The Angus Calendar is presented as a listing of Angus sales and events known to our staff. Sales are presented in regular type by sale date, herd/association name and herd location (also sale location, if different). If more than one herd is involved, the address listed is location of sale. Other Angus events are presented in italics. For information about the sales contact the farm directly or the Regional Manager (RM) serving that territory. Please submit your upcoming Angus event using the link below.
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Date Event Location Type
02/08/16 Carter Family Angus Arthur, NE Sale
02/08/16 Felton Angus Ranch Bull Sale Springdale, MT Sale
02/08/16 Schmidgall Angus Vining, MN
(at Mobridge Livestock, Mobridge, SD)
02/08/16 Sletten Angus Ranch Faith, SD Sale
02/09/16 Fair View Angus Ranch Melville, MT Sale
02/09/16 FairView Angus Ranch Bull Sale Melville, MT Sale
02/09/16 G Bar H Genetics Bull Sale Veteran, WY
(Torrington, WY)
02/09/16 Kuck Ranch Lexington, NE Sale
02/09/16 Schearer Angus Ranch Bull Sale Philip, SD Sale
02/09/16 South Mtn. Ranch Bull Sale Melba, ID Sale
02/09/16 Spear U Angus Ranch Wall, SD
(at Philip Livestock, Philip, SD)
02/09/16 Watertown Winter Farm Show Angus Show & Sale Watertown, SD Sale
02/10/16 Meadow Acres Angus Ranch Echo, OR Sale
02/10/16 Moke Angus Corsica, SD Sale
02/10/16 SandPoint Cattle Co. Bull Sale Lodgepole, NE
(Chappell, NE)
02/11/16 Booth's Cherry Creek Ranch Bull Sale Veteran, WY Sale
02/11/16 Foos Angus Ranch Nisland, SD
(Belle Fourche, SD)
02/11/16 Un. of Georgia Bull Sale Athens, GA Sale
02/11/16 Wittkopp Angus Glasgow, MT Sale
02/12/16 Hoot Owl Ranch Harrisburg, NE
(Gering, NE)
02/12/16 Mohnen Angus Whitelake, SD Sale
02/12/16 Powder River Angus Bull Sale Spotted Horse, WY
(Buffalo, WY)
02/12/16 Talkington Angus Ranch Belfield, ND Sale
02/12/16 Vandeberghe Flying V Angus Cleveland, ND Sale
02/13/16 Amdahl Angus & Hereford/Baker Hereford Rapid City, SD Sale
02/13/16 Black Crest Farms Sumter, SC Sale
02/13/16 Bradley 3 Ranch Memphis, TX Sale
02/13/16 Bussmus Angus Mitchell, SD Sale
02/13/16 Carstens Farms Adair, IA Sale
02/13/16 Crooked Creek Angus Burlington Junction, MO
(Clarinda, IA)
02/13/16 Factory Direct Sale West Lafayette, IN Sale
02/13/16 Gem State Sale Twin Falls, ID Sale
02/13/16 Indiana Angus Ass'n Annual Meeting Lafayette, IN Meeting
02/13/16 Jensen Angus Big Piney, WY Sale
02/13/16 KM Cattle Co. Coon Rapids, IA Sale
02/13/16 North Carolina Angus Ass'n Annual Meeting Winston-Salem, NC Meeting
02/13/16 Schaff Angus Valley Saint Anthony, ND Sale
02/13/16 Sutphin Cattle Co. Bull Sale Lamar, CO Sale
02/14/16 Dixie Nat'l ROV Angus Show Jackson, MS Show
02/14/16 Quail Valley Ranch Prineville, OR Sale
02/15/16 Albrecht/Penz at the Freeny Ranch, Caddo, OK Sale
02/15/16 Boyd Beef Cattle/Myers Angus Farm Cattlemen's Meeting Paris, KY Meeting
02/15/16 Koupal Angus Dante, SD Sale
02/15/16 Teixeira Cattle Co. Terrebonne, OR Sale
02/15/16 Tokach Angus Ranch Saint Anthony, ND
(at Kist Livestock Auction, Mandan, ND)
02/15/16 Topp Angus Private Treaty Bull Sale Grace City, ND Sale
02/15/16 Weaver Ranch Bull Sale Fort Collins, CO Sale
02/16/16 Cedar Top Ranch Bull Sale Stapleton, NE
(Burwell, NE)
02/16/16 Coleman Angus/Trexler Angus Missoula, MT Sale
02/16/16 Doug Booth Family Angus Torrington, WY Sale
02/16/16 Kessler Angus Milton-Freewater, OR Sale
02/17/16 Hilltop Angus Farm Bowdle, SD Sale
02/17/16 Iowa Beef Expo Angus Show Des Moines, IA Sale
02/17/16 Millar Angus Sturgis, SD Sale
02/17/16 OK&T Angus Ass'n Bull Sale Buffalo, OK Sale
02/17/16 Ostrand Angus/Slagle Angus Sargent, NE Sale
02/17/16 Shaw Cattle Co. Caldwell, ID Sale
02/18/16 - 02/20/16 Georgia Jr. Nat'l Livestock Show Perry, GA Show
02/18/16 Iowa Beef Expo Angus Sale Des Moines, IA Sale
02/18/16 Krebs Ranch Bull Sale Gordon, NE Sale
02/18/16 Mogck & Sons Angus Olivet, SD Sale
02/18/16 Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic Angus Show & Sale Kearney, NE Sale
02/19/16 Beef Maker Bull & Female Sale at Barnes Herefords Sale Facility, Cedartown, GA Sale
02/19/16 Blacktop Farms Mitchell, SD Sale
02/19/16 - 02/20/16 Fallon All Breeds Bull Sale at Fallon Livestock Exchange, Fallon, NV Sale
02/19/16 Hoffman Ranch Bull Sale Thedford, NE Sale
02/19/16 - 02/20/16 Kentucky Angus Sweepstakes Louisville, KY Sale
02/19/16 Lewis Bros. Angus Saint Onge, SD Sale
02/19/16 Lundgren Angus Ranch Gove, KS Sale
02/20/16 Byergo Family Angus Savannah, MO Sale
02/20/16 Dietz Family Angus Dickinson, ND Sale
02/20/16 Fuchs Angus Carson, ND Sale
02/20/16 Janssen Angus Earlham, IA Sale
02/20/16 JR Ranch/Sackmann Cattle Co. at JR Ranch Sale Barn, Othello, WA Sale
02/20/16 Leader Angus Farm Crofton, NE Sale
02/20/16 Minert-Simonson Angus Ranch Dunning, NE Sale
02/20/16 Nordlund Stock Farm Clearbrook, MN Sale
02/20/16 Power Plus Beef Genetics Hobart, OK Sale
02/20/16 Reich Angus Ranch Zap, ND Sale
02/20/16 Riley Bros. Angus Darlington, WI Sale
02/20/16 Schiefelbein Angus Farms Kimball, MN Sale
02/20/16 Southern Cattlemen's Hattiesburg, MS Sale
02/20/16 Talaferro/T Bar T Angus Effingham, KS Sale
02/20/16 Varilek Angus Geddes, SD Sale
02/20/16 Walter Angus Hudson, CO Sale
02/20/16 Yon Family Farms Ridge Spring, SC Sale
02/21/16 Bruner Angus Ranch Drake, ND Sale
02/21/16 Bruning Farms Fairbury, NE Sale
02/21/16 Jäger Land & Livestock Bull Sale Eddyville, IA Sale
02/21/16 Nathan Palm Angus Estelline, SD
(Watertown, SD)
02/21/16 Spruce Hill Angus Ranch Ludlow, SD Sale
02/21/16 Ward Ranches Bull Sale Gardnerville, NV Sale
02/22/16 Birdwell Ranch Stillwater, OK Sale
