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Customer Feedback Opportunity- Producer Feedback Form
AngusSource® monitors information relating to customer satisfaction as a vital component
for successful processes and considers customer input a valuable means to identify and
evaluate where continual improvement can be made to the AngusSource Process Verified Program.

Last Name: First Name:
Ranch Name: Town/State:
Lot Number: Customer Code:
Did you provide your Verification Certificate to the buyer or auction market?

Do you feel you received a premium for your calves?

Would you recommend AngusSource/Gateway to your neighbor?

Questions Excellent Satisfactory Poor N/A
1.   How would you rate the quality and retention of the tags you received?
2.   How would you rate the enrollment/training provided by an AngusSource Administrator?
3.   How would you rate the amount of time it took to complete the enrollment and training?
4.   Did you receive your tags in a timely manner?
5.   Do you feel you have a good understanding of the program requirements?

Are there areas of the AngusSource/Gateway Program or enrollment process where you believe we can make improvements?
Please give your comments or suggestions.

Please complete the following questions to be enrolled in the Premium Value Challenge:
How did you market your calves? (Please give us the information on the top lots sold)
Sale Barn Video Sale Internet Listing Site Private Treaty

Sale Location Date of Sale
Number of Calves Sold Sex Avg. Weight Price
Number of Calves Sold Sex Avg. Weight Price
Number of Calves Sold Sex Avg. Weight Price
Number of Calves Sold Sex Avg. Weight Price
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