Decades of Excellence
Herd City: at Fancy Free Farms, Unionville, TN US Auctioneer: Steve Dorran
Sale Date: 11/5/2016Sale Mgr: American Angus Hall of Fame
API Rep: Alex Tolbert

Lots Gross Average
3 Total Registered Bulls $23,800.00 $7,933.00
72 Total Registered Females $707,550.00 $9,827.00
75 Reported Sale Total $731,350.00 $9,751.00
  • Top Bull
Lot 3 Decades Trump 1598 $15,000.00
Buyer: Westwind Ranch Angus - Oroville, CA;
Quaker Hill - Louisa, VA
Sire Name: Gaffney Game Changer 371
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  • Top Open Heifer
Lot 3B Quaker Hill Blackcap 1694 $17,500.00
Buyer: Leonard Newman - Carmel, IN
Sire Name: A A R Ten X 7008 S A
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Lot 3A FPF/FFF Blackcap 1593 $17,000.00
Buyer: Pasture View Angus - Dunlap, IL
Sire Name: Gaffney Game Changer 371
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Lot 55 Decades Blackcap 1602 $14,500.00
Buyer: Deer Valley Farm - Fayetteville, TN
Sire Name: Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36
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Lot 3D FPF/FFF Blackcap 1667 $12,000.00
Buyer: Long Lane Farm - Unionville, TN
Sire Name: V A R Generation 2100
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  • Top Bred Heifer
Lot 21A Decades Primrose 1444 $13,500.00
Buyer: Smith Angus - Wadley, GA;
Wayview Cattle Company - Hebron, OH
Sire Name: A A R Ten X 7008 S A
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  • Top Open Cow
Lot 1 SJH Complete of 6108 1522 $110,000.00
Buyer: Double R Bar - Plymouth, IN;
Express Ranches - Yukon, OK
Sire Name: Summitcrest Complete 1P55
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Lot 26 Rudow's Homer Molly 073 $20,000.00
Buyer: RC Angus - , NE
Sire Name: O C C Homer 650H
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  • Top Bred Cow
Lot 16 Whitestone Abigale 649B $30,000.00
Buyer: Bush Angus - Unionville, TN
Sire Name: D H D Traveler 6807
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  • Top Pregnancy
Lot 1A $20,000.00
Buyer: Blue Lake - Carlisle, KY
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Lot 8A $14,500.00
Buyer: Five Peppers Farm - Murfreesboro, TN
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Lot 1B $12,000.00
Buyer: Double G Angus - Rush Springs, OK
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