02/22/16 Circle L Ranch Bull Sale Dillon, MT Sale
02/22/16 Colyer Angus & Hereford Bull Sale Bruneau, ID Sale
02/22/16 Foxhoven Angus Bull Sale Crofton, NE Sale
02/22/16 Hart Farms Frederick, SD Sale
02/22/16 Oklahoma Panhandle State Un. PT Bull Sale Goodwell, OK Sale
02/22/16 Robert Elliott & Sons Adams, TN Sale
02/23/16 Connelly Angus Ranch Bull Sale Valier, MT Sale
02/23/16 Deep Creek Angus Ranch Midland, SD
(Philip, SD)
02/23/16 Geppert's Rock Creek Mitchell, SD Sale
02/23/16 Haynes Cattle Co. Holyoke, CO
(Ogallala, NE)
02/23/16 HoosCow Angus Rushville, NE
(Gordon, NE)
02/23/16 J.C. Heiken & Sons Broadview, MT
(at Miles City Livestock Commission, Miles City, MT)
02/23/16 Landmark Angus Brunswick, NE Sale
02/23/16 Mill Creek Ranch Manhattan, KS Sale
02/23/16 Piedmont Regional Beef Conference Greensboro, NC Meeting
02/23/16 Tree Lane Farms Bull Sale El Paso, IL Sale
02/24/16 Cedarflo Angus Ranch Hettinger, ND
(Lemmon, SD)
02/24/16 Chestnut Angus Farm Pipestone, MN Sale
02/24/16 Gibbs Angus Ranch/Stortz Angus Ranch Bull Sale Glendive, MT Sale
02/24/16 Quartermaster Creek Leedey, OK Sale
02/24/16 TC Ranch Franklin, NE Sale
02/25/16 Bear Mtn. Angus Ranch Bull Sale Palisade, NE Sale
02/25/16 Brown's Angus Ranch Center, ND Sale
02/25/16 GG&T Cattle Co. Bull Sale Quinter, KS Sale
02/25/16 Illinois PT Bull Sale Springfield, IL Sale
02/25/16 Raven Angus Colome, SD Sale
02/25/16 Van Dyke Angus Bull Sale Manhattan, MT Sale
02/26/16 - 02/27/16 Alabama Cattlemen's Ass'n Convention Birmingham, AL Meeting
02/26/16 Beitelspacher Ranch Mobridge, SD Sale
02/26/16 Corner Stone Genetics Online Embryo Sale Raymond, OH Sale
02/26/16 Corsair Angus Ranch Bull Sale Ione, OR
(Stanfield, OR)
02/26/16 Gant Angus Geddes, SD
(Platte, SD)
02/26/16 Hyline Angus Bull Sale Ramsay, MT Sale
02/26/16 - 02/27/16 Illinois Angus Futurity Springfield, IL Sale
02/26/16 Kentucky Angus Ass'n Annual Meeting Louisville, KY Sale
02/26/16 Peckenpaugh Angus Bull Sale Carthage, SD Sale
02/26/16 Rutherford Ranches Buda, TX Sale
02/26/16 Skinner Ranch Bull Sale Hall, MT Sale
02/26/16 Southwest Angus Genetics Bull Sale Dodge City, KS Sale
02/26/16 Sprunk Angus/Erdmann Angus Lisbon, ND Sale
02/27/16 44 Farms Cameron, TX Sale
02/27/16 Alleman Angus Ranch Montpelier, ID Sale
02/27/16 Baker Angus Vale, OR Sale
02/27/16 Brenner Angus Mandan, ND Sale
02/27/16 Bush Angus Britton, SD Sale
02/27/16 Carlson Angus Ranch Mott, ND Sale
02/27/16 Chandler Cattle Co. Haskell, OK Sale
02/27/16 Gaffney Family Cattle Barneveld, WI Sale
02/27/16 High Point Genetics Osceola, IA Sale
02/27/16 Johnson/Rose Sale Mobridge, SD Sale
02/27/16 - 02/28/16 Missouri Angus Breeders' Futurity & Sale Columbia, MO Sale
02/27/16 Peterson Angus Alcester, SD
(Worthing, SD)
02/27/16 PMB Sale Ogallala, NE Sale
02/27/16 Rancher's Choice at Bonina Sale Facility, Eltopia, WA Sale
02/27/16 RV Bar Angus Vernal, UT Sale
02/27/16 S Diamond Angus Bull Sale Henderson, NE Sale
02/27/16 Saluda County Cattlemen's Replacement Heifer Sale Saluda, SC Sale
02/27/16 Spur Ranch Vinita, OK Sale
02/27/16 Strommen Ranch Fort Rice, ND Sale
02/27/16 Swanson Cattle Co. Oxford, NE Sale
02/27/16 West Tennessee Angus Association at Un. of Tennessee, Martin, TN Sale
02/27/16 Winney Angus Bull Sale at Farmers & Ranchers Livestock Commission Co. Inc., Salina, KS Sale
02/27/16 Yearous Cattle Co. Fort Morgan, CO Sale
02/28/16 Buchanan Angus Ranch Bull Sale at Klamath County Fairgrounds, Klamath Falls, OR Sale
02/28/16 Carlson Cattle Co. Columbus, NE
(Fullerton, NE)
02/28/16 Raml Cattle Goodwin, SD Sale
02/29/16 Arrow One Angus Bull Sale North Platte, NE Sale
03/01/16 Apex Angus Bull Sale Valier, MT Sale
03/01/16 Dix Angus Ranch Stockton, KS Sale
03/01/16 Houston Livestock Angus Open Show Houston, TX Show
03/01/16 Jindra Angus Clarkson, NE
(Creighton, NE)
03/01/16 Mertens Cattle Co. Milbank, SD Sale
03/01/16 Nansel's Flying N Ranch Bull Sale at Miles City Livestock Commission, Miles City, MT Sale
03/01/16 Ridl Farms Dickinson, ND Sale
03/01/16 Woodall Angus Farm Quality, KY Sale
03/02/16 Bruns Angus Madison, SD Sale
03/02/16 Carcass Plus Bull Sale Isabel, KS Sale
03/02/16 Ferguson Angus Agra, KS Sale
03/02/16 Lonesome River Ranch Bull Sale Anselmo, NE Sale
03/02/16 Ox Bow Ranch Wolf Creek, MT Sale
03/02/16 Poland Angus Ranch Isabel, KS Sale
03/02/16 Soulek Angus Bull Sale Kimball, SD Sale
03/02/16 The Adams Connection Firth, ID Sale
03/02/16 Tifton Bull Test Sale Irwinville, GA Sale
03/03/16 Fuoss Angus Ranch Draper, SD Sale
03/03/16 Generic Genetics Ida Grove, IA Sale
03/03/16 Hall Ranch Bull Sale Bassett, NE Sale
03/03/16 JMB Angus Sharon Springs, KS Sale
03/03/16 Mississippi BCIA/Hinds Community College Bull Sale Raymond, MS Sale
03/03/16 - 03/06/16 NJAA Raising the Bar at Un. of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR Meeting
03/03/16 Pasture View Angus Dunlap, IL
(Valentine, NE)
03/03/16 Pleasant Hills Farm Bowling Green, KY Sale
03/03/16 Split Diamond Angus Bull Sale Dillon, MT Sale
03/04/16 Camas Prairie/Crouthamel Bull Sale Lewiston, ID Sale
03/04/16 Carl Dethlefs & Sons Rockville, NE Sale
03/04/16 Diamond Peak Cattle Co. Diamonds in the Rough Bull Sale La Junta, CO Sale
03/04/16 Express Ranches Yukon, OK Sale
03/04/16 Fabius Creek Angus Bloomfield, IA Sale
03/04/16 JK Angus/Eichacher Simmental Salem, SD Sale
03/04/16 Lund Ranch Bull Sale at Producers Livestock, Salina, UT Sale
03/04/16 Progressive Performance Angus Breeders at Sioux Falls Regional Livestock, Sioux Falls, SD Sale
03/04/16 Reminisce Angus Bull Sale Dillon, MT Sale
