Sale Reports is a listing of Angus sales reported to our staff. Sales are presented by sale date, sale name and location.
The last 30 days of sale results are displayed below. Use the criteria to see different results.

Date Sale Location
12/15/18 Big Timber/Cigar City Online Sale Lithia, FL
12/15/18 Claylick Run Newark, OH
12/15/18 Gaugler Angus Judith Gap, MT
12/15/18 Minnesota Angus Ass'n Sale Hutchinson, MN
12/15/18 Richard Angus Ranch Belfield, ND
12/15/18 Sandpoint Cattle Co. Complete Dispersal of the Angus Herd Ogallala, NE
12/14/18 Carr Angus Lewistown, MT
12/14/18 Griswold Cattle Classic Female Sale Stillwater, OK
12/12/18 Armstrong Angus Ranch Caldwell, MT
12/12/18 Shipwheel Cattle Co. Chinook, MT
12/11/18 TK Angus Bull & Spring Bred Heifer Sale - NEW DATE Valentine, NE
12/09/18 Brandt Farms-Carter Angus Female Sale Clarinda, IA
12/08/18 2XL Cattle Co. Complete Angus Dispersion Garden Grove, IA
(at Russell Livestock, Russell, IA)
12/08/18 Cedarflo Angus Ranch Complete Dispersal at Lemmon Livestock, Lemmon, SD
12/08/18 Cowboy Logic Bull & Commercial Female Sale Talmo, GA
12/08/18 Jackson Angus/Star Creek Angus Durant, OK
12/08/18 Southern Cattle Co. Marianna, FL
12/08/18 Spickler Ranch North Glenfield, ND
12/08/18 Springfield Angus Bull Sale Louisburg, NC
12/08/18 Virginia BCIA Culpeper Sr. Bull Test Rapidan, VA
12/07/18 Calhoun Bull Evaluation Sale Calhoun, GA
12/07/18 Harmon Angus Lavinia, MT
12/07/18 KG Ranch Bull Sale Three Forks, MT
12/07/18 Lone Star Angus Alliance Bull Sale Hallettsville, TX
12/07/18 Simon's Cattle Co. Female Sale Farley, IA
12/06/18 Peak Dot Ranch Fall Bull Sale Wood Mountain, SK  CN
12/06/18 Sitz Angus Fall Bull Sale Harrison, MT
12/05/18 Lonesome River Ranch - NEW DATE Anselmo, NE
12/04/18 Badlands Angus Alliance Dickinson, ND
12/03/18 Indreland Angus Big Timber, MT
12/03/18 Mill Brae Ranch Bred Female Dispersal Maple Hill, KS
12/02/18 Powell Farms Female Sale Limestone, TN
12/01/18 44 Farms Abilene Christmas Sale Abilene, TX
12/01/18 Allison Farms/Arrowhead Ranch Sale at Loretta Lynn Ranch, Hurricane Mills, TN
12/01/18 Currant Creek Roundup, MT
12/01/18 Kansas Angus Ass'n Commercial Female Sale Pratt, KS
12/01/18 Pounds & Profit Sale at Alamance Co. Cattleman's Facility, Snow Camp, NC
12/01/18 Pyramid Beef Bull Sale Spearfish, SD
12/01/18 Sharing the Success Angus Sale Ozark, AR
12/01/18 Union County PT Bull Sale Monroe, NC
11/30/18 Crazy K Female Sale Michie, TN
11/30/18 Knoll Crest Farm Bull Sale Red House, VA
11/28/18 Beef Country Breeders Columbus, MT
11/27/18 Stevenson Angus Hobson, MT
11/26/18 Stevenson's Diamond Dot Hobson, MT
11/25/18 Siebring Angus Gilman, IL
11/24/18 Banner Elite Genetics Chapel Hill, TN
11/24/18 Butch's Angus Jackson, MO
11/24/18 Dameron Angus Lexington, IL
11/24/18 Edgewood Angus West Point, VA
11/24/18 J&J Cattle Co. Mulhall, OK
11/24/18 Pine View Angus Colesburg, IA
11/24/18 Vermilion Angus Fall Bull & Female Sale Billings, MT
11/23/18 Lamoine Valley Angus Ass'n Macomb, IL
11/20/18 Paint Rock Angus Fall Bull Sale Hyattville, WY
11/19/18 Connealy Angus Fall Bull Sale Whitman, NE
11/19/18 Profit Proven Commercial Female Sale Ashland, KS
11/19/18 R-Math Farms 10th Annual Sale Whitewater, MT
(Glasgow, MT)