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Sale Reports Detail
Stevenson's Diamond Dot
Herd City: Hobson, MT US Auctioneer: Joe Goggins & Roger Jacobs
Sale Date: 11/26/2012API Rep: Andy Rest

Lots Gross Average
78 Older Bulls $382,280.00 $4,901.00
237 Bull Calves $1,178,838.00 $4,974.00
315 Total Registered Bulls $1,561,118.00 $4,955.00
78 Total Registered Females $244,840.00 $3,138.00
220 Commercial Open Heifers (head) $226,380.00 $1,029.00
414 Commercial Bred Heifers (head) $710,425.00 $1,716.00
548 Commercial Bred Cows (head) $933,720.00 $1,703.00
393 Reported Sale Total $1,805,958.00 $4,595.00
  • Top Bull
Lot 36 Diamond Big Spread 2883 $11,000.00
Buyer: Steed Angus Plymouth UT
Sire Name: 21AR Big Spread 7012A
More Info...
Lot 62 Diamond in the Rough 2400 $9,000.00
Buyer: Deerfield Colony Lewistown MT
Sire Name: Diamond in the Rough
More Info...
Lot 1 Diamond Regis 526Z $9,000.00
Buyer: Hughes Brothers Hobson MT
Sire Name: Coleman Regis 904
More Info...
Lot 6 Diamond Regis Z565 $8,750.00
Buyer: Diamond Box Livestock Cutbank MT
Sire Name: Coleman Regis 904
More Info...
Lot 4 Diamond Icon 720Z $8,500.00
Buyer: Kurt Gall Clarkson NE
Sire Name: H A R B Icon 019
More Info...
Lot 18 Diamond Steakhouse 2526 $8,000.00
Buyer: Teunis Fluit Larchwood IA
Sire Name: Diamond Steakhouse 9378
More Info...
Lot 301 Diamond Hoover Dam Y104 $8,000.00
Buyer: Dar Angell NM
Sire Name: Hoover Dam
More Info...
Lot 324 Basin Rainmaker 1081 $8,000.00
Buyer: Split Diamond Angus Whitehall MT;
Currant Creek Angus Roundup MT
Sire Name: Basin Rainmaker P175
More Info...
  • Top Open Heifer
Lot 401A Diamond Black Lady 925Z $9,500.00
Buyer: ZWT Angus Speedwell TN
Sire Name: Diamond Justice 901S
More Info...
  • Top Bred Heifer
Lot 412 Diamond Trojan Erica Y816 $6,250.00
Buyer: Eric Still Leadhill AR
Sire Name: Diamond Steakhouse 9378
More Info...
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