03/04/16 Snake River Bull Test Sale Twin Falls, ID Sale
03/04/16 The Legacy Sale at K-State's Stanley Stout Center, Manhattan, KS Sale
03/04/16 Weber Farms Online Bull Sale Plainview, NE Sale
03/05/16 Blackjack Angus & Guests Bull Sale Seminole, OK Sale
03/05/16 BoPat Farms Bradford, TN Sale
03/05/16 Buford Ranches Bull Sale Welch, OK Sale
03/05/16 Cannon Valley Ranch PT Bull Sale Goodhue, MN Sale
03/05/16 D-N-D Enterprises Bluford, IL Sale
03/05/16 Davis Angus/Value Genetics Clinton, OK Sale
03/05/16 Double R Bar Ranch Plymouth, IN Sale
03/05/16 Foundation Angus Alliance Luling, TX Sale
03/05/16 Green Valley Cattle Co. Atkinson, NE Sale
03/05/16 Hobbs Angus Fairview, IL Sale
03/05/16 Intermountain Genetic Alliance Bull Sale Nephi, UT Sale
03/05/16 J.M. Hayes Cattle Hugo, OK Sale
03/05/16 JB Angus Dickinson, ND Sale
03/05/16 Keller Cattle Corp. Smithfield, UT Sale
03/05/16 Laflin Angus Ranch Manhattan, KS Sale
03/05/16 Lucky 7 Angus Bull Sale Riverton, WY Sale
03/05/16 Mead Angus Farms Barnett, MO Sale
03/05/16 Michigan Angus Ass'n Annual Meeting & Banquet Saint Johns, MI Meeting
03/05/16 New Mexico Angus Ass'n Sale Roswell, NM Sale
03/05/16 Performance Angus Rock Island, TN Sale
03/05/16 Performance Angus Genetics Bull & Heifer Sale at Massena Livestock Auction, Massena, IA Sale
03/05/16 Pine View Angus Colesburg, IA Sale
03/05/16 QPB Bull Sale Mount Hermon, LA Sale
03/05/16 Smith Farms Angus Bull Sale Hay Springs, NE Sale
03/05/16 TL Ranch Bull Sale Edina, MO Sale
03/05/16 Trinity Farms Ellensburg, WA Sale
03/05/16 Wood Angus Farm Willow Spring, NC Sale
03/06/16 Lazy H Ranch Hays, KS Sale
03/06/16 Spring Valley Angus LaMoure, ND Sale
03/07/16 Clear Creek Angus Bull Sale Chinook, MT Sale
03/07/16 Don Johnson Angus Bull Sale at Farmers & Ranchers, Salina, KS Sale
03/07/16 Edgar Bros. Rockham, SD Sale
03/07/16 Hollman Angus Farm Bull Sale Crete, NE Sale
03/07/16 Knop Angus Farm/Collison Angus PT Bull & Commercial Female Sale Ida Grove, IA Sale
03/07/16 Lyons Ranch Manhattan, KS Sale
03/07/16 Stone Gate Farms Maysville, KY Sale
03/07/16 Vision Angus Amherst, CO
(North Platte, NE)
03/07/16 Wheeler Mtn. Angus Bull Sale Whitehall, MT Sale
03/08/16 Ascent Angus Farm Online Bull Sale Arcola, IL Sale
03/08/16 Best Angus Watford City, ND Sale
03/08/16 Blue Collar Bull Sale Toppenish, WA Sale
03/08/16 Leachman Angus Bull Sale Toston, MT Sale
03/08/16 Lott & McMurphy Bull Sale Alva, OK Sale
03/08/16 McKenzie Land & Livestock Bull Sale Fort Stockton, TX Sale
03/08/16 Open 8 Genetics Charlo, MT Sale
03/08/16 Styles Plainview Angus Brentford, SD Sale
03/08/16 Thomas Angus Ranch Bull Sale Baker City, OR Sale
03/08/16 Veltkamp Angus Bull Sale Manhattan, MT Sale
03/09/16 Cline Angus Bull Sale at Bassett Livestock Auction, Bassett, NE Sale
03/09/16 Feller Cattle Co. Cattlemen's Cut Bull Sale Wisner, NE
(Belleville, KS)
03/09/16 Heart River Ranch/Open A Angus Bull Sale Medora, ND Sale
03/09/16 May-Way Farms Overbrook, KS Sale
03/09/16 R.A. Brown Ranch Throckmorton, TX Sale
03/09/16 Sitz Angus Bull Sale Dillon, MT Sale
03/09/16 SJS Cattle Co. Lucas, IA Sale
03/09/16 Stucky Ranch Kingman, KS Sale
03/09/16 Udy Cattle Co. Bull Sale Rockland, ID Sale
03/09/16 Vin-Mar Cattle Co. Rushville, NE Sale
03/10/16 BJ Angus Genetics Manhattan, KS Sale
03/10/16 Curtin Land & Cattle Blue Mound, IL Sale
03/10/16 McCurry Angus Ranch Bull Sale Burrton, KS Sale
03/10/16 Mogck Angus Farms Tripp, SD Sale
03/10/16 Montana Ranch at Montana Livestock Auction, Ramsay, MT Sale
03/10/16 Sunny Okanogan Angus Ranch Bull Sale at Okanogan Livestock Market, Okanogan, WA Sale
03/10/16 Trask & Peterson Angus Bull Sale Philip, SD Sale
03/10/16 Un. of Tennessee Jr. Bull Test Sale at Middle Tennessee Experiment Station, Spring Hill, TN Sale
03/11/16 74-51 Cattle Co. Marshall, OK Sale
03/11/16 Bar S Ranch Paradise, KS Sale
03/11/16 Brookhouser T-Bone Angus Bull Sale Brunswick, NE
(O'Neill, NE)
03/11/16 Flesch Angus Bull Sale Shelby, MT Sale
03/11/16 - 03/13/16 Mid-Atlantic Jr. Angus Classic Show Harrisonburg, VA Show
03/11/16 Oklahoma Angus Ass'n Meeting & Banquet Oklahoma City, OK Meeting
03/11/16 Quest of the West Bull Sale at Sorensen Angus, Spanish Fork, UT Sale
03/11/16 Rollin' Rock Genetic Partners at the Double M Sale Facility, Hermiston, OR Sale
03/11/16 Schlager Angus Canton, MO Sale
03/11/16 Smithland Angus Farm Bull Sale Russell Springs, KY Sale
03/11/16 SOLSAA/Jankord Angus Sale Watertown, SD Sale
03/11/16 Southern Illinois Un. PT Bull Sale Carbondale, IL Sale
03/11/16 SW Nebraska Angus Ass'n Sale McCook, NE Sale
03/11/16 Tennessee Angus Ass'n Annual Meeting Lebanon, TN Meeting
03/11/16 Wyoming BCIA Bull Test Sale Shoshoni, WY Sale
03/12/16 Bar J Ranch Brooten, MN Sale
03/12/16 Big Rok Angus Ranch Detroit Lakes, MN Sale
03/12/16 Birdtail Angus Ranch Bull Sale Simms, MT
(Augusta, MT)
03/12/16 Boyd Beef Cattle/Myers Angus Bull Sale May's Lick, KY Sale
03/12/16 Brad Z Ranch Guthrie Center, IA Sale
03/12/16 Bunker Cattle Co. Arlington, SD
(at Madison Livestock, Madison, SD)
03/12/16 Evans Farms Female Sale Proctor, TX Sale
03/12/16 Express Ranches Honor Roll Sale Yukon, OK Sale
03/12/16 Fast Angus Ranch/Dohrmann Cattle Co. Mandan, ND Sale
03/12/16 Galaxy Beef Bull Sale Graham, MO Sale
03/12/16 Grand River Angus Farm Grand Rapids, MI Sale
03/12/16 Heart of the Ozarks Angus Ass'n Sale West Plains, MO Sale
03/12/16 JAC's Ranch Bull Sale Bentonville, AR Sale
03/12/16 Koberstein Farms Angus Bull Sale Holyoke, CO
(Ogallala, NE)
03/12/16 Lensegrav Ranch Composite Bull Sale Faith, SD Sale
03/12/16 Louisiana Angus Ass'n Female Sale Lecompte, LA Sale
