry’s largest communications center, Angus Media. The television news program The Angus Report recaps the week’s top cattle industry headlines on RFD-TV at 7:00 a.m. CST each Monday and 1:30 p.m. CST each Saturday, among other time slots. Check your local listings for more information or watch the show online.


Contact the American Angus Association Commercial Programs department at 816-383-5100, or Ginette Gottswiller, director of commercial programs, at

For more information or questions about accessing online commercial herd management tools, transfer requests, DNA testing, marketing opportunities and more, contact the American Angus Association.

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