Enroll AngusSource® Genetic
Angus-sired genetics, source and group age documentation for AngusSource Genetic is provided by the American Angus Association.

AngusSource Genetic FAQ

To Enroll

Step 1

Visit AAA Login at

Step 2

Go to the AngusSource tab in Login. Click to enroll by following the easy step by step instructions. Once your enrollment is complete, choose your official neon green AngusSource Genetic program tag in one of three options, Visual, RFID or ChoiceSet.

Step 3

After you complete the AngusSource Genetic online enrollment your order will be processed by the AngusSource department. If you have questions concerning your enrollment or any of the program compliant ear tags please contact us via email at or 816.383.5100 as soon as possible.

Step 4

Your official neon green AngusSource Genetic program tags will arrive via UPS Ground service. Please open your box of tags upon receipt. Verify your Lot Code, number of tags needed and management numbers are printed correctly on each tag soon after delivery.

Step 5

Complete the Marketing Document online through AAA Login or call AngusSource, 816.383.5100 with your sale date, vaccination and herd management information.

If you would prefer a paper enrollment form please contact AngusSource department at or call 816.383.5100.