03/12/16 Mill Brae Ranch Maple Hill, KS Sale
03/12/16 Nelson Angus Egeland, ND Sale
03/12/16 Riverbend Ranch Bull Sale Idaho Falls, ID Sale
03/12/16 Rock'n D Ranch Bull Sale Junction City, OR Sale
03/12/16 SF Farms PT Bull Sale Garnett, KS Sale
03/12/16 Sunnyhill Angus Fairview, IL Sale
03/12/16 Tennessee Agribition Angus Sale Lebanon, TN Sale
03/12/16 Tucumcari Bull Test Sale Tucumcari, NM Sale
03/12/16 Valley Oaks Angus Open House & Private Treaty Sale Oak Grove, MO Sale
03/12/16 Western Colorado Angus Ass'n Bull Sale Delta, CO Sale
03/12/16 Wieseler Angus Orient, SD
(at Hub City Livestock, Aberdeen, SD)
03/13/16 4M Angus/Burken Cattle Co. Bull Sale Blue Hill, NE Sale
03/13/16 Diamond J Ranch Mandan, ND Sale
03/13/16 Lazy JB Angus Montrose, CO Sale
03/13/16 Lienetics Optimum Performance Bull Sale Beatrice, NE Sale
03/13/16 RBM Livestock Florence, SD Sale
03/13/16 Western Illinois Un. PT Bull Sale Macomb, IL Sale
03/14/16 Barstow Angus Ranch Bull Sale Springview, NE Sale
03/14/16 Chapman Angus Ranch Elmore City, OK Sale
03/14/16 LBS Angus Fortuna, ND
(Williston, ND)
03/14/16 M&E Angus - Marvin & Eileen Kroupa Bull Sale Kimball, SD Sale
03/14/16 Nichols & Sons Bull Sale Chambers, NE Sale
03/14/16 Parry Angus Bull Sale Sterling, CO Sale
03/14/16 Pine Coulee Bull Sale Hardin, MT Sale
03/14/16 Ready For Work Belen, NM Sale
03/14/16 Schauer Angus Ranch Bull Sale Faith, SD Sale
03/14/16 Spring Cove Ranch & JBB/AL Hereford Bliss, ID Sale
03/15/16 Blevins Angus Ranch Bull Sale Charlo, MT
(Missoula, MT)
03/15/16 Conroy Angus Bull Sale Gordon, NE Sale
03/15/16 Hinkson Angus Ranch Cottonwood Falls, KS Sale
03/15/16 Manzano Angus Bull Sale Estancia, NM Sale
03/15/16 Marshall Cattle Co. Bull Sale Burlington, CO Sale
03/15/16 Moore Angus Artesian, SD Sale
03/15/16 Quirk Land & Cattle Co. Hastings, NE Sale
03/15/16 Roberts Angus Raub, ND
(Mandan, ND)
03/15/16 Stertzbach Cattle Co. Online Show Heifer Sale Louisville, OH Sale
03/15/16 ZWT Ranch Private Treaty Bull Sale Lincoln County, NE Sale
03/16/16 Eagle Pass Ranch Bull Sale Highmore, SD Sale
03/16/16 Mid-Kansas Angus Breeders' Sale La Crosse, KS Sale
03/16/16 Minnesota Angus Breeders Sale at Olmsted County Fairgrounds, Rochester, MN Sale
03/16/16 Reid Angus Ranch Bull Sale Akron, CO Sale
03/16/16 Stevenson Angus Ranch Bull Sale Hobson, MT Sale
03/16/16 Wagonhammer Angus Ranch Albion, NE
(O'Neill, NE)
03/16/16 Woodbury Farms Overbrook, KS Sale
03/17/16 Benoit Angus Ranch Esbon, KS Sale
03/17/16 Boss Cattle Co. Online Angus Bull Sale Chappell, NE Sale
03/17/16 DBL/Pinehurst Sale at Bullodge, Fullerton, NE Sale
03/17/16 Driessen Angus Canby, MN
(Watertown, SD)
03/17/16 Evenson Angus Hettinger, ND Sale
03/17/16 Leader Angus West Point, NE Sale
03/17/16 Maag Angus Vale, OR Sale
03/17/16 Malek Angus Bull Sale Highwood, MT Sale
03/17/16 McKellar Angus Bull Sale Mount Pleasant, TX Sale
03/17/16 Thomas Angus Ranch Wyoming Division Bull Sale Yoder, WY Sale
03/18/16 - 03/20/16 Alabama Jr. Beef Expo Montgomery, AL Show
03/18/16 - 03/20/16 Colonial Ridge Farm/LA Genetics LLC Open House Marshall, MO Sale
03/18/16 Leadore Angus Ranch Leadore, ID Sale
03/18/16 Marshall & Fenner/Murphy Cattle Co. Marshall Junction, MO Sale
03/18/16 Montana Performance Bull Co-op™ with Basin Angus Ranch Bull Sale Columbus, MT Sale
03/18/16 - 03/19/16 Ohio Beef Expo Angus Parade & Sale Columbus, OH Sale
03/18/16 Olson Land & Cattle Bull Sale Hereford, TX Sale
03/18/16 Pollard Farms Bull Sale Waukomis, OK Sale
03/18/16 Schaaf Angus Ranch Bull & Heifer Replacement Sale New Underwood, SD
(at Saint Onge Livestock Auction, Saint Onge, SD)
03/18/16 Scherbenske Angus Ranch Lehr, ND Sale
03/18/16 Sellman Ranch Bull Sale Crawford, NE Sale
03/18/16 South Carolina Angus Ass'n Annual Meeting & Banquet Clemson, SC Meeting
03/18/16 T4 Livestock Chappell, NE Sale
03/18/16 THM Land & Cattle Bull Sale at the South Central Regional Stockyards, Vienna, MO Sale
03/18/16 Walters Angus Bull Sale Talmage, NE Sale
03/18/16 Wann Ranch Poteau, OK Sale
03/19/16 44 Farms Bull Sale Abilene, TX Sale
03/19/16 Belle Point Ranch Lavaca, AR Sale
03/19/16 Brand Angus Lake City, MN Sale
03/19/16 Brinkley Angus Ranch Milan, MO Sale
03/19/16 Carolina Futurity Clemson, SC Sale
03/19/16 Circle A Angus Ranch Iberia, MO Sale
03/19/16 Diamond Peak Cattle Co. Diamonds in the Rough Bull Sale Riverton, WY Sale
03/19/16 East Tennessee Angus Ass'n Sale at the Un. of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN Sale
03/19/16 Fairview Farms Fisher, WV Sale
03/19/16 Forgey Angus Dallas, SD Sale
03/19/16 Gardels Lazy Four Angus Bull Sale Wilcox, NE
(Kearney, NE)
03/19/16 Gray's Angus Ranch Bull Sale Harrison, NE Sale
03/19/16 Hales Angus Farm Canyon, TX Sale
03/19/16 Headquarters for Hindquarters Bull Sale Harrisonburg, VA Sale
03/19/16 J&J Sonstebo Angus Wallace, SD Sale
03/19/16 KiamichiLink Ranch Bull Sale Antlers, OK Sale
03/19/16 Kranjec Valley Angus Farm Bull Sale Marquand, MO
(at Farmington Livestock Auction, Farmington, MO)
03/19/16 Molitor Angus Farm Zenda, KS Sale
03/19/16 Musgrave Angus Griggsville, IL Sale
03/19/16 NE Arkansas Angus Ass'n Spring Sale Charlotte, AR Sale
03/19/16 Nelson Angus Ranch Salmon, ID Sale
03/19/16 Seevers Angus Bull Sale Anselmo, NE
(Burwell, NE)
03/19/16 Smith Angus Farm/Predestined Cattle Co. at Smith Angus Farm, Wadley, GA Sale
03/19/16 South Montana Angus Ass'n Bull Test Sale Ramsay, MT Sale
03/19/16 Stratford Angus Pratt, KS Sale
03/19/16 Utah BIA Bull Test Sale Salina, UT Sale
03/19/16 Ward Angus Liberty, UT Sale
03/19/16 White's Angus Ranch Bowman, ND Sale
