Alabama Angus Ass'n Spring Sale
Herd City: Cullman, AL US Auctioneer: Jarvene Shackelford
Sale Date: 4/15/2017Sale Mgr: Mike McGuire, Alabama Angus Association
API Rep: Mark Sims

Comments: $9,500 was raised sale weekend in honor of Alabama Angus breeder Tim West, who passed away on April 13, 2017. Tim served as the Alabama Angus Association President from 2016-2017. Tim was a great man and a great Angus breeder.

Lots Gross Average
14 Total Registered Bulls $23,700.00 $1,692.00
2 Open Heifers $3,350.00 $1,675.00
18 Bred Heifers $36,200.00 $2,011.00
10 Bred Cows $14,700.00 $1,470.00
35 Fall Pairs $112,675.00 $3,219.00
10 Spring Pairs $21,650.00 $2,165.00
75 Total Registered Females $188,575.00 $2,514.00
89 Reported Sale Total $212,275.00 $2,385.00
  • Top Bull
Lot 86 FAF Lass Up Man 0405 5040 $3,050.00
Buyer: Runnin R Farms - Hanceville, AL
Sire Name: S A V Priority 7283
Seller: Fuller Angus Farm New Site AL
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Lot 88 HR Tex Demand C21 $2,500.00
Buyer: Tyler Martin - Auburn, AL
Sire Name: Tex Demand 2791
Seller: Harrell-Lazenby Angus Opelika AL
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  • Top Bred Heifer
Lot 26 DL Lucky Lady 1501 $3,200.00
Buyer: John Evans Thrower - Arab, AL
Sire Name: S A V Brilliance 8077
Seller: Dyer Livestock Rising Fawn GA
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Lot 29 Belle 9225 of Emuckfaw $3,000.00
Buyer: Vista Farms - Fayette, AL
Sire Name: Connealy Black Granite
Seller: Emuckfaw Creek Farm Daviston AL
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  • Top Fall Pair
Lot 24 TT Miss BlackCap W364 $4,100.00
Buyer: Bickett Genetics - Chickamauga, GA
Sire Name: Connealy Right Answer 746
Seller: Double T Farms Centre AL
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Lot 18 Deer Valley Rita 2689 $4,750.00
Buyer: B&C Angus - Warrior, AL
Sire Name: Sitz Upward 307R
Seller: Cedar Ridge Angus Pulaski TN
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Lot 36 AB Eriskay 342 $4,100.00
Buyer: Edwin Cooley - Arab, AL
Sire Name: S A V Net Worth 4200
Seller: J.H. Graydon Farm Montgomery AL
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Lot 37 Highlander Blackcap 020 $4,200.00
Buyer: Wilkins Genetics - Cullman, AL
Sire Name: S S Objective T510 0T26
Seller: Harrell-Lazenby Angus Opelika AL
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Lot 98 DA Eden Erica 412 135 $4,100.00
Buyer: Reid McGuire - Waverly, AL
Sire Name: DA 095 Focus 511 716
Seller: Dyar Angus Crossville AL
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Lot 64 TT Miss Everelda Pride W350 $4,600.00
Buyer: Daniel Lowery - Anderson, AL
Sire Name: BC Eagle Eye 110-7
Seller: Sandy Ridge Farm Athens AL
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  • Top Spring Pair
Lot 3 AAF Princess 4027 $4,100.00
Buyer: Cash Cattle Company - Steele, AL
Sire Name: V A R Reserve 1111
Seller: Adams Angus Farm Union Springs AL
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