Central Kentucky Angus Ass'n Winter Sale
Herd City: Danville, KY US Auctioneer: Eddie Burks
Sale Date: 1/27/2018Sale Mgr: Dievert Sales Service
API Rep: Alex Tolbert

Lots Gross Average
5 Total Registered Bulls $10,350.00 $2,070.00
59 Total Registered Females $154,050.00 $2,611.00
163 Semen (units) $1,086.00 $6.00
64 Reported Sale Total $164,400.00 $2,568.00
  • Top Bull
Lot 71 Covells Kelly $2,700.00
Buyer: Joey Lee - Lebanon, KY
Sire Name: R B Tour Of Duty 177
Seller: Covell Cattle Company Harrodsburg KY
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  • Top Open Heifer
Lot 29A Myers Miss Beauty M127 $6,200.00
Buyer: Richard Pursinger - Diamond, OH
Sire Name: JMB Traction 292
Seller: Myers Angus Harrodsburg KY
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  • Top Bred Heifer
Lot 26 C D L Penelope 3816 $6,200.00
Buyer: Rock Ridge - Lawrenceburg, KY
Sire Name: PVF Insight 0129
Seller: C D L Angus Hoopeston IL
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  • Top Bred Cow
Lot 29 Myers Miss Beauty M24 $5,000.00
Buyer: M&R Angus - Montgomery, AL
Sire Name: Plattemere Weigh Up K360
Seller: Myers Angus Harrodsburg KY
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Lot 49 M C M Penelope Pride 271 $4,800.00
Buyer: Reality Farms - New Castle, KY
Sire Name: BC Eagle Eye 110-7
Seller: C D L Farms Hoopeston IL
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