03/19/16 ZWT Ranch Back to Grass Sale Crossville, TN Sale
03/20/16 2K Cattle Ent. Bloomington, WI Sale
03/20/16 April Valley Farm PT Bull & Female Sale Leavenworth, KS Sale
03/20/16 Breinig Ranch Bull Sale Arapahoe, NE Sale
03/20/16 Briarwood Angus Farms Butler, MO Sale
03/20/16 E.D. Angus Bull Sale Ashby, NE Sale
03/20/16 Hanneken Angus Focus on Quality Sale Royalton, MN
(Pierz, MN)
03/20/16 LC Land & Cattle Online Bull Sale Noble, OK Sale
03/20/16 Vision Quest Angus Ranch Yates Center, KS Sale
03/20/16 York Farms Palestine, IL Sale
03/21/16 Baxter Angus Rockham, SD Sale
03/21/16 Beran Bros. Claflin, KS Sale
03/21/16 Freouf Angus/Kester Herefords Bull Sale Ericson, NE
(Burwell, NE)
03/21/16 High Tech Beef Leonardville, KS Sale
03/21/16 Hinkle's Prime Cut Angus Nevada, MO Sale
03/21/16 Leachman Cattle Co. of Colorado Bull Sale Wellington, CO Sale
03/21/16 Lindell Angus High Tech Beef Sale Leonardville, KS Sale
03/21/16 M/M Cattle Co. Online Angus Show Heifer Sale Bowdon, GA Sale
03/21/16 MM Cattle Co. Online Angus Show Heifer Sale Bowdon, GA Sale
03/21/16 TLC Angus Hazelton, ND Sale
03/21/16 TLC Vetsch Angus Ranch Linton, ND Sale
03/21/16 Van Beek Ranch at Mobridge Livestock, Mobridge, SD Sale
03/21/16 Werner Angus Bull Sale Cordova, IL Sale
03/22/16 Bartels Angus Bull Sale Riverton, NE Sale
03/22/16 Black Velvet Cattle Mankato, KS Sale
03/22/16 Colonial Ridge Farm/LA Genetics LLC Ladies Pursuing Perfection Online Sale Marshall, MO Sale
03/22/16 Double Diamond Angus Online Sale Chrisman, IL Sale
03/22/16 Frenzen Angus Fullerton, NE Sale
03/22/16 Hall Stock Farm Berthold, ND Sale
03/22/16 Schmidt Angus Ranch Dickinson, ND Sale
03/22/16 Tree Lane Farms Fall-born Bull Sale El Paso, IL Sale
03/23/16 Express Ranches New Mexico Bull Sale Newkirk, NM Sale
03/23/16 Henning Farms Online Angus Sale Janesville, WI Sale
03/23/16 Larson Angus Ranch Sharon Springs, KS Sale
03/23/16 Master Angus Bull Sale Chinook, MT Sale
03/23/16 McCumber Angus Ranch Bull Sale Rolette, ND Sale
03/23/16 Nebraska Bull Test Sale Broken Bow, NE Sale
03/23/16 Rossow Angus Sale Herreid, SD Sale
03/23/16 Stevens Land & Cattle Carmen, OK Sale
03/23/16 Washington Cattlemen's Ass'n All-Breed Bull Test Sale Eltopia, WA Sale
03/24/16 Four Corners Farms Online Sale Saint Francisville, IL Sale
03/24/16 Gartner-Denowh Angus Ranch Sidney, MT Sale
03/24/16 Glasoe Angus Ranch Wildrose, ND
(Williston, ND)
03/24/16 Hatlewick Cattle Co. Napoleon, ND Sale
03/24/16 Hurlbut Cattle Co./RMH Livestock Bull Sale at Glacial Lakes Livestock, Watertown, SD Sale
03/24/16 Kavli Cattle Co. Bull Sale Wray, CO
(Burlington, CO)
03/24/16 Kentucky/Tennessee Performance Bull Test Glasgow, KY Sale
03/24/16 Lau Angus Armour, SD Sale
03/24/16 McCabe Genetics Elk City, KS Sale
03/24/16 Sweiger Bros. Bull Sale Weatherby, MO Sale
03/24/16 Vermilion Angus Ranch Commercial Female Sale Billings, MT Sale
03/24/16 Wardensville Bull Test Sale Wardensville, WV Sale
03/25/16 J-Buckle Ranch Dispersion Willow, OK Sale
03/25/16 Kansas Angus Ass'n Commercial Female Sale Junction City, KS Sale
03/25/16 Pennsylvania PT Bull Sale at Livestock Evaluation Center, Pennsylvania Furnace, PA Sale
03/25/16 Pennsylvania's Finest Female Sale at Livestock Evaluation Center, Pennsylvania Furnace, PA Sale
03/25/16 Poss Angus Ericson, NE Sale
03/25/16 Schurrtop Angus Spring Bull Sale Farnum, NE
(McCook, NE)
03/25/16 SE Missouri All-Breed PT Bull Sale Farmington, MO Sale
03/25/16 Smith Angus Ranch Bull Sale Bassett, NE Sale
03/25/16 Three Forks Ranch Fort Gibson, OK Sale
03/25/16 Triple T Farm Horse Cave, KY Sale
03/25/16 Vermilion Angus Ranch Bull Sale Billings, MT Sale
03/26/16 Candy Meadow Farms Lexington, TN Sale
03/26/16 Connealy Angus Ranch Bull Sale Whitman, NE Sale
03/26/16 Deer Valley Farm PT Bull Sale Fayetteville, TN Sale
03/26/16 East Texas Extravaganza at Venado Creek Angus Sale Facility, Center, TX Sale
03/26/16 Kenny/Morris/Wiederstein Dunlap, IA Sale
03/26/16 Kramer Angus Farina, IL Sale
03/26/16 Littlerobe Angus Higgins, TX Sale
03/26/16 Lund's B Bar Angus Bull Sale Baker, MT Sale
03/26/16 Maymont Angus Timberville, VA Sale
03/26/16 Mount Rushmore Angus Ranch Rapid City, SD Sale
03/26/16 New Haven Angus Leavenworth, KS Sale
03/26/16 Sauk Valley Angus Bull Sale Rock Falls, IL Sale
03/26/16 Sinclair Cattle Co. Bull Sale Buffalo, WY Sale
03/26/16 Southern West Virginia PT Bull & Heifer Sale Point Pleasant, WV Sale
03/26/16 Sunset Ridge Cattle Co. Jamestown, TN Sale
03/26/16 SW Virginia BCIA Jr. & Sr. PT Bull Sale at Hillwinds Farm, Dublin, VA Sale
03/26/16 Whitestone Farm Pasture PT Angus Bull & Female Sale Aldie, VA Sale
03/26/16 Worthington Angus Dadeville, MO Sale
03/28/16 Conley Cattle Co./Penner Ranch Sulphur, OK Sale
03/28/16 Iron Mtn. Cattle Co. Belle Fourche, SD Sale
03/28/16 Luddington Cattle Total Package Bull Sale Freedom, OK Sale
03/28/16 Oak Hollow Bull Sale Smiths Grove, KY Sale
03/28/16 Oleen Bros. Dwight, KS Sale
03/28/16 Rishel Angus Bull Sale North Platte, NE Sale
03/28/16 Solid Rock Angus Bull Sale Winchester, KY Sale
03/29/16 Dameron Angus Online Show Heifer Sale Lexington, IL Sale
03/29/16 Grabenstein's Top Gun Cattle Co. Bull Sale Smithfield, NE Sale
03/29/16 KW Cattle Co. Bull Sale Fort Scott, KS Sale
03/29/16 Larsen Ranch Angus Bull Sale Rosebud, MT Sale
03/29/16 Littau Angus Ranch Winner, SD Sale
03/29/16 Minnesota Bull Test Sale Jackson, MN Sale
03/30/16 Colburn Cattle Co. Online Embryo & IVF Slots Sale Visalia, CA Sale
03/30/16 Flat Iron Angus Washington, KS Sale
03/30/16 - 04/02/16 Georgia Cattlemen's Convention & Beef Expo Perry, GA Meeting
