Tifton Bull Test Sale
Herd City: Irwinville, GA US Auctioneer: Carroll T. Cannon
Sale Date: 3/1/2017Sale Mgr: Dr. Jacob Segers
API Rep: David Gazda

Lots Gross Average
58 Yrlg.Bulls $156,300.00 $2,694.00
58 Total Registered Bulls $156,300.00 $2,694.00
58 Reported Sale Total $156,300.00 $2,694.00
  • Top Bull
Lot 94 Oakdale Rampage 1605 5071 $4,000.00
Buyer: John Morgan Angus - Ocilla, GA
Sire Name: Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36
Seller: Oakdale Farms Rome GA
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Lot 99 WD Double Vision $4,000.00
Buyer: B&B Grain Co. - Pinehurst, GA
Sire Name: Jindra Double Vision
Seller: W D Farms Baconton GA
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Lot 83 GAF Tour Of Duty 519 $3,800.00
Buyer: Stipe Farms - Waycross, GA
Sire Name: R B Tour Of Duty 177
Seller: Gillis Angus Farm Eastman GA
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Lot 126 GBA Rampage 5198 $3,700.00
Buyer: Deer Creek Farms, Inc. - Morris, GA
Sire Name: Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36
Seller: Gretsch Brothers Angus Crawford GA
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Comments: The 2017 Tifton Bull Test catalog was dedicated to the memories of John Jarrell, Jarrell Angus, Butler, GA and Harvey Lemmon, Lemmon Cattle Enterprises, Woodbury, GA 12 Simmental ave. $2,725; 27 SimAngus ave.$2,956; 1 SimGenetics ave. $2,300; 3 Charolais ave. $3,167; 5 Hereford ave. $3,020; 106 total bulls ave. $2,790.