Angus Calendar

The Angus Calendar is presented as a listing of Angus sales and events known to our staff. Sales are presented in regular type by sale date, herd/association name and herd location (also sale location, if different). If more than one herd is involved, the address listed is location of sale. Other Angus events are presented in italics. For information about the sales contact the farm directly or the Regional Manager (RM) serving that territory. Please submit your upcoming Angus event using the link below.
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Date Event Location Type
10/24/14 Hillhouse Angus Ranch Salado, TX Sale
10/24/14 Rutherford Ranches Buda, TX Sale
10/24/14 Spur Ranch Vinita, OK Sale
10/25/14 44 Farms Cameron, TX Sale
10/25/14 Cascade Spectacular Angus Show & Sale Redmond, OR Sale
10/25/14 Dikoff Ranch Fall-Calving Cow Herd Dispersion Onaka, SD Sale
10/25/14 East Central Angus Ass'n Sale Cuba, MO Sale
10/25/14 Gerloff Farms Bull Sale Bland, MO Sale
10/25/14 Great Meadows Angus Ass'n Fall Festival Sale at Heritage Farm, Shelbyville, KY Sale
10/25/14 McNeill Farms PT Bull & Female Sale Seagrove, NC Sale
10/25/14 Mead Angus Farms Versailles, MO Sale
10/25/14 O'Neill Angus Farm Fall Bid-off Sale Logan, IA Sale
10/25/14 Omega Cattle Corp. Williamston, MI Sale
10/25/14 Pasture View Farm Dunlap, IL Sale
10/25/14 Price Farms Sayre, OK Sale
10/25/14 SW Virginia Angus Ass'n More for Your Money Female Sale Wytheville, VA Sale
10/25/14 Tanner Farms PT Bull Sale Shuqualak, MS Sale
10/25/14 Wiregrass Forage-based Bull Test Sale Elba, AL Sale
10/26/14 Eastview/Highbanks/Dawson Online Sale Coronna, IN Sale
10/26/14 Hotz Farms Lone Tree, IA Sale
10/26/14 Schroeder/Fawcett Fall Spectacular Online Sale Clarence, IA Sale
10/26/14 Werner Angus Cordova, IL Sale
10/27/14 2K Cattle Ent. Online Female Sale Glen Haven, WI Sale
10/27/14 Hill-Vue Farm Blairsville, GA Sale
10/27/14 Lazy JB Angus Online Female Sale Montrose, CO Sale
10/27/14 Montana Angus Female Bonanza Billings, MT Sale
10/27/14 Rust Mountain View Ranch Female Sale Turtle Lake, ND Sale
10/27/14 Stone Gate Farms Flemingsburg, KY Sale
10/28/14 Kramer Angus Online Female Sale Farina, IL Sale
10/28/14 Tower Hill/S&R Online Sale Weston, WI Sale
10/28/14 Triple N Farm & Friends Online Heifer, Steer & Club Calf Sale New Holland, PA Sale
10/29/14 Bo Bo Cattle at the Double M Ranch Sale Facility, Echo, OR Sale
10/29/14 Fink Beef Genetics Angus & Charolais Bull Sale Randolph, KS Sale
10/29/14 Ocala Bull & Heifer Sale Ocala, FL Sale
10/29/14 Wood Angus Online Sale Willow Spring, NC Sale
10/31/14 Angus Royalty Sale Kansas City, MO Sale
10/31/14 Hokie Harvest Sale at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA Sale
10/31/14 Quaker Hill Farm Louisa, VA Sale
10/31/14 ZWT Ranch Crossville, TN Sale
11/01/14 12 Star Ranch Bull Sale Paulina, LA
(Kentwood, LA)
11/01/14 American Royal Super-Point ROV Angus Show Kansas City, MO Show
11/01/14 Cottonwood Angus Farms Pipestone, MN Sale
11/01/14 Decades of Excellence Sale at Fancy Free Farms, Unionville, TN Sale
11/01/14 Mystic Hill Farm & Guests at the Culpeper Agricultural Ent., Culpeper, VA Sale
11/01/14 North Carolina Angus Ass'n Down East Sale Clinton, NC Sale
11/01/14 Professional Beef Genetics Open House Bull Sale at Windsor Livestock Auction, Clinton, MO Sale
11/01/14 - 11/07/14 Rocky Mtn. High Altitude Online Female Sale Parachute, CO Sale
11/01/14 Woodside Farm Berryville, VA Sale
11/01/14 Yon Family Farms Ridge Spring, SC Sale
11/02/14 Baker Angus Ranch Butler, MO Sale
11/02/14 Haggards Angus Female Sale Winchester, IN Sale
11/02/14 Marda Farms/Spring Creeks Cattle Lodi, WI Sale
11/03/14 American Angus Ass'n Board Meeting & Open House Saint Joseph, MO Meeting
11/03/14 Kramer Angus Online Female Sale Farina, IL Sale
11/03/14 Three Trees Millarden Bull Sale Woodbury, GA Sale
11/04/14 - 11/06/14 Angus Means Business Nat'l Convention & Trade Show Kansas City, MO Sale
11/04/14 Buchanan Cattle Ent. Online Sale Aldie, VA Sale
11/05/14 Kempfer Cattle Co. Bull Sale Deer Park, FL Sale
11/05/14 Wooden Shoe Farms Blackfoot, ID Sale
11/06/14 American Angus Ass'n 131st Annual Convention of Delegates Kansas City, MO Meeting
11/06/14 American Angus Ass'n Board Meeting Saint Joseph, MO Meeting