03/30/16 Kasselder Angus Bull Sale Ericson, NE
(Burwell, NE)
03/30/16 Reverse Rocking R Ranch Maxwell, NM Sale
03/31/16 Ashlynn Angus/R Cattle Co. Online Show Heifer Sale Lincoln, MO Sale
03/31/16 L Bar L Angus Wallace, NE
(Imperial, NE)
03/31/16 OBI PT Bull Sale Stillwater, OK Sale
03/31/16 Silver Bit Angus Ranch Bull Sale May, ID Sale
04/01/16 Dethlefs Angus Ranch/Treffer Angus Ranch Bull Sale Loup City, NE Sale
04/01/16 Kammerer Livestock at Saint Onge Livestock, Saint Onge, SD Sale
04/01/16 Meyer Cattle Co. Bull Sale Curryville, MO Sale
04/01/16 - 04/02/16 Michigan Angus Futurity Show & Sale Lansing, MI Sale
04/01/16 Prairie View Farms Gridley, IL Sale
04/01/16 SE Elite Female Sale Perry, GA Sale
04/01/16 Springlake Angus & Guests Lynch, NE
(at Creighton Livestock Market, Creighton, NE)
04/01/16 - 04/03/16 Western Nat'l Angus Futurity Reno, NV Show
04/01/16 - 04/03/16 Western Regional Jr. Angus Show Reno, NV Show
04/01/16 Womack Cattle Ent. Online Sale Pembroke, KY Sale
04/01/16 Wulf Cattle Morris, MN Sale
04/02/16 Angus in The Green Hills Green City, MO Sale
04/02/16 Angus Opportunity Sale at Buckner & Jeffries Angus Farm, Canmer, KY Sale
04/02/16 Brooks' Chalky Butte Angus Ranch Bowman, ND Sale
04/02/16 CK Cattle/Maples Stock Farm Cullman, AL Sale
04/02/16 Diamond Peak Cattle Co. Diamonds in the Rough Bull Sale Loma, CO Sale
04/02/16 Flying G Ranch Rio Vista, TX Sale
04/02/16 Gardiner Angus Ranch Ashland, KS Sale
04/02/16 Grassy Valley PT Bull & Female Sale Greeneville, TN Sale
04/02/16 Hillside Angus Pierce City, MO Sale
04/02/16 Iowa Angus Ass'n Bull Test Sale Lamoni, IA Sale
04/02/16 Kraye Angus Bull Sale Mullen, NE Sale
04/02/16 Larson Angus Bull Sale Sioux Rapids, IA Sale
04/02/16 Manitoba Beef Cattle Performance Ass'n Sale at Douglas Bull Test Station, Carberry, MB  CN Sale
04/02/16 Panther Creek Ranch Bowen, IL Sale
04/02/16 Partners in Performance Bull Sale at Claylick Run Sale Facility, Newark, OH Sale
04/02/16 Reisig Cattle Co. Bull Sale Hardin, MT Sale
04/02/16 Satterfield Charolais & Angus Norfork, AR Sale
04/02/16 Southern Indiana Angus Ass'n Sale Little York, IN Sale
04/02/16 Utah Angus Ass'n Sale Ogden, UT Sale
04/02/16 Wisconsin BIA Bull Test Sale Platteville, WI Sale
04/02/16 - 04/04/16 Women Connected Conference (by application) Wooster, OH Meeting
04/02/16 Wye Angus Bull Sale Queenstown, MD Sale
04/03/16 C/S Cattle Co. Pomona, MO Sale
04/03/16 Leary Angus Caledonia, MN Sale
04/03/16 Oklahoma State Un. Cowboy Classic Stillwater, OK Sale
04/03/16 Weers Angus Bull Sale Diller, NE Sale
04/04/16 Apex Cattle Dannebrog, NE
(at Huss Livestock Market, Kearney, NE)
04/04/16 Brockmere Farms Bull Sale New Cambria, MO Sale
04/04/16 Dikoff Ranch Onaka, SD Sale
04/04/16 Gollaher Angus Ranch Bull Sale Cascade, MT Sale
04/04/16 Green Garden Angus Ellsworth, KS Sale
04/04/16 Herbster Angus Farms Bull Sale Falls City, NE
(Marysville, KS)
04/04/16 Math Farms Bull Sale Malta, MT Sale
04/04/16 Miller Angus Draper, SD Sale
04/04/16 Stewart Select Angus Bull Sale Greensburg, IN Sale
04/04/16 Top Line Farms Online Show Heifer Sale Tremont, IL Sale
04/04/16 Windmill Angus Haigler, NE Sale
04/05/16 Daigger-Orr Angus Bull Sale North Platte, NE Sale
04/05/16 Finley Bros./5K Cattle Co. Online Sale Anderson, MO Sale
04/05/16 Hinman Angus Bull Sale Malta, MT Sale
04/05/16 St. Clair Farms Angus PT Bull & Female Sale Falls of Rough, KY Sale
04/05/16 WEBO Angus Lusk, WY Sale
04/06/16 2J Angus Dunlap, IA Sale
04/06/16 Kansas Bull Test Sale Beloit, KS Sale
04/06/16 Nissen Angus Ranch Bull Sale Chinook, MT Sale
04/06/16 Peak Dot Ranch Bull Sale Wood Mountain, SK  CN Sale
04/06/16 Schelske Angus Virgil, SD
(Huron, SD)
04/07/16 A&B Cattle Co. Bull Sale Bassett, NE Sale
04/07/16 Arntzen Angus Bull Sale Hilger, MT Sale
04/07/16 Bar 69 Angus Ranch at Belle Fourche Livestock, Belle Fourche, SD Sale
04/07/16 Fox Angus Farm Watertown, SD Sale
04/07/16 Kaiser Angus Park, KS Sale
04/07/16 Moffitt Angus Farm Online Show Heifer Sale Colfax, IA Sale
04/07/16 - 04/10/16 NJAA Raising the Bar at South Dakota State Un., Brookings, SD Meeting
04/08/16 Christensen Angus Ranch Okarche, OK Sale
04/08/16 Dandy Acres Angus Bull Sale Pipestone, MN Sale
04/08/16 - 04/09/16 Georgia Jr. Cattlemen's Ass'n Beef Industry Scholarship Challenge Tifton, GA Meeting
04/08/16 Hollman Angus & Guests Hallam, NE Sale
04/08/16 Midland Bull Test Angus Sale Columbus, MT Sale
04/08/16 South Dakota State Un. Bull Sale Brookings, SD Sale
04/08/16 Sunny Hill Angus Brook Park, MN Sale
04/08/16 - 04/10/16 Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Convention Fort Worth, TX Meeting
04/09/16 Blubaugh Angus Pride of the Pasture Sale Tonkawa, OK Sale
04/09/16 Branch View Angus Hustonville, KY Sale
04/09/16 Choctaw Land & Cattle Boswell, OK Sale
04/09/16 Crazy K Ranch Michie, TN Sale
04/09/16 Griswold Cattle Co. Grass to Grid Bull Sale Stillwater, OK
(Follett, TX)
04/09/16 Keyes Angus/Bear Mtn. Angus Springfield, NE Sale
04/09/16 Knoll Crest Farm Bull Sale Red House, VA Sale
04/09/16 Lemmon Cattle Ent. Woodbury, GA Sale
04/09/16 Montgomery Ranch/Hansen Cattle Co. Carrington, ND Sale
04/09/16 Shady Brook Angus Farm Leoma, TN Sale
04/09/16 Southeast All Black Classic Greenwood, FL Sale
04/09/16 Strong Angus Gardner, KS Sale
04/09/16 Un. of Nebraska Bull Sale Lincoln, NE Sale
04/09/16 Washburn Angus Ranch Charlson, ND Sale
04/09/16 Woodhill Farms Bull Sale Viroqua, WI Sale
04/10/16 Champion Hill Bidwell, OH Sale
04/10/16 Northern Indiana Angus Breeders' Sale Logansport, IN Sale
04/11/16 Baker's LeMar Angus Ranch Saint Onge, SD Sale
