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Angus Optimal Milk Module
A new educational module is now available for commercial producers. Angus Optimal Milk allows you to input your current average cow weight and cow herd milking level, as well as your annual estimated pasture and feed cost, to arrive at a milk EPD range matched to your needs.

AngusSource® Genetic
This program is for commercial cow-calf producers who want to increase the value of their cattle. This program documents genetics, source and group age of feeder cattle and replacement females. Enrolled calves will be identified with a visual, RFID or ChoiceSet program tag. Producers can document when they plan to sell their calves and health/management information on each enrollment groups’ marketing document. That information can be viewed on the Cattle Listing. If you want to receive a weekly email of cattle selling sign up now.

Want to enroll your calves in AngusSource Genetic? Contact AngusSource at 816.383.5100 for more information.

Commercial Angus Sales
"Special" sales of feeder cattle or replacement females at auction markets or ranches; or on video/Internet.  Click here to submit a listing.

Beef Record Service
BRS provides a system for commercial producers to keep performance records on their animals, regardless of breed composition. These records can help producers make selection decisions on their cowherd, while supplying information to help market the calf progeny as steers and replacement heifers. Producers can submit information on their cowherd, including sire information, breeding records, calving and weaning data, and any additional performance or carcass data collected on their calves. This data can be submitted, viewed, and sorted via your computer on this BRS Online site, or can also be submitted and returned on paper forms, printable from this site, or available from the Commmercial Programs Department at the AAA.

The BRS program provides a tool for serious producers who wish to link the end product to the producing factory by identifying genetics that work in their operation.

Feedlot Listing Available
Responding to requests for information on operations feeding cattle, the Commercial Programs Department has assembled a list of feedlots interested in Angus genetics. This resource includes vital information, services available and marketing options on each of the feedlots that responded to an association mailing.

Sire Evaluation Search
On-line, searchable version of the most recent Angus Sire Evaluation report.

Contact Us
Contact information for the Commercial Programs Department. Skip Navigation Links.

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