11/06/14 Kasler Cattle Co. Online Show/Bred Heifer Sale Millfield, OH Sale
11/07/14 Cattlemen's Livestock Market Replacement Female Sale Galt, CA Sale
11/07/14 Downey Ranch/Kneibel Cattle Co. Bull Sale Wamego, KS Sale
11/07/14 Frank Turner & Sons Hayneville, AL Sale
11/07/14 Kansas Angus Ass'n Commercial Angus Female Sale Holton, KS Sale
11/07/14 Rocking P Farm & Guests at Jackson's Mill, Weston, WV Sale
11/07/14 Royal Elite All Breed Sale Toronto, ON  CN Sale
11/07/14 Sharing in the Progress Sale Cedar Rapids, IA Sale
11/08/14 Alabama Angus Ass'n Sale Cullman, AL Sale
11/08/14 Central California World of Bulls Sale Galt, CA Sale
11/08/14 Double Creek Farms Meridian, TX Sale
11/08/14 Gamble Angus Farm Dispersion Clinton, TN Sale
11/08/14 Gibbs Farms Ranburne, AL Sale
11/08/14 Midwest Connection Angus Sale at Summit Farms, Hubbard, IA Sale
11/08/14 Nunley Angus Farm Marlow, OK Sale
11/08/14 Pitts Angus Hermitage, MO Sale
11/09/14 - 11/11/14 Carter Family Maternal Excellence Online Sale Arthur, NE Sale
11/09/14 Earl Weiker Angus Dispersion Fayette, MO Sale
11/09/14 Hotz & Younge Elite Angus Female Sale Lone Tree, IA Sale
11/09/14 Lazy Dae Farms Mature Cow Dispersion McConnelsville, OH
(at Muskingum Livestock Co., Zanesville, OH)
11/09/14 SF Farms Princeton, KS Sale
11/11/14 Becker Ridge Fall Showcase Atlantic, IA Sale
11/11/14 Geppert's Rock Creek Livestock Online Female Sale Mitchell, SD Sale
11/11/14 McCoy Angus Online Heifer Sale La Grande, OR Sale
11/12/14 Evans Farms Bull Sale Proctor, TX Sale
11/12/14 Heart K Ranch Lewistown, MT Sale
11/12/14 - 11/12/14 Riverside Angus Ladies Online Sale Las Animas, CO Sale
11/13/14 Bovagene 'Ben Lawson' Angus Dispersion Shoshoni, WY Sale
11/13/14 Diamond D Angus Valier, MT Sale
11/13/14 Mississippi BCIA Bull Sale Raymond, MS Sale
11/13/14 Oklahoma Angus Ass'n Commercial Female Sale at Cross Livestock, Checotah, OK Sale
11/14/14 Arcadia Black & White Bull Sale at Arcadia Stockyards, Arcadia, FL Sale
11/14/14 Coal Valley Angus Online Embryo Auction Joplin, MO Sale
11/15/14 Deer Valley Farm PT Bull Sale Fayetteville, TN Sale
11/15/14 Miller Farm LLC Bull Sale Harrisonburg, VA Sale
11/15/14 NE Arkansas Angus Ass'n Fall Sale at Batesville Stockyard, Charlotte, AR Sale
11/15/14 Octoraro Angus Breezewood, PA Sale
11/15/14 Performance Legends Female Sale at Shuffler Farm, Union Grove, NC Sale
11/15/14 SE Bull Expo & Sale Clinton, NC Sale
11/15/14 Timberland Cattle Vernon, AL Sale
11/16/14 - 11/17/14 Brooking Angus Open Book Online Invitational Radville, SK  CN Sale
11/16/14 Hudson Pines Sleepy Hollow, NY Sale
11/16/14 North American Int'l Livestock Expo Jr. Show at Kentucky Fair & Expo Center, Louisville, KY Show
11/16/14 Pearls of the Prairie Female Sale Mandan, ND Sale
11/16/14 Wyoming Angus Ass'n "Select" Female Sale Casper, WY Sale
11/18/14 Angus Alliance Int'l Ltd. Online Coleman Dona 386 Sale Joplin, MO Sale
11/18/14 Fort Angus Online Sale Knightstown, IN Sale
11/18/14 North American Int'l Livestock Expo Super-Point ROV Angus Show at the Kentucky Fair & Expo Center, Louisville, KY Show
11/20/14 Siebring Angus Online Sale Gilman, IL Sale
11/20/14 Spoon River Classic Farmington, IL Sale
11/21/14 Green Mtn. Angus Ranch Ryegate, MT Sale
11/21/14 H.D. Dunn & Sons Tetonia, ID Sale
11/21/14 Kansas Angus Ass'n Commercial Angus Female Sale Parsons, KS Sale
11/21/14 Oklahoma Select Commercial Female Sale Welch, OK Sale
11/22/14 Buckeye Best of Both Worlds Sale at Claylick Run Sale Facility, Newark, OH Sale
11/22/14 Cox Ranches Weatherford, TX Sale
11/22/14 Dalebanks Angus Bull Sale Eureka, KS Sale
11/22/14 Ginger Hill Angus Culpeper, VA Sale
11/22/14 Jerry & Jeanette Loss Angus Dispersion Lima, NY
(at Finger Lakes Livestock Exchange, Canandaigua, NY)
11/22/14 McBee Angus Cowan, TN Sale
11/22/14 MM Cattle Co. Bull & Commercial Female Sale Bowdon, GA Sale
11/22/14 Redland Angus Buffalo, WY Sale
11/22/14 Roberts Angus Complete Dispersion Raub, ND
(at Kist Livestock Auction, Mandan, ND)
11/22/14 Straightstone Angus Long Island, VA Sale
11/22/14 Sydenstricker Genetics Mexico, MO Sale
11/22/14 Tennessee River Music/Dyar Angus High Cotton Angus & Hereford Bull Sale at Tennessee River Music Sale Facility, Fort Payne, AL Sale
11/22/14 Thistledew Cattle Co. Joliet, MT Sale