04/11/16 Gamble Angus Online Sale Clinton, TN Sale
04/11/16 Grass Time Partners Sale Mount Sterling, KY Sale
04/11/16 James Angus Bull Sale Bloomington, NE Sale
04/11/16 Linthicum Beef Genetics PT Bull, Female & Commercial Female Sale Welch, OK Sale
04/11/16 McLemore Farms Bull Sale Bradley, OK Sale
04/11/16 Treasure Bull Test Sale Great Falls, MT Sale
04/12/16 Hilltop Angus Bull Sale Denton, MT
(Lewistown, MT)
04/12/16 Mark Davis Family Angus Online Sale Shelbyville, TN Sale
04/12/16 Sydenstricker Genetic Influence Sale New Cambria, MO Sale
04/12/16 Thomas Ranch Harrold, SD Sale
04/13/16 Bar JV Angus Bull Sale Sidney, MT Sale
04/13/16 Cherry Knoll Farm Online Show Heifer Sale West Grove, PA Sale
04/13/16 Hyland Angus Madison, SD Sale
04/13/16 Pass Creek Angus Bull Sale Lodge Grass, MT Sale
04/14/16 Connors State College Spring Bull Test Sale Warner, OK Sale
04/14/16 IBEP PT Bull Test Sale Springville, IN Sale
04/14/16 Josephson Angus Bull Sale Redwood Falls, MN
(Mandan, ND)
04/14/16 Montana's Northern Premier Bull Sale Chinook, MT Sale
04/14/16 Wilson Cattle Co. Online Show Heifer Sale Cloverdale, IN Sale
04/15/16 Alabama Angus Ass'n Annual Meeting & Banquet Cullman, AL Sale
04/15/16 - 04/16/16 Cattlemen's Boot Camp at Benton County Fairgrounds, Kennewick, WA Sale
04/15/16 Friendship Farms Canoochee, GA Sale
04/15/16 Regency Acres Angus Bull Sale Lambert, MT
(Sidney, MT)
04/15/16 Two Bros. Angus Carrollton, KY Sale
04/16/16 Alabama Angus Ass'n Spring Sale Cullman, AL Sale
04/16/16 Central Kentucky Angus Ass'n Sale Danville, KY Sale
04/16/16 Don Miller Angus Estelline, SD Sale
04/16/16 Edisto Pines Leesville, SC Sale
04/16/16 Feiring Angus Ranch/Ash Coulee Angus Ranch Power Lakes, ND Sale
04/16/16 Georgia Genetics at Britt Farms, Hartwell, GA Sale
04/16/16 Lindskov-Thiel Ranch Bull Sale Isabel, SD Sale
04/16/16 Lone Star Angus Gainesville, TX Sale
04/16/16 Nunley Angus Farm Marlow, OK Sale
04/16/16 Royal Hoofers Bull Test Sale at Beatrice 77 Livestock, Beatrice, NE Sale
04/16/16 Simon's Cattle Co. Farley, IA Sale
04/16/16 St. Croix Valley Bull Test Sale River Falls, WI Sale
04/16/16 Still Angus Lead Hill, AR Sale
04/16/16 Wisconsin Angus Breeders' Futurity Sale Black River Falls, WI Sale
04/17/16 Lazy W Angus Cando, ND Sale
04/18/16 Jorgensen Land & Cattle Bull Sale Ideal, SD Sale
04/18/16 Medicine Rocks Ranch Bull Sale Baker, MT
(Bowman, MT)
04/18/16 Ohlde Cattle Co. Marysville, KS Sale
04/19/16 Tifton HERD Sale Irwinville, GA Sale
04/20/16 Ponca Creek Cattle Co. Bonesteel, SD Sale
04/20/16 Schaack Ranch Bull Sale Wall, SD Sale
04/21/16 Arrow Brand Genetics Devils Lake, ND Sale
04/21/16 Big Dry Angus Bull Sale Jordan, MT
(Glasgow, MT)
04/22/16 DeGrand Angus Bull Sale Baker, MT Sale
04/22/16 Express Ranches Grass Time Sale Yukon, OK Sale
04/22/16 McKean Bros. PT Angus Bull & Female Sale Mercer, PA Sale
04/22/16 Quaker Hill Farm Louisa, VA Sale
04/22/16 Rock Ridge Farms Bull Sale Lawrenceburg, KY Sale
04/23/16 Great Meadows Angus Ass'n Sale Shelbyville, KY Sale
04/23/16 Lawson Family Farms Ewing, VA Sale
04/23/16 Lone Star Angus Alliance Female Sale Hallettsville, TX Sale
04/23/16 Performance Legends Female Sale at Shuffler Farm, Union Grove, NC Sale
04/23/16 Three Trees Ranch Sharpsburg, GA Sale
04/23/16 WR Bar Ranch Pequot Lakes, MN Sale
04/24/16 C&C Performance Breeders' Angus Sale Tina, MO Sale
04/24/16 Quintin Smith Family & Guests Lebanon, TN Sale
04/25/16 Ma & Pa Angus Presho, SD Sale
04/25/16 North Dakota Angus Ass'n Bull Test Sale Dickinson, ND Sale
04/26/16 Rafter U Cross Ranch Bull Sale Philip, SD Sale
04/26/16 Vollmer Angus Ranch Wing, ND Sale
04/27/16 Black Ink Farms Armour, SD
(Corsica, SD)
04/27/16 Opp Bros. Angus Hebron, ND
(Dickinson, ND)
04/27/16 Wedge Tent Ranch Bull Sale Lemmon, SD Sale
04/28/16 Hammell's Freeburg Ridge PT Angus Bull Sale Caledonia, MN Sale
04/28/16 Mangen Angus Ranch Bull Sale Broadus, MT
(Belle Fourche, SD)
04/28/16 Prairie Pride Angus Nome, ND
(Jamestown, ND)
04/30/16 Black Gold Genetics Robinson, IL Sale
04/30/16 Bridges Angus Farm at Callaway Farms Sale Facility, Rayle, GA Sale
04/30/16 Hallstrand Performance Angus Prentice, WI Sale
04/30/16 Upper Cumberland Angus Ass'n Sale Cookeville, TN Sale
04/30/16 Wicks Angus Carpenter, SD Sale
05/01/16 Borns Angus Hazel, SD
(at Glacial Lakes Livestock, Watertown, SD)
05/01/16 Bridge View Angus Frankfort, KY Sale
05/01/16 Rocking W Angus/Hillside Angus Farm Commerce, GA Sale
05/02/16 Spickler Ranch Glenfield, ND Sale
05/03/16 McDonnell Angus Genetics Rhame, ND
(Bowman, ND)
05/03/16 Philip Livestock Auction Bull Day Sale Philip, SD Sale
05/04/16 Hoyt Angus Ranch McHenry, ND Sale
05/05/16 Kopriva Angus Raymond, SD Sale
05/06/16 Griswold Cattle Co. Female Sale Stillwater, OK Sale
05/06/16 Mississippi Angus Ass'n Annual Meeting & Banquet Jackson, MS Sale
05/06/16 Nold Family Angus Onaka, SD
(at Hub City Livestock, Aberdeen, SD)
05/07/16 Mississippi Angus Ass'n Sale Raymond, MS Sale
05/07/16 North Carolina Spring Fever Sale & Heifer Futurity at Chinqua-Penn Plantation, Upper Piedmont Research Station, Reidsville, NC Sale
05/07/16 Ogeechee Farms/CAM Ranches Wadley, GA Sale
05/07/16 Tennessee River Music Fort Payne, AL Sale
05/07/16 Texas Angus Ass'n Female Sale Salado, TX Sale
05/07/16 Timberland Cattle Angus & SimAngus Female Sale Vernon, AL Sale
05/07/16 Totton Angus Chamberlain, SD Sale
05/07/16 Trowbridge Angus Bull Sale Ghent, NY
(at Finger Lakes Livestock, Canandaigua, NY)
05/08/16 Northwest Breeders' Female Sale Madras, OR Sale
05/09/16 GAR Meating the Demand Sale Ashland, KS Sale
