AngusSource® and Gateway Tag Options

Cattle enrolled in the AngusSource and Gateway programs are identified with tamper-evident program tags. Producers may choose from a visual tag, RFID tag or ChoiceSet (includes both RFID and visual tag). Visual tags are printed with a unique animal number, Lot ID (state of origin, lot numbers and customer code) and an in-herd management number. RFID tags are printed with a unique animal number and Lot ID. One tag is issued per calf enrolled (producers using ChoiceSets will receive a visual and RFID tag for each calf). Replacement tags are available for an additional fee upon request.

Producers have tag options:

    AngusSource visual program tags are available for $1.25 each. Radio frequency (RF) ID tags are available for $2.25 each. Producers who wish to use a visual and RFID tag may purchase “ChoiceSet” tags (Visual and RFID for one calf) for $3.25 per set.

    Gateway visual program tags are $2 each and RFID tags are available for $3 each. ChoiceSet tags are available for the Gateway program and cost $5 for the set (visual and RFID to be used in one calf).

    All tags are printed with a 15 digit unique number.

    840 tag options are available for Visual, RFID and ChoiceSets. The 840 tag can be used to meet the tag requirement for interstate cattle movement as outlined in the Disease Traceability Rule that went into effect March 11, 2013. The USDA Shield is printed on the front and the back of the tag. Unlawful to remove is printed on the back of the stud. 840 tags must be shipped to the state your premises number is registered.

    If you do not have a premises number contact your state veterinarian office. You must have a premises number to purchase 840 tags.

    AngusSource tag options

    Gateway tag options

All program tags are manufactured by Destron Fearing and feature laser engraving on all text with ink over on the management numbers only. There is a standard 3-5 business day turnaround time to manufacture tags. Standard delivery is at maximum 7 business days via UPS Ground shipping.

To utilize the online cattle listing, or participate in other marketing opportunities that feature AngusSource or Gateway cattle the corresponding program tag is required.