11/22/14 Tree Lane Farm El Paso, IL Sale
11/23/14 Frank/Hazelrigg Family Values Sale Fulton, MO Sale
11/23/14 Hedgewood Prairie Angus & Friends Enterprise, KS Sale
11/23/14 Red Dirt Divas Female Sale Marshall, OK Sale
11/24/14 Bobcat Angus Great Falls, MT Sale
11/24/14 Decades of Excellence Online Embryo Sale Unionville, TN Sale
11/25/14 Fruhling Farms Online Sale Homer, IL Sale
11/25/14 Woodruff Angus Farms Online Show Heifer Sale Milton, IA Sale
11/26/14 Bureau County Angus Ass'n Calf Sale Princeton, IL Sale
11/27/14 I Am Angus, RFD-TV Saint Joseph, MO Show
11/28/14 "On the Block" Online Embryo Auction Big Cabin, OK Sale
11/28/14 Dandy Acres Angus Female Sale Pipestone, MN Sale
11/28/14 Echo Ridge Farm Atkins, VA Sale
11/28/14 JR Ranch/Sackmann Cattle Co. Black Friday Sale at JR Ranch, Othello, WA Sale
11/28/14 Lamoine Valley Angus Ass'n Sale Macomb, IL Sale
11/28/14 Power & Perfection Angus Sale Regina, SK  CN Sale
11/29/14 Banner Angus Farm Eagleville, TN
(Chapel Hill, TN)
11/29/14 Butch's Angus Jackson, MO Sale
11/29/14 Dameron Angus Lexington, IL Sale
11/29/14 Nolan & Bagby Cattle/Bar 3 Angus Online Sale Rockfield, KY Sale
11/29/14 Rutledge Angus Farms Farmer City, IL Sale
11/29/14 Vermilion Angus Ranch Billings, MT Sale
11/30/14 Bobo Angus Farm Dispersion Toney, AL Sale
11/30/14 Knop Angus Farm Online Sale Ida Grove, IA Sale
11/30/14 Spring Valley Angus Female Sale LaMoure, ND Sale
12/01/14 Stevenson's Diamond Dot Hobson, MT Sale
12/02/14 McNeese State Un. Field Day at McNeese State Un. Fuller Farms, Kinder, LA Meeting
12/02/14 Prairie View Farms Online Heifer Sale Gridley, IL Sale
12/02/14 Stevenson Angus Hobson, MT Sale
12/03/14 Beef Country Breeders Columbus, MT Sale
12/04/14 Curtin Land & Cattle Online Sale Blue Mound, IL Sale
12/04/14 LFE Leading Ladies Sale Spruce Grove, AB  CN Sale
12/04/14 Peak Dot Ranch Wood Mountain, SK  CN Sale
12/04/14 Sitz Angus Harrison, MT Sale
12/05/14 Black & White Sale at Montgomery Stockyards, Montgomery, AL Sale
12/05/14 Calhoun PT Bull Sale Calhoun, GA Sale
12/05/14 KG Ranch Three Forks, MT Sale
12/05/14 Knoll Crest Farm Bull Sale Red House, VA Sale
12/05/14 Lone Star Angus Alliance Bull Sale Halletsville, TX Sale
12/05/14 Missouri Advantage Plus Sale Marshall, MO Sale
12/06/14 A December to Remember Sale Rockfield, KY Sale
12/06/14 Bramblett Angus Farm Elberton, GA Sale
12/06/14 Brooks' Chalky Butte Angus Ranch Bowman, ND Sale
12/06/14 California Angus Days Female Sale at Stanislaus County Fairgrounds, Turlock, CA Sale
12/06/14 Cotton & Associates Select Commercial Female Sale Marshall, VA Sale
12/06/14 Currant Creek Angus Roundup, MT Sale
12/06/14 Earl Marshall Angus Sale Anita, IA Sale
12/06/14 Hoosier Beef Congress Angus Sale Indianapolis, IN Sale
12/06/14 Kansas Angus Ass'n Commercial Angus Female Sale Pratt, KS Sale
12/06/14 Louisiana Red River Angus Ass'n Bull Sale Coushatta, LA Sale
12/06/14 Next Step Cattle Co. Bull Sale Opelika, AL
(Auburn, AL)
12/06/14 North Star Classic Angus Sale at Winter Show Event Center, Valley City, ND Sale
12/06/14 Steinbronn Farms/Bell Family Angus at Manchester Fairgrounds, Manchester, IA Sale
12/06/14 Sullivan SJS Cattle Co. Lucas, IA Sale
12/06/14 SW Virginia Angus Ass'n Virginia's Finest Sale Abingdon, VA Sale
12/06/14 Trowbridge Angus Customer Preconditioned Feeder Calf Sale at Finger Lakes Livestock Exchange, Canandaigua, NY Sale
12/06/14 Willow Creek Farms Female Sale Glen Ullin, ND
(at Kist Livestock Auction, Mandan, ND)
12/07/14 California Angus Days Calcutta & CJLA Jackpot Shows at Stanislaus County Fairgrounds, Turlock, CA Show
12/10/14 Shipwheel Cattle Co. Chinook, MT Sale
12/11/14 - 12/13/14 Montana Stockgrowers Ass'n Meeting Billings, MT Sale
12/11/14 Paint Rock Angus Hyattville, WY Sale
12/12/14 Circle R Angus Online Sale Alma, WV Sale
12/12/14 Lawler Farm Dispersion Opelika, AL Sale
12/12/14 Nat'l Angus Finals Sale hosted by Decades of Excellence & Seven T Farms, Las Vegas, NV Sale
12/13/14 Brandt's Power in the Pasture Sale Lamoni, IA Sale
12/13/14 North Alabama Bull Test Sale Cullman, AL Sale
12/13/14 Pride of the Prairie Sale Seymour, IL Sale
12/13/14 Sauk Valley Angus Rock Falls, IL Sale
12/13/14 Shady Brook Angus Bull Sale Leoma, TN
(Columbia, TN)
12/13/14 Spickler Ranch Glenfield, ND Sale
