Bases Loaded Sale
Herd City: Denver, CO US Auctioneer: Joe Goggins
Sale Date: 1/9/2018Sale Mgr: Cotton & Assoc.

Lots Gross Average
49 Reported Sale Total $1,008,000.00 $20,571.00
  • Top Bull
Lot 1 Stevenson Big League 70749 $90,000.00
Buyer: Deer Valley Farms - Fayetteville, TN;
Stonewall Ridge Farms - Shelbyville, TN;
Pollard Farms - Waukomis, OK;
Double G Farms - Rush Springs, OK;
Greg Wilmouth and Sons - Mount Vernon, MO;
Rock Lake Land and Cattle - Wheatland, WY
Sire Name: Jindra Acclaim
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  • Top Open Heifer
Lot 7B Baldridge Isabel E239 1/2 $52,000.00
Buyer: K-Farm Angus - Dyersburg, TN;
KL3 Angus Ranch - Poplar Bluff, MO
Sire Name: Basin Payweight 1682
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Lot 4 EXAR Barbara 703 1/2 $40,000.00
Buyer: EZ Angus - Porterville, CA
Sire Name: 3F Epic 4631
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Lot 27 Montana Lucy 7003 $30,000.00
Buyer: Ankony Angus - Clarkesville, GA
Sire Name: Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36
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Lot 18A EXAR Rita 7673 1/2 $25,000.00
Buyer: Riverbend Ranches - Idaho Falls, ID
Sire Name: EXAR Stud 4658B
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  • Top Pregnancy
Lot 5 $65,000.00
Buyer: 6 Pastures Farms - Winchester, VA
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Lot 7A $37,500.00
Buyer: Riverbend Ranch - Idaho Falls, ID
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Lot 23 $25,000.00
Buyer: Lylester Ranch - Martell, NE
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Lot 2A $25,000.00
Buyer: Jacs Ranch - Bentonville, AR;
Mile High Angus - Fort Scott, KS
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Lot 12B $25,000.00
Buyer: High Roller Angus - Center, TX
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Lot 12A $23,000.00
Buyer: High Roller Angus - Center, TX
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Comments: Lot 1 Stevenson Big League sold 12% interest in the bull.