Frequently asked questions

Q. Who, specifically, is AngusSource® Genetic designed for?
A. It was developed for commercial cow-calf producers who want to increase the value of their Angus-sired feeder cattle and replacement females by conveying genetic data and information to potential buyers.

Q. How does AngusSource Genetic help seedstock producers?
A. Seedstock producers can become more involved with their customers’ marketing program by providing enrollment assistance or tag reimbursement for purchasing Registered Angus sires from their program.

Q. What is the cost of the AngusSource® Genetic?
A. There is a $50 fee per enrollment group and a $15 shipping fee. Tag costs are $1.25/visual tag, $2.25/RFID and $3.25/ChoiceSet (includes visual and RFID for one calf).

Q. Do I enroll over the phone or online?
A. Producers can enroll online through AAA Login or request a paper form by calling the AngusSource department.

Q. Do all of my calves need to be out of registered Angus bulls?
A.Yes, calves must be sired by a registered Angus bull. American Angus Association registration numbers are required on the natural service or AI sires.

Q. Do my calves need to be individually matched to their sire and/or dam or have individual birth dates?
A. No, you are enrolling a group of calves that have been born on your operation within a known calving window sired by one or more registered Angus sires.

Q. Can I order tags before the calves are born?
A. Yes, if you can provide bull turn out and pull dates we can complete your enrollment prior to the first calf being born. Producers can submit additional information on the calf crop after birth such as individual birth date, birth weight, dam and sire information if desired.

Q. Do I need to submit calving records?
A. No, enrollment in AngusSource® Genetic is transitioning to a paperless enrollment system.

Q. How soon will I receive my tags?
A. Destron Fearing has a standard 3 business days turnaround time for tag orders. Shipping to your location usually takes 7 business days maximum. Tags can be shipped overnight for an additional fee.

Q. Can I use AngusSource® Genetic for age and source verification if I plan to enroll in NHTC?
A. Check with your NHTC provider. The American Angus Association verifies genetics, source and group age for AngusSource® Genetic. It is not a USDA program.