12/13/14 Stars of Montana Female Sale Columbus, MT Sale
12/13/14 Sunset Ridge PT Bull & Commercial Bred Heifer Sale at Bluegrass Stockyards, Albany, KY Sale
12/13/14 TLC Angus/101 Ranch Jerome, ID Sale
12/13/14 Virginia BCIA Culpeper Sr. PT Bull Sale at Glenmary Farm, Rapidan, VA Sale
12/15/14 JK Angus Herd Reduction Sale Montrose, SD
(at Mitchell Livestock Auction, Mitchell, SD)
12/16/14 TK Angus Bull Sale & Spring Cow Herd Dispersion Valentine, NE Sale
12/19/14 Butner Bull Test Sale Oxford, NC Sale
12/20/14 California Expo Female Sale Turlock, CA Sale
12/20/14 Country Lane Farms Ringle, WI Sale
12/20/14 Griswold Cattle Co. Classic Female Sale Stillwater, OK Sale
12/20/14 Jorgensen Land & Cattle Female Sale Ideal, SD Sale
12/20/14 The Angus Collection Sale Olds, AB  CN Sale
12/25/14 I Am Angus, RFD-TV Saint Joseph, MO Show
12/31/14 New Year's Resolution Frozen Genetic Sale Red Deer, AB  CN Sale
01/03/15 Genetic Excellence Bull Sale at TTU Hyder-Burks Sale Pavilion, Cookeville, TN Sale
01/03/15 North Dakota Angus Ass'n Select Sale at Kist Livestock Auction, Mandan, ND Sale
01/03/15 Waynesville Bull Test Sale Waynesville, NC Sale
01/05/15 I Am Angus, RFD-TV Saint Joseph, MO Show
01/10/15 Gretsch Bros. Bull Sale at Northeast Georgia Livestock, Athens, GA Sale
01/10/15 Profitmaker Bull Sale at Hutson Angus Farms, Elk City, OK Sale
01/10/15 SE Angus Classic Bull Sale Opelika, AL Sale
01/10/15 Tanner Farms PT Bull Sale Wiggins, MS Sale
01/13/15 Bases Loaded Sale Denver, CO Sale
01/14/15 Angus Night on the Mountain at Spruce Mountain Ranch, Larkspur, CO Sale
01/14/15 Nat'l Western Angus Bull Show & Sale Denver, CO Sale
01/15/15 Denim & Diamonds Angus Sale Denver, CO Sale
01/15/15 Nat'l Western Stock Show Jr. Angus Heifer Show Denver, CO Show
01/15/15 Trowbridge Invitational Angus Sale Denver, CO Sale
01/15/15 Un. of Tennessee Sr. Bull Test Sale at Middle Tennessee Experiment Station, Spring Hill, TN Sale
01/16/15 Colorado Angus Ass'n Foundation Female Sale Denver, CO Sale
01/16/15 Nat'l Western Super-Point ROV Angus Female Show Denver, CO Show
01/16/15 Urlacher Angus Ranch Regent, ND
(at Bowman Auction Market, Bowman, ND)
01/17/15 Florida Bull Test Sale Marianna, FL Sale
01/17/15 McCumber Angus Ranch/Spickler Ranch Angus Partners Sale at Kist Livestock, Mandan, ND Sale
01/17/15 Nat'l Western Angus Carload/Pen Show Denver, CO Show
01/17/15 Oesterling Angus Bull Sale Batesville, IN Sale
01/17/15 Redland Angus Buffalo, WY Sale
01/23/15 Mill Bar Angus Hayes Center, NE
(McCook, NE)
01/23/15 Texas Angus Ass'n Annual Meeting & Banquet Fort Worth, TX Meeting
01/23/15 Texas Angus Ass'n Bull Sale Fort Worth, TX Sale
01/24/15 Georgia Angus Ass'n Annual Meeting & Banquet Athens, GA Meeting
01/24/15 - 01/25/15 Kansas Angus Ass'n Annual Meeting/Banquet and Futurity Jr. Show Hutchinson, KS Sale
01/24/15 Louisiana Angus Ass'n Bull & Commercial Female Sale Lecompte, LA Sale
01/24/15 Severance Diamond Ranch Charolais & Angus Bull Sale Ryder, ND
(at Kist Livestock, Mandan, ND)
01/24/15 Stars of Texas Female Sale Fort Worth, TX Sale
01/27/15 Ken Haas Angus Bull Sale LaGrange, WY Sale
01/30/15 Doerr Angus Ranch Bloomfield, NE
(at Verdigre Livestock Market, Verdigre, NE)
01/31/15 Baldridge Bros. Angus Bull Sale North Platte, NE Sale
01/31/15 Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo ROV Angus Show Fort Worth, TX Show
01/31/15 Jauer Dependable Genetics Hinton, IA Sale
01/31/15 Nichols Superior Genetics Bridgewater, IA Sale
02/02/15 Mike Sitz Angus Ranch Bull Sale Burwell, NE Sale
02/03/15 Dixie Nat'l Livestock Show Jr. Angus Show Jackson, MS Show
02/03/15 Hoover Angus Farm Ellston, IA
(Creston, IA)
02/03/15 Ressler Angus Ranch/Twedt Red Angus McHenry, ND Sale
02/05/15 Florida State Fair Open Angus Show Tampa, FL Show
02/05/15 Idland Cattle Co. Glendive, MT Sale
02/06/15 Florida State Fair Jr. Angus Show Tampa, FL Show
02/06/15 Spring Valley Ranch Bassett, NE Sale
02/07/15 Clemson PT Bull Sale Clemson, SC Sale
02/07/15 Graff Cattle Co./Tumbling T Angus Ogallala, NE Sale
02/07/15 Larsen Angus Marne, IA Sale
02/07/15 Messner Ranch Laverne, OK Sale
02/07/15 NE Alabama Performance Breeders' Bull Sale Cullman, AL Sale
02/07/15 Prairie Creek Angus Pleasant Plains, IL Sale
02/07/15 Turnpike Creek Farms Milan, GA Sale
02/09/15 Carter Family Angus Bull Sale Arthur, NE Sale