05/09/16 J&J Cattle Co. Online Sale Orlando, OK Sale
05/09/16 Wendel Livestock LaMoure, ND Sale
05/12/16 Katie Colin Farm Online Sale Cartersville, GA Sale
05/14/16 74-51 Cattle Co. Marshall, OK Sale
05/14/16 California Angus Breeders' Female Sale Escalon, CA Sale
05/14/16 Country Lane Farms/S&R Angus Weston, WI Sale
05/14/16 New York Angus Ass'n Sale at New Penn Farm, Truxton, NY Sale
05/14/16 Springfield Angus Louisburg, NC Sale
05/15/16 Heuchert Willow Creek Angus Hensel, ND
(Devils Lake, ND)
05/20/16 Duppong's Willow Creek Farms Glen Ullin, ND Sale
05/21/16 Angus of Clear Creek/Rimrock Angus at Homestead Sale Facility, Giddings, TX Sale
05/21/16 Chair Rock Ranch Greeley, KS Sale
05/21/16 Cliffside Farms Lancaster, KY Sale
05/21/16 SE Angus Classic Female Sale Opelika, AL Sale
05/26/16 - 05/29/16 Atlantic Nat'l Super-Point ROV Angus Show & Regional Preview Jr. Angus Show Timonium, MD Show
05/29/16 Southwest Wisconsin Angus Show Lancaster, WI Show
06/01/16 Calhoun HERD Sale Calhoun, GA Sale
06/03/16 Central Illinois Angus Ass'n Preview Show Bloomington, IL Show
06/04/16 Alabama Angus Ass'n Field Day & Jr. Preview Show TBA, AL Show
06/04/16 Illinois Jr. Angus Field Day Bloomington, IL Show
06/06/16 Sunnyslope Farms Lanesboro, MN Sale
06/10/16 - 06/11/16 Southern Nat'l Angus Show Perry, GA Show
06/10/16 - 06/12/16 Texas Jr. Angus Ass'n State Show Belton, TX Sale
06/10/16 - 06/12/16 The All-American Angus Breeders' Futurity Jr. Preview Show Louisville, KY Show
06/13/16 - 06/16/16 Florida Cattlemen's Convention Champions Gate, FL Sale
06/16/16 - 06/19/16 Eastern Regional Jr. Angus Show Harrisburg, PA Show
06/20/16 - 06/24/16 Beef Leaders Institute (by application) Saint Joseph, MO Sale
06/22/16 - 06/24/16 NW Regional Preview Jr. Angus Show Prineville, OR Show
07/03/16 - 07/09/16 Nat'l Jr. Angus Show Grand Island, NE Show
08/06/16 - 08/09/16 Leaders Engaged in Angus Development (LEAD) Conference Phoenix, AZ Meeting
08/06/16 - 08/07/16 South Carolina Jr. Beef Roundup Clemson, SC Sale
08/13/16 Spruce Mtn. Ranch Larkspur, CO Sale
08/19/16 Express Ranches Big Event Sale Day 1 Yukon, OK Sale
08/20/16 Express Ranches Big Event Sale Day 2 Yukon, OK Sale
09/01/16 Vintage Angus Ranch Bull Sale La Grange, CA Sale
09/04/16 Blackstone Cattle Co. Stoughton, WI Sale
09/17/16 Pollard Farms Female Sale Waukomis, OK Sale
09/17/16 Texas Angus Ass'n Breeders' Select Female Sale Salado, TX Sale
09/21/16 Eagle Pass Ranch Dos Palos, CA Sale
09/29/16 McKellar Angus Female Sale Mount Pleasant, TX Sale
10/01/16 2 Bar/Goode Angus Prime By Design Sale Hereford, TX Sale
10/01/16 JAC's Ranch Bentonville, AR Sale
10/03/16 Express Ranches Fall Bull & Commercial Female Sale Yukon, OK Sale
10/07/16 Teixeira Cattle Co. Pismo Beach, CA Sale
10/08/16 California Angus Breeders' Bull Sale Turlock, CA Sale
10/08/16 Clemson Edisto Forage Bull Test Sale Blackville, SC Sale
10/08/16 Georgia Nat'l Fair Jr. Angus Show Perry, GA Show
10/08/16 Seldom Rest Farm Niles, MI Sale
10/09/16 Mississipi Angus Ass'n Preview Show Jackson, MS Show
10/09/16 Vintage Angus Ranch Female Sale Modesto, CA Sale
10/10/16 Mississippi State Fair Angus Show Jackson, MS Show
10/10/16 Quail Valley Ranch Inaugural Female Sale Prineville, OR Sale
10/11/16 Coleman Angus Charlo, MT Sale
10/12/16 R.A. Brown Ranch Throckmorton, TX Sale
10/13/16 Thomas Angus Ranch Baker City, OR Sale
10/13/16 Wilks Ranch Cisco, TX Sale
10/15/16 D&W Angus Hartwell, GA Sale
10/15/16 IBEP PT Bull Sale Springville, IN Sale
10/15/16 Riverbend Ranch Idaho Falls, ID Sale
10/18/16 - 10/20/16 Sunbelt Expo Moultrie, GA Show
10/19/16 APS Angus Fall Findings Online Sale Taylorsville, KY Sale
10/20/16 Lemmon Cattle Ent. Woodbury, GA Sale
10/21/16 Rutherford Ranches Female Sale Buda, TX Sale
10/21/16 South Carolina State Fair Angus Show Columbia, SC Show
10/22/16 44 Farms Bull Sale Cameron, TX Sale
10/22/16 South Carolina State Fair Jr. Angus Show Columbia, SC Show
10/24/16 Hill-Vue Farm Blairsville, GA Sale
10/26/16 Fink Beef Genetics Angus & Charolais Bull Sale Randolph, KS Sale
10/28/16 CK Cattle Bull Sale Hope Hull, AL Sale
10/29/16 Angus Opportunity Sale (Triple B Angus/Beutel Angus) Dixon, IL Sale
10/29/16 Tanner Farms Shuqualak, MS Sale
10/29/16 Yon Family Farms Ridge Spring, SC Sale
10/30/16 Marda Farms/Spring Creeks Cattle Co. Lodi, WI Sale
11/02/16 Kempfer Cattle Co. Bull Sale Deer Park, FL Sale
11/04/16 Quaker Hill Farm Louisa, VA Sale
11/05/16 Frank Turner & Sons Bull Sale Hayneville, AL Sale
11/05/16 - 11/07/16 Nat'l Angus Convention & Trade Show Indianapolis, IN Meeting
11/05/16 Woodside Farm Berryville, VA Sale
11/07/16 Three Trees Ranch Millarden Bull Sale Woodbury, GA Sale
11/11/16 Alabama BCIA Fall Round Up Bull Sale Uniontown, AL Sale
11/12/16 Alabama Angus Ass'n Fall Sale Cullman, AL Sale
11/12/16 Deer Valley Farm Fayetteville, TN Sale
11/12/16 Gibbs Farms Ranburne, AL Sale
11/15/16 Thomas Angus Ranch Wyoming Division Sale Yoder, WY Sale
11/18/16 Little Springs Covington, GA Sale
11/19/16 MM Cattle Co./Callaway Cattle Co. Bull Sale Carrollton, GA Sale
11/19/16 Redland Angus Bull Sale Buffalo, WY Sale
11/19/16 Timberland Cattle Angus & SimAngus Bull Sale Vernon, AL Sale
11/26/16 Banner Angus Farm Chapel Hill, TN Sale
12/02/16 Calhoun PT Bull Sale Calhoun, GA Sale
12/03/16 Bramblett Angus Farm Hartwell, GA Sale
12/03/16 Next Step Cattle Co. Bull Sale Opelika, AL Sale
12/03/16 Tennessee River Music High Cotton Bull Sale Fort Payne, AL Sale
12/10/16 Cowboy Logic Bull Sale Talmo, GA Sale
12/10/16 North Alabama Bull Test Sale Cullman, AL Sale