02/09/15 Dixie Nat'l Livestock Show ROV Angus Show Jackson, MS Show
02/09/15 Felton Angus Ranch Bull Sale Springdale, MT Sale
02/09/15 Sletten Angus Livestock Commission Sale Faith, SD Sale
02/10/15 Carlson Angus Ranch Regent, ND Sale
02/10/15 FairView Ranch Melville, MT Sale
02/10/15 G Bar H Genetics Veteran, WY
(Torrington, WY)
02/11/15 Iowa Beef Expo Angus Show Des Moines, IA Show
02/12/15 Booth's Cherry Creek Ranch Bull Sale Veteran, WY
(Torrington, WY)
02/12/15 Iowa Beef Expo Angus Sale Des Moines, IA Sale
02/12/15 Un. of Georgia Bull Sale Athens, GA Sale
02/13/15 Mohnen Angus PT Bull Sale White Lake, SD Sale
02/13/15 Thomas Angus Ranch Bull Sale Pendleton, OR Sale
02/13/15 Vandeberghe Flying V Angus Cleveland, ND Sale
02/14/15 Black Crest Farms Sumter, SC Sale
02/14/15 Bradley 3 Ranch Bull Sale Estelline, TX Sale
02/14/15 Jensen Angus Boulder, WY Sale
02/14/15 Performance Angus Breeders of Central Oregon Bull Test Sale at Central Oregon Livestock Auction, Madras, OR Sale
02/14/15 Schaff Angus Valley Saint Anthony, ND Sale
02/14/15 Tokeena Angus Seneca, SC Sale
02/14/15 Werner Angus Bull Sale Cordova, IL Sale
02/15/15 JR Ranch/Sackmann Cattle Co. Bull Sale at JR Ranch, Othello, WA Sale
02/15/15 Nathan Palm Angus Estelline, SD
(Watertown, SD)
02/15/15 Veltkamp Angus Bull Sale Bozeman, MT Sale
02/16/15 Albrecht/Penz Bull & Commercial Female Sale at Clay Freeny Ranch, Caddo, OK Sale
02/16/15 Koupal's Angus/Koupal's B&B Bull Sale Dante, SD Sale
02/16/15 Lane Smith Farms Purvis, MS Sale
02/16/15 Teixeira Cattle Co. Bull Sale Terrebonne, OR Sale
02/17/15 Coleman Angus Ranch/Trexler Angus Bull Sale Charlo, MT Sale
02/17/15 Douglas Booth Family Angus Torrington, WY Sale
02/18/15 OK&T Angus Ass'n Bull Sale Buffalo, OK Sale
02/19/15 - 02/21/15 Georgia Jr. Nat'l Livestock Show Perry, GA Sale
02/19/15 Illinois PT Bull Sale Springfield, IL Sale
02/19/15 Mogck & Sons Angus Olivet, SD Sale
02/20/15 - 02/21/15 Alabama Cattlemen's Ass'n Convention Huntsville, AL Sale
02/20/15 - 02/21/15 Illinois Angus Breeders' Futurity Springfield, IL Sale
02/20/15 Lundgren Angus Ranch Gove, KS Sale
02/21/15 Byergo Angus Savannah, MO Sale
02/21/15 Factory Direct Pitchers & Catchers Sale West Lafayette, IN Sale
02/21/15 Missouri Angus Breeders' Futurity Show Columbia, MO Show
02/21/15 Powder River Angus Bull Sale Spotted Horse, WY
(Buffalo, WY)
02/21/15 Schiefelbein Angus Farms Kimball, MN Sale
02/21/15 Southern Cattlemen's Sale Hattiesburg, MS Sale
02/21/15 Yon Family Farms Ridge Spring, SC Sale
02/22/15 Missouri Angus Breeders' Futurity Sale Columbia, MO Sale
02/23/15 Circle L Ranch Bull Sale Dillon, MT Sale
02/23/15 Oklahoma Panhandle State Un. PT Bull Sale Goodwell, OK Sale
02/23/15 Reyes Angus Wheatland, WY Sale
02/24/15 Connelly Angus Ranch Valier, MT Sale
02/24/15 Haynes Cattle Co. Bull Sale Holyoke, CO
(Ogallala, NE)
02/24/15 Hooscow & Spitoon Ranch Rushville, NE
(at Gordon Livestock, Gordon, NE)
02/24/15 Landmark Angus Brunswick, NE Sale
02/25/15 Gibbs Angus Ranch/Stortz Angus Ranch Bull Sale Glendive, MT Sale
02/25/15 Quartermaster Creek Bull Sale Leedey, OK Sale
02/25/15 TC Ranch Franklin, NE Sale
02/26/15 Van Dyke Angus Bull Sale Manhattan, MT Sale
02/27/15 Hyline Angus Boseman, MT Sale
02/27/15 Skinner Ranch Hall, MT Sale
02/27/15 Southwest Angus Genetics Bull Sale Dodge City, KS Sale
02/28/15 44 Farms Bull Sale Cameron, TX Sale
02/28/15 Gaffney Family Cattle Barneveld, WI Sale
02/28/15 High Point Genetics Osceola, IA Sale
02/28/15 Profit Maker Bull Sale Paxton, NE Sale
02/28/15 RV Bar PT Bull & Female Sale Jensen, UT Sale
02/28/15 Saluda County Cattlemen's Ass'n Commercial Replacement Heifer Sale Saluda, SC Sale
02/28/15 Van Nice Angus Ranch Hanna, OK Sale
03/01/15 Carlson Cattle Co. Bull Sale Fullerton, NE Sale
03/01/15 Lazy H Ranch Hays, KS Sale
03/01/15 Spring Valley Angus LaMoure, ND Sale
03/02/15 Clear Creek Angus Chinook, MT Sale
03/03/15 Apex Angus Bull Sale Valier, MT Sale
03/03/15 Jindra Angus Clarkson, NE
(Creighton, NE)
03/03/15 Thomas Angus Ranch Spring Bull Sale Baker City, OR Sale
03/04/15 Houston Livestock Show Angus Show Houston, TX Sale
03/04/15 Ox Bow Ranch Bull Sale Wolf Creek, MT Sale
03/04/15 Tifton PT Bull Sale Tifton, GA Sale
03/05/15 Generic Genetics Ida Grove, IA Sale
03/05/15 Hinds Community College/Mississippi BCIA Bull Sale Raymond, MS Sale
03/05/15 JMB Angus & Friends Bull Sale Sharon Springs, KS Sale
03/05/15 Pasture View Farm Dunlap, IL
(at Valentine Livestock, Valentine, NE)
03/05/15 Split Diamond Angus Bull Sale Whitehall, MT Sale
03/06/15 Express Ranches Bull Sale Yukon, OK Sale
03/06/15 Reminisce Angus Dillon, MT Sale
03/07/15 Blackjack Angus & Guests Seminole, OK Sale
03/07/15 BoPat Farms Bradford, TN Sale
03/07/15 Buford Ranches Bull Sale Welch, OK Sale
03/07/15 Bulls of the Bitterroot Missoula, MT Sale
03/07/15 Double R Bar Ranch Bull Sale Plymouth, IN Sale
03/07/15 Foundation Angus Alliance Sale Luling, TX Sale
03/07/15 Hobbs Angus Fairview, IL Sale
03/07/15 Lucky 7 Angus Bull Sale Riverton, WY Sale
03/07/15 Mead Angus Farms Versailles, MO Sale
03/07/15 Performance Angus Genetics Massena, IA Sale
03/07/15 Pine View Angus Colesburg, IA Sale
03/07/15 Pinehurst/TNT Bull Sale Earlham, IA Sale
03/07/15 QPB Bull Sale Mount Hermon, LA Sale
03/07/15 Trinity Farms Ellensburg, WA Sale
03/07/15 Wood Angus Willow Spring, NC Sale
03/07/15 Woodside Angus Farms Bull Sale New Market, VA Sale
03/08/15 Lienetics Royale Bull Sale Princeton, NE
(Beatrice, NE)
03/09/15 Pine Coulee Bull Sale Hardin, MT Sale
03/10/15 McKenzie Land & Livestock Bull Sale Fort Stockton, TX Sale
03/11/15 Lonesome River Ranch Bull Sale Anselmo, NE Sale
03/11/15 Sitz Angus Dillon, MT Sale
03/11/15 Stucky Ranch Kingman, KS Sale
03/12/15 BJ Angus Genetics Manhattan, KS Sale
03/12/15 McCurry Angus Ranch Bull Sale Burrton, KS Sale
03/12/15 Montana Ranch Bull Sale Ramsay, MT Sale
03/12/15 Un. of Tennessee Jr. Bull Test Sale at Middle Tennessee Experiment Station, Spring Hill, TN Sale
03/13/15 74-51 Cattle Co. Marshall, OK Sale
03/13/15 Flesch Angus Bull Sale Shelby, MT Sale
03/13/15 Mogck Angus Farms Tripp, SD Sale
03/13/15 Smithland Angus Bull Sale Russell Springs, KY Sale
03/13/15 TL Ranch Monticello, MO Sale
03/13/15 Weigand Grain & Livestock Bull Sale Warrensburg, MO Sale
03/14/15 Big Rok Angus Ranch Detroit Lakes, MN Sale
03/14/15 Birdtail Angus Ranch Bull Sale Simms, MT
(at Broken O Land & Livestock Sale Facility, Augusta, MT)
03/14/15 Brad Z Ranch Guthrie Center, IA Sale
03/14/15 Cowboy Classic Bull Sale Buffalo, WY Sale
03/14/15 Curtin Land & Cattle Blue Mound, IL Sale
03/14/15 Evans Farms Female Sale Proctor, TX Sale
03/14/15 Heart of the Ozarks Angus Ass'n Sale West Plains, MO Sale
03/14/15 JAC's Ranch Bentonville, AR Sale
03/14/15 KiamichiLink Ranch Bull Sale Finley, OK Sale
03/14/15 Koberstein Farms Angus LLC Bull Sale Holyoke, CO
(Ogallala, NE)
03/14/15 Louisiana Angus Ass'n Female Sale Lecompte, LA Sale
03/14/15 MCA/MSU PT Bull Sale Crystal, MI Sale
03/14/15 Mill Brae Ranch Maple Hill, KS Sale
03/14/15 Riverbend Ranch Bull Sale Idaho Falls, ID Sale
03/14/15 Sarratt Farms Gaffney, SC Sale
03/14/15 SF Farms PT Bull Sale Garnett, KS Sale
03/14/15 Sunnyhill Angus Fairview, IL Sale
03/14/15 Tennessee Agribition Angus Sale Lebanon, TN Sale
03/15/15 April Valley Farm PT Bull & Female Sale Leavenworth, KS
(Saint Joseph, MO)
03/15/15 Briarwood Farms Butler, MO Sale
03/15/15 Rock River Ranch Bull Sale Mount Morris, IL Sale
03/16/15 Hawks Angus Galata, MT Sale
03/16/15 Hinkle's Prime Cut Angus Nevada, MO Sale
03/16/15 Lindell Angus Leonardville, KS Sale
03/16/15 Malek Angus Bull Sale Highwood, MT Sale
03/16/15 Malson Angus & Herefords Bull Sale Parma, ID Sale
03/17/15 Becker Farms Ballantine, MT Sale
03/17/15 Hinkson Angus Ranch Cottonwood Falls, KS Sale
03/17/15 Leachman Angus Three Forks, MT Sale
03/17/15 Quirk Land & Cattle Co. Hastings, NE Sale
03/18/15 Minnesota Angus Breeders Sale at Olmsted County Fairgrounds, Rochester, MN Sale
03/18/15 Stevenson Angus Ranch Hobson, MT Sale
03/18/15 Woodbury Farms Bull Sale at Overbrook Livestock Commission Co., Overbrook, KS Sale
03/19/15 Benoit Angus Ranch Esbon, KS Sale
03/19/15 Blevins Angus Ranch Bull Sale Charlo, MT
(Missoula, MT)
03/19/15 McKellar Angus Mount Pleasant, TX Sale
03/20/15 Marshall & Fenner/Murphy Cattle Co. Marshall, MO Sale
03/20/15 Montana Performance Bull Co-op™ Bull Sale Columbus, MT Sale
03/20/15 Olson Land & Cattle Bid-off Bull Sale Hereford, TX Sale
03/20/15 South Carolina Angus Ass'n Annual Meeting & Banquet Clemson, SC Meeting
03/20/15 Wann Ranch Poteau, OK Sale
03/21/15 44 Farms Bull Sale Abilene, TX Sale
03/21/15 Brinkley Angus Ranch Bull Sale Milan, MO
(Green City, MO)
03/21/15 Carolina Angus Futurity at Garrison Livestock Sale Arena, Clemson University, Clemson, SC Sale
03/21/15 Circle A Ranch Iberia, MO Sale
03/21/15 Hales Angus Farm Canyon, TX Sale
03/21/15 Mississippi Valley Angus Ass'n Sale Palmyra, MO Sale
03/21/15 Molitor Angus Farm Zenda, KS Sale
03/21/15 Musgrave Angus Griggsville, IL Sale
03/21/15 NE Arkansas Angus Ass'n Spring Sale Charlotte, AR Sale
03/21/15 Pollard Farms Bull Sale Waukomis, OK Sale
03/21/15 SJS Cattle Co. Bull Sale Lucas, IA Sale
03/21/15 Smith Angus Farm/Predestined Cattle Co. Wadley, GA Sale
03/21/15 Stratford Angus at Pratt Livestock Sales, Pratt, KS Sale
03/22/15 Hanneken Angus Royalton, MN
(Pierz, MN)
03/22/15 Leary Bros. Angus Caledonia, MN Sale
03/22/15 York Farms Palestine, IL Sale
03/23/15 Cole Creek Angus Columbus, MT Sale
03/23/15 Conley Cattle Co./Penner Ranch at Penner Ranch, Mill Creek, OK Sale
03/23/15 Iron Mtn. Cattle Co. PT Bull Sale Belle Fourche, SD Sale
03/23/15 Larson Angus Forsyth, MT Sale
03/23/15 Luddington Total Package Bull Sale Freedom, OK Sale
03/23/15 Oleen Bros. Bull Sale Dwight, KS Sale
03/24/15 Black Velvet Cattle Mankato, KS Sale
03/24/15 Wheeler Mtn. Angus Bull Sale Whitehall, MT Sale
03/25/15 Larson Angus Ranch Sharon Springs, KS Sale
03/25/15 Master Angus Chinook, MT Sale
03/25/15 McCumber Angus Ranch Bull Sale Rolette, ND Sale
03/25/15 Nebraska Bull Test Sale Broken Bow, NE Sale
03/25/15 Washington Cattlemen's Ass'n All-Breed Bull Test Sale Eltopia, WA Sale
03/26/15 Gartner-Denowh Angus Bull Sale Sidney, MT Sale
03/26/15 Glasoe Angus Ranch Wildrose, ND
(at Sitting Bull Livestock Auction, Williston, ND)
03/26/15 McCabe Genetics Elk City, KS Sale
03/26/15 OBI PT Bull Sale Stillwater, OK Sale
03/26/15 Sweiger Bros. Bull Sale Weatherby, MO Sale
03/26/15 Vermilion Angus Ranch Commercial Female Sale Billings, MT Sale
03/27/15 Harrer's Lost Lake Ranch Great Falls, MT Sale
03/27/15 Lisco/M Diamond Angus Bull Sale Casper, WY Sale
03/27/15 Pennsylvania's Finest Female Sale at Livestock Evaluation Center, Pennsylvania Furnace, PA Sale
03/27/15 Poss Angus Scotia, NE
(at Ericson Livestock Market, Ericson, NE)
03/27/15 Prairie View Farms Gridley, IL Sale
03/27/15 Vermilion Angus Ranch Bull Sale Billings, MT Sale
03/28/15 Belle Point Ranch Lavaca, AR Sale
03/28/15 Connealy Angus Ranch Bull Sale Whitman, NE Sale
03/28/15 East Tennessee Angus Ass'n Sale at the Un. of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN Sale
03/28/15 Haley Fairway/Rimrock/Stallion Productions Center, TX Sale
03/28/15 Kenny/Morris/Wiederstein Dunlap, IA Sale
03/28/15 Kramer Angus PT Bull & Female Sale Farina, IL Sale
03/28/15 Littlerobe Angus Higgins, TX Sale
03/28/15 Lund's B Bar Angus Baker, MO Sale
03/28/15 Sauk Valley Angus Rock Falls, IL Sale
03/28/15 Sinclair Cattle Co. Bull Sale Buffalo, WY Sale
03/28/15 SW Virginia BCIA Jr. & Sr. PT Bull Sale at Hillwinds Farm, Dublin, VA Sale
03/28/15 Whitestone Farm Pasture PT Bull & Female Sale Aldie, VA Sale
03/29/15 C/S Cattle Co. Pomona, MO Sale
03/29/15 E.D. Angus Bull Sale Ashby, NE Sale
03/29/15 Flying G Ranch Rio Vista, TX Sale
03/29/15 Hardy Angus Ranch Woodward, OK Sale
03/30/15 J-Buckle Ranches Willow, OK Sale
03/31/15 KW Cattle Co. Bull Sale Fort Scott, KS Sale
04/01/15 Dameron Angus Online Sale Lexington, IL Sale
04/01/15 Kansas Bull Test Sale Beloit, KS Sale
04/01/15 Nissen Angus Ranch Chinook, MT Sale
04/02/15 A&B Cattle Co. Bull Sale Bassett, NE Sale
04/02/15 Arntzen Angus Hilger, MT Sale
04/02/15 - 04/04/15 Georgia Cattlemen's Convention & Beef Expo Perry, GA Show
04/02/15 Springlake Angus & Guests Lynch, NE
(at Creighton Livestock Market, Creighton, NE)
04/03/15 Midland Bull Test Angus Sale Columbus, MT Sale
04/03/15 Ozark Hills Dispersion Jefferson City, MO
(at Pratt Livestock Auction, Pratt, KS)
04/03/15 Southeastern Angus Showcase Sale at the Georgia Beef Expo, Perry, GA Sale
04/04/15 Angus in the Green Hills Milan, MO Sale
04/04/15 Angus Opportunity Sale at Buckner & Jeffries Angus Farm, Canmer, KY Sale
04/04/15 Four State Angus Ass'n Sale Springfield, MO Sale
04/04/15 Gardiner Angus Ranch Ashland, KS Sale
04/04/15 Grassy Valley PT Bull & Female Sale Greeneville, TN Sale
04/04/15 Meyer Cattle Co. Bull Sale Curryville, MO Sale
04/06/15 Brockmere Farms Brookfield, MO
(New Cambria, MO)
04/06/15 Gollaher Angus Ranch Bull Sale Cascade, MT Sale
04/06/15 Math Farms Bull Sale Whitewater, MT Sale
04/07/15 Freeburg Ridge Angus PT Bull Sale Caledonia, MN Sale
04/07/15 Hinman Angus Malta, MT Sale
04/07/15 WEBO Angus Lusk, WY Sale
04/08/15 Bar JV Angus Bull Sale Sidney, MT Sale
04/08/15 Pass Creek Angus Bull Sale Wyola, MT Sale
04/09/15 Northern Premier Angus Bull Sale Chinook, MT Sale
04/10/15 Christensen Angus Ranch Okarche, OK Sale
04/10/15 Minnesota Bull Test Sale at Jackson Sale Barn, Jackson, MN Sale
04/10/15 Regency Acres Angus Bull Sale Lambert, MT
(Sidney, MT)
04/11/15 Blubaugh Angus Pride of the Pasture Sale Tonakawa, OK Sale
04/11/15 Branch View Angus Hustonville, KY Sale
04/11/15 Crazy K Ranch Michie, TN Sale
04/11/15 Griswold Cattle Co. Grass to Grid Bull Sale Stillwater, OK
(Follett, TX)
04/11/15 Jocko Valley Cattle Missoula, MT Sale
04/11/15 Shady Brook Angus Farm Leoma, TN Sale
04/11/15 Southeast All Black Classic Greenwood, FL Sale
04/11/15 Wisconsin Angus Breeders' Futurity Sale at Jackson County Fairgrounds, Black River Falls, WI Sale
04/12/15 Champion Hill Bidwell, OH Sale
04/12/15 Northern Indiana Angus Breeders' Sale Logansport, IN Sale
04/12/15 Oklahoma State Un. Cowboy Classic Stillwater, OK Sale
04/13/15 James Angus Bull Sale Franklin, NE
(Alma, NE)
04/13/15 Treasure Bull Test Sale at Western Livestock Auction, Great Falls, MT Sale
04/14/15 Hilltop Angus Farm Bull Sale Denton, MT
(Lewistown, MT)
04/14/15 Sydenstricker Genetic Influence Sale New Cambria, MO Sale
04/15/15 Milk River Angus Ass'n Bull Test Sale Chinook, MT Sale
04/16/15 Big Dry Angus Bull Sale Jordan, MT
(Glasgow, MT)
04/16/15 IBEP PT Bull Sale Springville, IN Sale
04/18/15 Britt Farm Hartwell, GA Sale
04/18/15 Gateway to Progress Sale Prague, OK Sale
04/18/15 Lone Star Angus Gainesville, TX Sale
04/18/15 Sandy Bar Angus Aneroid, SK  CN Sale
04/18/15 Western Nat'l Regional Jr. Heifer Show Reno, NV Sale
04/19/15 Western Nat'l Angus Futurity Reno, NV Sale
04/20/15 Jorgensen Land & Cattle Bull Sale Ideal, SD Sale
04/20/15 Medicine Rocks Ranch Bull Sale Baker, MT
(Bowman, ND)
04/21/15 Currant Creek Angus Bull Sale Roundup, MT
(Miles City, MT)
04/21/15 Diamond J Ranch Mandan, ND Sale
04/21/15 Tifton HERD Sale Tifton, GA Sale
04/23/15 Mangen Angus Ranch Broadus, MT
(Belle Fourche, SD)
04/24/15 McKean Bros. PT Bull & Female Sale Mercer, PA Sale
04/24/15 Quaker Hill Farm Bull Sale Louisa, VA Sale
04/25/15 Bridges Angus Farm at Callaway Sale Barn, Rayle, GA Sale
04/25/15 Herring Angus Ranch Encampment, WY Sale
04/25/15 Lone Star Angus Alliance Female Sale Halletsville, TX Sale
04/25/15 Tanner Farms Shuqualak, MS Sale
04/25/15 UCAA Spring Time Select Sale at TTU Hyder-Burks Sale Pavilion, Cookeville, TN Sale
04/25/15 Windy Hill Angus Boaz, AL Sale
04/26/15 C&C Performance Breeders' Angus Sale Tina, MO Sale
04/26/15 Quintin Smith Family & Guests Lebanon, TN Sale
04/26/15 Rocking W Angus/Hillside Angus Farm Commerce, GA Sale
04/27/15 Three Trees Ranch Female Sale Sharpsburg, GA Sale
04/28/15 Friendship Farms Midville, GA Sale
04/28/15 Grasstime Bull Sale Billings, MT Sale
04/28/15 Vollmer Angus Ranch Wing, ND Sale
05/02/15 Mississippi Angus Ass'n Sale Raymond, MS Sale
05/02/15 North Carolina Spring Fever Sale at Chinqua-Penn Plantation, Upper Piedmont Research Station, Reidsville, NC Sale
05/02/15 Ogeechee Farms/CAM Ranches Wadley, GA Sale
05/02/15 Tennessee River Music Angus & Hereford Sale at Tennessee River Music Sale Facility, Fort Payne, AL Sale
05/02/15 Timberland Cattle Female Sale Vernon, AL Sale
05/02/15 Trowbridge Angus Bull Sale Ghent, NY
(at Finger Lakes Livestock Exchange, Canandaigua, NY)
05/04/15 Spickler Ranch Glenfield, ND Sale
05/09/15 Frank Turner & Sons Hayneville, AL Sale
05/09/15 New York Angus Ass'n Sale at New Penn Farm, Truxton, NY Sale
05/11/15 Wendel Livestock LaMoure, ND Sale
05/16/15 SE Angus Classic Female Sale Opelika, AL Sale
05/17/15 Heuchert Willow Creek Angus Ranch Hensel, ND
(Devils Lake, ND)
05/27/15 Calhoun HERD Sale Calhoun, GA Sale
10/17/15 D&W Angus Hartwell, GA Sale
10/17/15 IBEP PT Bull Test Sale Springville, IN Sale